Blasphemous Phone Sex with Raine

Granted Sunday is a holy day and indulging in blasphemous phone sex on such a day will make it seem even nastier but what about the rest of the week?

Surely your not willing to bottle up your sinful desires till that one day?

Think I would go nuts if I had to wait to explore those dirty fantasies till Sunday. Be far more fun to let my mind wander every day of the week. Send out those messages to God and Satan that I am one perverse MF and that sitting in church on Sunday had no effect on what my idle hands did during the week.

blasphemous phone sex

Come to think of it would make for one interesting confession if you go that sort of church. Well I would like to confess that on Monday I masturbated with this sexy phone sex girl Raine. Also like to confess that Tuesday was also another jerk off session with Raine. Wednesday I always abused my cock while chatting with Raine. Thursday I took the lords name in vain as I a climaxed once again with Raine.

You get the idea! Could you imagine the expression on the priest face listing to your endless confessions of masturbating to blasphemous phone sex fantasies with myself?

Might actually get him moaning if you told him the true details of our calls. Like the time we wanted to have sex in the confessional booth. Oh wait that was for the next time you called me. Or was that my dirty fantasy?

Either way I think some blasphemous phone sex is long over due and why not start today! The weekend is almost near hate to leave sinning to the last minute.

Just ask for Raine 1-888-704-6848

Coerced Bi Phone Sex with May

Hi, are you a man that really gets into strap on sex with a dominant woman? I’m a woman that gets very into ramming a man with my strap on and showing him how to take it for me. Do you know what else I think about when I’m alone and dying for some freaky fun? I fantasize about taking your average vanilla man and turning him into a slutty cum thirsty cock sucker for me. Have you ever had coerced bi phone sex? It’s time that you had some. Don’t worry, I’ll be with your horny ass every step of the way. I bet your dick gets hard as steel when you are on your knees looking up at a woman that is throat fucking you and calling you names, am I right? How incredibly hot would it be to have that erotic humiliation pushed into your ear while I sit beside you and a man is giving you the face fucking that you so desperately long for? It’s OK to be curious about cock, you’re definitely not alone in that thought, believe me.

coerced bi phone sex

There is something about the sound of an aroused man gagging while working a hard wet cock over that drives this phone sex vixen absolutely crazy. Will you gag and choke and take it all for me like the submissive cock sucking bitch that you are? There are so many ways to roleplay coerced bi phone sex that we can do it differently than you have ever done it or we can renact a fantasy that makes you cum so hard you white out. I have lots of nasty thoughts about men sucking hard needy cocks full of hot jizz and I bet that you do too if you’re still reading my blog about sucking cock for a dominant woman. I was born ready, are you ready?

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Submissive Phone Sex with Essence

No one ever expects a cute ebony sweetheart to be as dirty as I actually am. When you live in one of the most sinful sexy destinations you learn about all of the ways that you can get yourself off. Threesomes, anal play, hair pulling and spanking are only the start of the list of kinks that make my pussy soaked with need. When I get to have extreme roleplay and submissive phone sex I’m one happy phone sex slut. Start with making me strip for you and end with us in any power flip that your filthy mind can imagine. I am a very obedient slut for my phone Master and will work hard to make his sickest BDSM dreams happen. Please, take up your whips, your blind folds, your nipple clamps and make me bow before you. This little vixen is waiting on your orders and will obey. I desperately want to be the dirty little secret that gets your cock to a new level of hard.

submissive phone sex

Being your submissive phone sex bitch also means pleasing you in any way that you ask. My pussy aches to be the kinky dream girl that sparks you to find new and more depraved ways to express your dominant sadistic fantasies. When my phone sex callers need me to be the unashamed slut starving for their control I know that I’m in trouble. My knees get shaky and I long to be on them when I’m supposed to be out of their grasp. Their orders and twisted rules will bounce around in my head when I am off of the phone. When you affect my pussy like that I am yours, so yours. I’ll be the most worshipful phone sub that you’ve ever used. Teach me and train me to be yours.

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Blasphemous Phone Sex with Raine

A friend joked the other day this hot weather was making his change her ways cause she was obviously not suited for a life in hell. Now I am not one that enjoys hot weather but lets just say I am not about to become the good girl next door. Well I toss on a cute floral summer dress and lure you into to some wicked blasphemous phone sex temptation.

blasphemous phone sex

Cant you just see it me acting like a sweet girl that blushes any time something dirty is mentioned. Daring not to show flesh around my parents. The one singing away in the church choir on Sunday. But you know the truth this hot college girl has some very dirty secrets. I only attend church to make my parents happy.

For the moment they turn their backs I am flirting with you. Sitting next to you and letting my dress ride up to expose the flesh of my thigh. Which makes it very hard for you to focus on the sermon of the day. When all you can think of is what it would be like to fuck a dirty college coed like myself.

