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anything goes phone sex

Hi guys my name is Carmen, thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. it’s been quite some time since I’ve been here. Five or so years to be exact. I’ve had to put my love for anything goes phone sex on the back burner as college courses had to take priority. I would love to share a little bit about myself with you. I’m a petite strawberry blond that weighs 113 pounds with creamy smooth and very touchable skin. My breasts are 34 c, I have a tight firm ass, sexy shapely legs and a smooth pink and very tight pussy.  I love being the female that turns all the mens heads. I’m a bit of a flirt and love being a cock tease. All the females whisper calling me names whenever they see me.  I want to be the one that you cant stop stroking too. The female that every man is proud to have. And I love being the one to share your favorite role plays with. Like your home wrecking cock tease, your wifes slutty sister who does it better than she ever could. The new hire or the slutty secretary who always goes that extra mile to make you so happy you cant help but want more of me. I love being the campus whore who likes it naughty, kinky and dirty as well. My silky panties also get wet when I think about being your cock stroking mistress who knows how to dominate and control your cock like no one else. I also love telling a man how to stroke and pump his dick for me. Especially when it comes to guided or mutual masturbation. But what makes me cum every single time is hearing about your most hidden fantasies that make your dick throb and pulsate to the point of dripping pre cum.

I am the kind of female that knows how to drive you crazy. With my sweet sexy and sugary voice and dirty talk that will have you finding yourself at my front door ready to have me all to yourself. You stand there saying “Carmen it’s true what they say about you!” I smile sheepishly because I know you have been spying on me. You walk closer clearing your throat telling me “It looks very well like you live up to your reputation of being the anything goes phone sex campus slut!” I giggle sweetly and say “That may very well be true baby but I was just with them to occupy my thoughts that I have of you.” I can tell by the look on your face that I caught you by surprise but it’s true. Then I walk closer and say “You are the one that I want. Can I have you now please?” And I can tell by your body language that you want to do kinky, dirty, and very naughty things with me. Maybe even things that are too taboo to mention here *wink* You push me into the wall as our lips meet and tongues touch. We share a deep kiss as our tongues roll around together. I look into your eyes as that big fat bulge in your pants is ready to make it’s way out. I look down taking my soft smooth hands and pull it out. By now i’m just in my fishnet top with only my bra and thigh hi’s on. Your dick is so hard I just know it’s ready to make it’s way into my tender young pussy. I stroke you, tease you, toy with you, rub your dick head against my smooth tight box knowing you are being driven insane. I whisper “You want to sink it in don’t you baby? You want to feel the tightness choke your shaft. Once it start squeezing it wont be long until you are ready for us to cum together.

I’m here to give myself to you. Or maybe you want to give yourself to me. Either way I’ll make you feel so good you will cum harder than you ever have before. And I wont stop until I drain every last drop of cum that you have for me.

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cuckold phone sex

I had a cuckold phone sex call the other day that reminded me of a cuckold relationship I had many years ago. We started out as friends, he was funny and kind and I have to admit he was sexy as hell. I had heard rumours from friends of friends that he had a small dick but I had such a hard time believing that was true from someone with such confidence. I knew I would have find out for myself and after a few drinks and a lot of flirting, I invited him back to my place. We started to kiss and I wasted no time in rubbing against his cock … only I couldn’t feel anything at all! I knew he was excited, he was telling me how much I turned him on and I could hear the breathiness in his voice. I slid my hand in his pants to reach for his cock and all those rumours were true!

I had to tell my friend that I just didn’t think this was going to work out the way he thought, I don’t fuck little dick guys. I really thought that would be it, we’d go back to being friends. All of a sudden he became like so many other guys just begging to be with me no matter what it would take. I was very upfront and told him he could for sure be my boyfriend, but I wouldn’t be letting him fuck and I would be taking lovers and BBC lovers too. I couldn’t believe it when I heard him say yes yes yes to all of this. And when he told me this has been his fantasy for as long as he could remember I knew we would be a perfect couple.

In public we were the perfect normal couple, but behind closed doors my friend became my cuckold, my cream pie eater, my fluffer and even a bigger BBC slut than me! I trained him to take my strap-on, lick my butt as I go to sleep and he knows when I have a lover over he sleeps on the floor or on the couch. I was sad when he had to move cross country for work, we had the best cuckold relationship I’ve ever had.

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cheating wife phone sex

Hi ya’ll! Have you missed your favorite tease sent from up above? I mean how could you not miss a heavenly tease like me! I sure have missed some of my playmates. You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas. * giggles * there is not exception with this cheating housewife phone sex slut. The bigger, the thicker, and wilder the cock the more creamy this pussy gets. MMMHHMMM I am so fucking wet right now!

