Cuckold Fantasy with Raine

My last few evenings haven been spent engaging in one very hot cuckold fantasy with a certain individual. Should really say our time together is less really about enacting certain fantasies but more the discussion of what stimulates our mind and bodies during the act of cuckolding.

Yes deep I know but its been most interesting. I love exploring someone’s mind and see where they go with thing. One simple question of do you prefer to be humiliated during your cuckold fantasy or do you like a more sensual side of things? Leads you into an amazing rabbit hole of delicious scenarios.

cuckold fantasy

Sure I could break them down for you right here but you know what I rather not. For I dont want to sway you one way or the other on your answers. I know the last few evenings our cuckold phone sex calls have gone in a varied direction and he may of asked the same question the night before but literally in 24 hours my answer has changed. All cause I have thought more about what he has asked. Hell even the events of the day have influenced me to respond differently.

So in no way would I want to respond here and have you think that is my absolute opinion on things for I know I am an ever evolving individual that will answer rather differently moment to moment and well even after writing this blog my mind is swirling with thoughts. As I am sure my writing is reflecting that.

Time to get my feet back on the ground and focus its been a delightful last few days exploring his and well my view on cuckold fantasy hell lifestyle. Like to expand things and see where your mind is on the subject. So if you wish to discuss cuckolding or have a certain cuckold phone sex fantasy in mind you wish to chat about then give me a call.

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine.

Mature Phone Sex with Gail

So what if I’m not as young as the rest of the girls, there is much to be said for the quality of a mature phone sex girl. I know what I like and I know how to get it. But even more, I know what you like and I know how to help you get it! How do I know? Because I’ve been with and known more men than the rest. I’m a slut when it comes to sex and I am not shy to admit it. After many years of taking care of kids and husbands and family, this is my time. I told them years ago if they don’t like how I live my life, there’s the door. I wasn’t kidding.

mature phone sex

No way I’ll ever be married again, at this time of my life I’m just not the marrying kind. I’m too old for monogamy when there are so many cocks (and pussy!) to fuck. I like’em old I like’em young – as long as your cock is hard enough to fuck me, I’m going to spread my legs and beg you to fuck me. I’m not really submissive, but I sure am slutty. Pull my hair and call me your granny whore and I’ll cum all over your fucking dick in buckets.

I don’t judge either. I’m older so I’ve seen more. I’m more tolerant and accepting of whatever your sexual needs and desires are. Something totally taboo and not socially acceptable? Those are the fantasies I want us to play. Need an experienced woman to help add spice to your sex life with your partner? Well, I’m a woman and can give you tons of ideas that she’s going to love.

Don’t want to talk and just need to get that cock of yours off? All good, I’ll do the talking, tell you just what you need and want, and listen to you cum as hard as you ever have. No limits and no taboos.

I’m Gail and I do it all for your pleasure. Call me at 1-888-704-6848

Domination Phone Sex with Carmen

I just know you love domination phone sex as much as I love you being my submissive male to have my way with. You know i’m very open minded when it comes to things that you share with me as well. I like it kinky, dirty, naughty, taboo and tend to straddle the box quite often. I love pushing your limits as well. Just as much as you love getting them pushed. Sometimes when guys say no they actually mean yes. But I take the extra time to find out exactly what turns you on and how you enjoy serving me. I love it when a subbie gets a hard on. I find out that when you are rock hard the more turned on and open minded you are to doing things you have always fantasized about doing but not quite sure if you can go through with or not. Depending on which type of sub you are and what excites you lets me know when you will say those words I love to hear “Yes mistress I will do as you wish.” I wont list what type of domination phone sex role play’s or favorites I specialize in. I will simply say that I’m very experienced in dominating, controlling and have mastered just about every single thing that submissives enjoy. Pantyboys, bitch-boys, strap on taking sluts, body worshipers, sissies, slaves, cuckolds and many more have had the pleasure of serving me. I love making you weak for me. I love dressing in something that forms to my petite body. Something that makes you weak every single time you see me.

domination phone sex

You look into my eyes as I say “Today you are going to tease and stroke your dick for me. You will ask for my permission before you cum really hard. And when you do you may just shoot it in a place that makes you want to do kinky things like lick it all up for me. Imagine it being my perfect ass or breasts. Or on top of my pretty satin panties.” Even if you are reluctant sooner or later you will say yes. Even if I take my soft hand and start stroking your dick for you. I”ll jack it really good too. It will be something so fucking good you never forget. I will guide your every move. I will push your buttons like no other has before. Just look at the way i’m sitting here looking at you like this. Exposing these satin panties to you. Giving you that look that makes you want to pick up your phone and serve me. I know you want to hear my dirty talking sexy voice tell you just how much I will be the perfect domination phone sex cock tease for you. How I will wiggle my panty covered ass across your dick. How I will sit in your lap and grind and wiggle. How I will brush it against your face. How I will lean into you and brush my perfect breasts against your chest. How I will slide my hand down your pants to bring your hard dick out and rub it across my panty covered pussy. So stop stroking because I know you are dripping pre cum right now. Give this domination phone sex mistress a call and get ready to serve me subbie… I’m ready to own your cock and your cum…