What my pussy would feel like wrapped around you dick.

Course this is a blasphemous phone sex fantasy and well being a taboo loving coed means that I am up for anything to happen during our time together. Be it fucking in that church all the way to summoning up the devil himself.

Naughty? YES!

But that is what you enjoy about a free spirit girl like myself that I dont care about maintaining the rules. Why not pick up the phone and find out just how dirty I can be. How sexy it is to hear “Fuck Jesus!” being chanted in your ear during a blasphemous phone sex fantasy.

Just ask for Raine 1-888-704-6848

Hot Phone Sex with Samantha

Do you love hot phone sex as much as I do? I hope so because I love having fun with you perverted guys when you call me. Now, I do understand that different things are hot to different people. But I’m a very open minded girl and I don’t say no to very many things. Honestly, I can’t even remember the last time I said no to something a caller asked for. So chances are, it doesn’t matter what you want to talk about when you call me – you’re going to get exactly what you want.

hot phone sex

One thing I will say is that I’m really into submissive men who call me for hot phone sex. It’s pretty awesome when you call me up and give up all of the control to me. Maybe I’ll put you over my knee and spank you. Maybe I’ll dress you up in panties. Ohh or maybe when you are all dressed up in your panties, I’ll bend you over and fuck your sissy cunt with a nice, fat strap on cock. It really just depends on what kind of mood I’m in when you call me.

But if you aren’t into being submissive, you can tell me what kind of things YOU find hot. Maybe you have a really kinky fantasy that’s pretty taboo and you know you could never tell your wife that you’re into it. You can tell me. I promise that I won’t judge you. I will make that dream come true for you. When I say that hot phone sex with me will be satisfying, I mean that one hundred percent.

Are you ready to call me and let me make you hot? Well, all you have to do is grab your phone and dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Carmen

I love mutual masturbation phone sex and being with you behind closed doors. Especially if it means giving you tingles all through your body. I love making your cock twitch for me so much that you take it out to stroke. It doesn’t matter if i’m in your office, visiting you at home, out having a business lunch with corporate executives or somewhere else. You see the way that I dress. You can’t stop thinking about the way that I wear flirty clothes that show off my squeezable breasts, tight ass and sexy legs. The way that I look at you and how expressive my body language is. We sit next to each other closely and feel my soft hand slide between your legs and down your pants. Smiling as I part my legs giving you an invitation to slide your hand against my soft panties.

mutual masturbation phone sex

How long do you think it will be until you are sliding your fingers in my creamy warm pussy? How long do you think it will take before I’m pumping your hard cock in my hand? We have thought about doing so many things with each other. You have thought about what it would be like to have me climb on your lap and slide your hard dick in my tight pussy. You’ve also thought about sweeping everything off of your desk to lay me back and spread my sexy legs wide open. As much as you want to feel the insides of my warm pussy wrap around your fingers, tongue and hard cock I want to feel you stretching me open as you thrust deeper and harder. But for now mutual masturbation phone sex is what you really desire.

I hear your moans as I talk dirty and pump your shaft nice and slow. That is until you are begging me to do it faster. No one will ever do it the way that I do. I’m going to make it feel so good your balls will start to boil with all that cum just ready to be drained. We are both ready to cum. You feel my creamy juices run all over your hand. Tasting me and me tasting you. Neither one of us want to hold back anymore. Especially when it comes to mutual masturbation, dirty talk and sharing all of our kinky, naughty secrets together. Don’t hold back any longer. I would love for you to pick up your phone so I can hear your sexy voice tell me exactly where you want to shoot your cum at for me.

Call 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Carmen

Google Hangouts, and Skype: CreamOnCarmen
E Mail:

Fetish Phone Sex With Raine

Damn! Have the Monday blahs hit you too? Cause swear I rolled out of my bed and boom was rather disappointed the weekend was over. Well more disappointed it was no longer Sunday cause it was such a sinfully delicious day for me. So rather hard to welcome the week when your craving some more sin. Mind you my blahs got turned around right quick the moment I logged my ass in for some fetish phone sex calls.

fetish phone sex

Knowing there are a few others out there that are not gonna care what day of the week or hour of the day it is. They will be indulging in some dirty fun on the phone to satisfy their kinky cravings. Those of you with a dark soul that realize blasphemy needs to happen on more than just Sunds. Though it feel exceptionally arousing to take the holy name on Sunday while every other God fearing person is praising him.

Hmmm perhaps I should drag my ass out of bed during church attending hours?

Sorry I cant cause I am usually off fucking the night before and chanting God’s name during my orgasm. That counts as blasphemy right? Sure God loves knowing how many times my unmarried pussy is climaxing on some strangers cock.

