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When you got together with your girlfriend or wife you probably had some incredible sex. Now as time passes she’s slipped into a comfortable routine of turning down sex or at least keeping it really tame and boring. You end up jacking off and fantasizing about what you aren’t able to do with your woman. You need a nasty anything goes phone sex girl to get off with. You can tell me all of your deviant sexual fantasies and jack off for me. No one has to know that you’ve got a kinky confidante on the side to cum with. So think about all of the dark twisted erotic fantasies that you’ve been keeping hidden and imagine being able to tell a sexy slutty red head about them. You can tell your hot anything goes phone sex slut anything and everything.


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I know you are turned on by girls such as myself. It’s completely understandable that you crave barely legal phone sex. Just take at look at my perky tits, my tight bald pussy, my tight little ass and my cute little mouth. Don’t know where to start? You could always start at the top with my little mouth by forcing your big cock down my throat. But why stop there? I have little titties but they’re big enough to squeeze around your fat cock. I bet that would get you super hard and prepared for what’s next. Now this is where it gets fun, you get to use my tight virgin pussy as your own little fuck hole. But please be gentle, don’t fuck my young pussy too hard please.

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Forced Intoxication Phone Sex

Hello, to all my addicted ones! I am Princess Eden and if you aren’t already aware you should know that forced intoxication phone sex is one of my favourite ways to weaken the horny male mind. To be honest, by the time you reach me and my perfectly adorable little voice you are half way there. All you need is for an experienced Princess to finish you off! Then you become what I affectionally refer to as a perfect forced intox fuck puppet.

Listen you beat off boys NEED someone who is smart and not going to give in to your every whine and demand. You need a cock control Princess who knows the art of tease and denial. I can tease that whiskey dick ALL night long. I can make you beg, slur your words and perform for me like a silly little circus monkey. Oh and by the way, making me laugh by confessing to me just how desperate you are to cum really gets me giggling. I know its humiliating to hear laughter when your balls are huge and blue. I guess this forced intox phone sex princess should feel bad, huh? Isn’t it funny I don’t LOL.

Sissy Phone Sex

Hello sissy boys, I am Princess Eden. Look, I know you have been checking me out and wishing that I wouldnt giggle so hard at those little dicks but lets face it, they are really small LOL. Sissy phone sex means that you can put on your girly panties, call and pay to entertain me. I would say, considering your chances of ever getting laid, that thats a good deal. You know you are dying to hear this princess laugh at you and tease you for all your inadequacies.

The fact you wear girls panties and have a small penis gives me enough material to make your little cock stick right up and beg for attention. I could go on for forever teasing you during your small penis humiliation phone sex call. I cant help if little weenies turn this Princess into a cute bully, can I? I want to make you do the silliest things to amuse me and make me giggle. I want to be able to hear your embarrassment right through the phone lol. Is that bad of me? Well, I cant help it if sissy boys bring out the teeny weenie cock mock tease in me.

Get those pink panties on and grab your dildo. Lord knows its bigger then your dick LOL and give me a call. I will watch you on cam and even instruct you on how to use those anal toys you keep secret. Oh yes, Princess Eden knows ALL your naughty little secrets that you keep hidden in your panty drawer. Making you play with your little ass pussy while you beg to cum will be such fun! Just pick up the phone and dial 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Eden. Then get ready for the hottest sissy phone sex session you have ever had. I promise your little winky will thank you! LOL

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anything goes phone sex

Hot enough for you? Not for me. I’m looking to turn up the heat more than just a few degrees with anything goes phone sex. Are you ready to get down n’ dirty, hot n’ heavey, wet n’ wild with me? Hot talking me fulfilling your sizzling fantasy right now with anything goes phone sex. Now that’s what I call turning up the heat.

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You’re a horny freaky guy and want to get with hot girls like me right? Sure you do. You’re willing to do things for hotties that you wouldn’t think to do all by yourself. So you’re sitting around after having had a few drinks and tell me how you’d do anything to bang a sexy thing like me. Before long I am telling you my cunt wants forced bi phone sex. What I’m really aching for is to have you pleasure another man’s thick knob in front of my while I finger this slit and watch. You never know really you just might like it. You might like bobbing for dick with me cheering you on. Even if you don’t it’s forced buddy so open up and take it down the hatch. If you resist me I’ll just hold your head in place and tell that guy not to listen to your pleas for mercy. I’ll tell him you’re a cum gargling fuck toy and to use your mouth anyway and every way he wants. When you get done slurping up gobs of creamy man goo do you think I’ll be turned on enough to let you fuck me? Or think I’ll finish you up with a proper ass pounding with my strapon?
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