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Carmen

Google Hangouts, and Skype: CreamOnCarmen

Anything Goes GILF Phone Sex with Gail

When I retired from my former professional career and found I had too much time on my hands. As a horny GILF in my early 60’s, I decided that sex would become my new passion. Now I am spending a lot of time on my hands and knees, getting fucked hard from behind. Men around my age don’t interest me. Older men have low sex drives or limp dicks unless they pop a Viagra. Seriously, men in their 60’s would rather be golfing than fucking. I go for young dick and anything goes! I’m fulfilling all of my GILF fantasies. As a sexy woman in her golden years, I have realized that I should indulge all my fantasies and yours too! So if you want to try GILF Phone Sex or Anything Goes Phone Sex, I’m your go-to gal.

anything goes gilf phone sex

Throughout the past decades I worked as a professional woman and I used to love office sex, being bent over my boss’ desk or seducing the clients using my sexy legs in heels and stockings. As you can tell, I have years of experience in sex and seduction. And I know a sex trick or two. So why not take advantage of all of my years of sexual experience? To me, three is never a crowd plus I love group sex encounters including orgies and gang bangs. When it comes to dicks, the more the merrier!

I’m open minded and into all your fetishes and fantasies, even the most perverted and taboo stuff we can’t even begin to talk about here in print. Cuckolds, sissy boys, faggots, cross dressers, are more than welcome. Invite me over for Christmas dinner and introduce me to the family. Mealtime will never be the same again!

GILFs are MILFs with more experience and lust. Get into a GILF now and find out what you’ve been missing in your sex life! Call and ask for Gail for anything goes GILF phone sex – 1-888-704-6848

Freaky Fetish Phone Sex with Raine

Its Friday! And for what ever reason be it the cycle of the moon or my body just craving something kinky and freaky but I am in the mood for some freaky fetish phone sex fantasies.

Talking all out wild and taboo sort of things. Wish I could really pin point what sort of freaky fetish role plays were crossing my mind other than I just looked at a list of things and my pussy was twitching over the possibilities.

freaky fetish phone sex

Could be something as simple as a strap on fantasy such as you getting fucked by your oh so sexy girlfriend. Mind you I do have a few ways to kink that scenario up. No I am going to be a right tease and not tell you here.

Then there is the idea of making you a bukkake slut. Yes a bisexual fantasy that has you on your knees in the center of a massive circle jerk off. Nothing but looking up at a sea of thick throbbing cocks ready to blow their load over you body. Yes I may of coerced you into that bisexual situation. Couldnt help it think cum facials are beyond hot!

What else could we do on this freaky fetish phone sex loving Friday night? Well there is the idea of edging your cock all night long and giving you some blue balls. Sure that doesnt really compare to the bukkake shower as mentioned above but what can I say the idea of making you beg over an over again for an orgasm due to your balls hurting does excite me.

Sure you have your own ideas of what will make this Friday extra naughty. Some wild and kinky fantasy that has been getting you all hot and bothered since the middle of the week. Come share it with me tonight. Just ask for Raine your kinky raindrop 1-888-704-6848.


Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Samantha

Are you looking for the hottest tease and denial phone sex Princess around? Well, look no further. My name is Samantha and I know that I am the girl of your dreams. I’m the kind of girl you would see and just want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. But you also aren’t stupid enough to think that you could have me easily. You know that I’m the kind of girl you’d have to work hard to get – if you even could get me. Chances are that you wouldn’t be able to, but that’s okay. I’m going to enjoy teasing the hell out of you.

tease and denial phone sex

Do you enjoy seeing me prancing around at work in my short skirts and heels? You know that I always unbutton my shirt a little bit extra just to drive you crazy. I get close enough for you to ALMOST touch but I’m just out of reach. Ah, denied again. I love how crazy it drives you to see me, feel me pass by you, and smell my perfume as I lean over your desk to ask you a question while you’re looking down my shirt.

I might even let you take me out to dinner one night to discuss work. But of course, I’m going to be in something really sexy just to drive you wild. Do you think you’ll have to go to the bathroom and jerk off because I’m driving you so crazy? All that teasing with no satisfaction from me. I guess you have to get some relief somehow, but I promise you that I’m not going to be the one to make you cum.

Are you ready for your tease and denial phone sex fun with me? I am more than ready. Just call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha.