Course I am up for any freaky fetish phone sex fantasy today. Its Monday maybe we work our way through the M in the fetish dictionary. Oh now I have to do a quick little google search to see what pops up. Maid Training, Macrophilia, Micropenis, and well there is more but pretty sure the kinky list is a wee bit too taboo for me to share here. *wink*

Love to work through some on the phone with you.

1-888-704-6848 is the number to reach me, Raine for some freaky fetish phone sex fun!

Anything Goes Phone Sex with GILF Gail

When I retired from my former professional career and found I had too much time on my hands, I thought what better than to be an anything goes phone sex slut! As a horny GILF in my early 60’s, I decided that sex would become my new passion. Now I am spending a lot of time on my hands and knees, getting fucked hard fast and often. Men around my age don’t interest me much. Older men have low sex drives or limp dicks unless they pop a Viagra. Seriously, men in their 60’s would rather be golfing than fucking.

anything goes phone sex gilf

I go for young dick and anything goes phone sex! As a sexy woman in her golden years, I have realized that I should indulge all my fantasies and yours too! The fact is I love to fuck and if you’re young and hung there’s not much I won’t do for that cock.  We can roleplay anything – taboo, kinky, or not. The sexy neighbor, hot teacher, Mom’s friend, whatever gets your balls aching. I’m your go-to gal.

Throughout the past decades I worked as a professional woman. I used to love office sex, being bent over my boss’ desk or seducing the clients using my sexy legs in heels and stockings. As you can tell, I have years of experience in sex and seduction. And I know a sex trick or two. So why not take advantage of all of my years of sexual experience? To me, three is never a crowd plus I love group sex encounters including orgies and gang bangs. When it comes to cock, and pussy, the more the merrier!

GILFs are MILFs with more experience and lust. Get into a GILF now and find out what you’ve been missing in your sex life!

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Cuckold Fantasy with Raine

My last few evenings haven been spent engaging in one very hot cuckold fantasy with a certain individual. Should really say our time together is less really about enacting certain fantasies but more the discussion of what stimulates our mind and bodies during the act of cuckolding.

Yes deep I know but its been most interesting. I love exploring someone’s mind and see where they go with thing. One simple question of do you prefer to be humiliated during your cuckold fantasy or do you like a more sensual side of things? Leads you into an amazing rabbit hole of delicious scenarios.

cuckold fantasy

Sure I could break them down for you right here but you know what I rather not. For I dont want to sway you one way or the other on your answers. I know the last few evenings our cuckold phone sex calls have gone in a varied direction and he may of asked the same question the night before but literally in 24 hours my answer has changed. All cause I have thought more about what he has asked. Hell even the events of the day have influenced me to respond differently.

So in no way would I want to respond here and have you think that is my absolute opinion on things for I know I am an ever evolving individual that will answer rather differently moment to moment and well even after writing this blog my mind is swirling with thoughts. As I am sure my writing is reflecting that.

Time to get my feet back on the ground and focus its been a delightful last few days exploring his and well my view on cuckold fantasy hell lifestyle. Like to expand things and see where your mind is on the subject. So if you wish to discuss cuckolding or have a certain cuckold phone sex fantasy in mind you wish to chat about then give me a call.

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine.

Mature Phone Sex with Gail

So what if I’m not as young as the rest of the girls, there is much to be said for the quality of a mature phone sex girl. I know what I like and I know how to get it. But even more, I know what you like and I know how to help you get it! How do I know? Because I’ve been with and known more men than the rest. I’m a slut when it comes to sex and I am not shy to admit it. After many years of taking care of kids and husbands and family, this is my time. I told them years ago if they don’t like how I live my life, there’s the door. I wasn’t kidding.

mature phone sex

No way I’ll ever be married again, at this time of my life I’m just not the marrying kind. I’m too old for monogamy when there are so many cocks (and pussy!) to fuck. I like’em old I like’em young – as long as your cock is hard enough to fuck me, I’m going to spread my legs and beg you to fuck me. I’m not really submissive, but I sure am slutty. Pull my hair and call me your granny whore and I’ll cum all over your fucking dick in buckets.

I don’t judge either. I’m older so I’ve seen more. I’m more tolerant and accepting of whatever your sexual needs and desires are. Something totally taboo and not socially acceptable? Those are the fantasies I want us to play. Need an experienced woman to help add spice to your sex life with your partner? Well, I’m a woman and can give you tons of ideas that she’s going to love.

Don’t want to talk and just need to get that cock of yours off? All good, I’ll do the talking, tell you just what you need and want, and listen to you cum as hard as you ever have. No limits and no taboos.

I’m Gail and I do it all for your pleasure. Call me at 1-888-704-6848

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