Phone Sex Girl Samantha

Hi, guys! I’m Samantha and do you know who I am? I’m your new favorite phone sex girl! I love phone fucking and I know that you might think that maybe I’m not going to be good at it since I am young, but don’t worry! I have already had my fair share of sex and I know I can make your dick feel really good! And admit it… you want to know what my tight little pussy feels like, don’t you? Trust me when I say that it feels REALLY good and it’s super duper tight.

phone sex girl

I really want to know what kind of stuff turns you on! Do you have a wild fetish or fantasy that you want to tell me about? Don’t be scared to tell me just because I’m so young. I love to learn all about new fetishes. Maybe a cool medical fetish. I’ve heard about those. Or maybe you have a giantess fetish or a supernatural fantasy that really gets your dick hard. I don’t know, I’m just pulling stuff out of the air right now, but I just want to talk about fun stuff!

But don’t you think for one minute that I don’t like other kinky stuff.. you know, the normal kinky. Things like student/teacher and other really taboo fantasies. I love roleplays like that, too. It doesn’t matter to me what you want to talk about. All I know right now is that I am horny and I really want to play with you, baby!

Are you ready to play with your new favorite phone sex girl? Yay! Me too! You should hurry and call me right now so we can get off together. Just call me right now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha. I will be waiting for you!

Blasphemy Phone Sex with Raine

I shall be honest I didnt grow up attending any form of traditional church. Never believed saying Jesus names in vain would have lightening strike me down. So religious blasphemy phone sex fantasies dont bother me. Well I will say bother me in the sense that I think I will get struck down by lightening or that I will end up in eternal damnation for being a freaky girl. 

religious blasphemy phone sex

That being said I do find saying “ Fuck Jesus” extremely sexy. I mean in the heat of the moment when I am nearing orgasm I do say that anyways. Do wonder what Jesus thinks when he gets called upon during a sexual climax?

So back to the blasphemy phone sex fantasies. Even though I never attended church I cant say that I dont find the idea of having sex in a church unappealing. For the fact that its rather taboo location only intensifies the craving to do it. Who wouldnt right? 

Never mind look who I am talking too. Most who call for religious blasphemy phone sex did go to church and come up with the most intense role plays around. Be it just taking the name of the lord in vain while fucking in a confessional type thing. To using those crucifixes in rather interesting ways. Oh and cant forget summoning the devil during the most intimate of loving making. 

Am loving the near god experience, so please keep the unique religious experiences coming. For I love being a nasty slut in the house of God. 

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine

GFE Phone Sex with Raine

GFE Phone Sex girl

Ok this is one of those crazy confessions that will probably make most cringe going she seriously didnt just say that?? Well brace yourself cause I am about to say it! When I first signed up doing phone sex the whole girlfriend experience was rather lost on me. I mean I got talking about fetishes and well I got the fantasy part but I really didnt see the GFE phone sex side of things.

Now wait a second!

Before you click away going oh shit this girl is a wild freaky fetish girl that isnt interested in making a connection with a guy.

Hold up!

That is where I was horribly mistaken. I never paired that connection with gfe phone sex. See I soon realized that the girlfriend experience wasnt about the lovey dovey cuddly wuddly things. Which is where my brain went so shoot me.  Its about creating that connection with someone be it not having to explain your fantasy again and again. Its being able to just decompress through some crazy banter cause the other person just gets YOU.

For me, GFE phone sex is having the tone of my voice changes once I realize its YOU on the phone.  I completely hear it now. There is that familiarity. I know that I can toss out a sarcastic joke and you will get it or some one liner from our last call that will have you hopefully breaking out into a smile. Its about finding out what your thoughts on the latest movie we both wanted to see. If you managed to find time to share it and well teasing you with the highlights to said movie you missed.

GFE phone sex is all the little things that lead up to a great fetish/fantasy call. So this wild kinky girl has had her mind expanded and opened up. I would love to explore our own version of a girlfriend experience with you. No expectations. Completely open minded. Ready for anything.

My name is Raine and cant wait to get to know you. 1-888-704-6848.

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Samantha

I have probably said this to you guys before, but I LOVE panty boy phone sex. It tickles me and makes me so happy to get you all dressed up. But just getting you dressed up isn’t enough. No, I want to do more than that with you. And I think you know exactly what I’m talking about – yup, I want to be the one to teach you how to suck cock and to take it in your sissy cunt.

panty boy phone sex

I know that you might not think you need cock sucking lessons and lessons in how to take a cock in your pussy, but you do. Trust me, you do. I wish I’d had someone to teach me when I was starting out. I eventually got the hang of things and I’m really good at it. But I feel like time was wasted and I could have been having spectacular sex right from the beginning. I want to make sure that YOU give spectacular blow jobs right away. I want to make sure you can take a big cock inside you the first time you have sex with a man. We can practice with dildos until you are confident that you can be fucked without pain. I want you to feel really good so that both you and your first lover have an amazing experience. And trust me, if you do everything I say, it’s going to be the best thing that’s ever happened to you.

If you think you are ready for some coaching from a girl who knows exactly how to please a man, call me. And even if you’re new to panty boy phone sex and you need help with everything, including picking panties, call me for that, too. I’m here for you. Just dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha when you call.

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