There is just something on fire inside of me. My husband has been neglecting me for weeks. He was home for Christmas and New years, but yet again he failed to launch any big surprises. I mean, he could have bought me something pretty and sparkly, nope… you would have thought he would have wanted to be a man and fuck my creamy pussy, instead he was off working. I mean money is great and all that, but c’mon! I have needs, so, I am going to get them met in whatever way I can. My biological clock is tick, tick, tick, ticking if you know what I mean. We both know that I love to have fun, we also know what I crave… cheating wife phone sex impregnation! What could be better than knocking up another man’s wife. So fucking hot don’t you think?

Do you have a thick, meaty flag pole I can mount and have a good time with? I want to ride you like a bucking bronco…. They say red heads are the best in bed, and I know I might be biased, but I could say I have a lot more fun that some of my brunette and even my blonde haired friends. They are welcome to cum a long for the fun of course. Two girls to suck, lick and fuck are always better than one ya’ll! I know you want to cum and have fun and sin while you’re doing it.

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anything goes phone sex

Anything goes phone sex! I guess you are wondering just what that means well it means just what it says anything goes, no taboo’s. I like to try new things on phone so I’m extremely open when it comes to phone sex. Some guys love exploring different fetishes without any taboo’s so nothing is off limit with me. I can get into most fetishes from vanilla to extreme and take that walk on the dark side with you. I love hearing a man cum so hard while on the phone with me that it makes me cum right along with them. Having both of us covered in wet creamy cum is after all the best results ever from phone sex. I can take your fantasy and twist it to please you and make it seem so real that you will explode a ball or two. I can also make you want for more and more making you willing to try other types of fetishes.

Anything goes phone sex with me will leave you breathless and tortured at the same time meaning I will make you addicted to me. We can play games along with role-playing teasing each other to a point of no return. Knowing you have your cock in your hand stroking it to the sound of me moaning and cumming for you makes it even more exciting for me. Letting you hear me rub and play with my sweet wet pussy will entice you even more. About that dark side where some really naughty nasty fetishes have been hiding is where some of you really like to go. I will walk with you into the darkness and explore the deep dark No Taboo fetishes that turn you on. We may even become addictive to the no taboo fetishes we try wanting more.

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kinky phone sex

I just don’t understand people who are satisfied with vanilla bedroom activities. The same old suck and fuck stuff is so damn boring to me. I can’t help it. I always need something wild and over the top. I guess that’s why I love kinky phone sex calls so much. It’s so hot when guys call me and tell me all of the really extreme and taboo fantasies they have. Don’t you think that’s much more exciting than “Spread your legs. I want to fuck you”?

I know that kinky can mean different things to different people and I’m so damn excited to hear what you’re in the mood for. Like I said, your fantasies can be taboo or extreme. Or they could just be something that’s out of the ordinary. Do you like to use food in the bedroom? Do you like to dress up? Do you like to watch a certain kind of porn that’s something other people would find weird? Maybe you find it kinky to be tied up and be teased all afternoon. What we talk about is all up to you, baby. Just make sure it’s really fucking kinky!

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anythinig goes phone sex

Guys like to ask me, “what’s your favorite fantasy” or “what turns you on the most?” Well, it’s not quite that simple! I’m an anything goes phone sex girl and I really mean it. Sometimes I want a man who will take me. You know, really take me and fill me up with his throbbing, aching member and make me squeal and cream all over his cock while he talks nasty to me. Get me so turned on that I can’t deny the inner slut that’s inside of me dying to get out and claw my way up his back. Wrapping my lips around him, swallowing him whole. Feeling his pre-cum coat the back of my tongue. Yum.

Other times with anything goes phone sex, I feel like being a cock tease and just denying him that orgasm he wants so much. If you hold it for me baby, we can cum together and it will feel so much better. You know it will… If I let you cum at all. *giggle* That’s the big fear isn’t it? That ache in your balls becoming more of a pain and no relief before you get to go back to work? Aw, baby I wouldn’t do that to ya!

Then there’s all sorts of more taboo sides to me when it cums to anything goes phone sex. Like forbidden role-plays where you or I am the forbidden fruit that isn’t supposed to be touched. You can look but no touchy! What happens when one of us crosses that line when we can take the sexual frustration no longer?

What gets me off, usually is connecting with another person on the phone, finding out what turns you and me both on. Tell me what you like and let me put my personal spin on it and let us cum together.

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cougar phone sex

It wasn’t the first time I was called a cougar and I know it will not be the last, especially when you all me for cougar phone sex. I was out at a local bar last night and a very handsome younger guy was hitting on me. He must have been visiting because I had never seen him before. He bought me a couple drinks and we were having a great time flirting and chatting and even dancing a little bit. I could not help feeling his hard dick against me when he pulled me close for a hug and a kiss. I gave in to his embrace and we were kissing quite passionately. I brushed my hand against his cock as we made our way back to our seats, but I pretended like I didn’t even notice. After we finished our drinks he invited me back to his hotel room just down the street. How could I say no? I knew he had a big dick, he was a little drunk and he was a horny little fucker.

When we got to his room he was all hands and ready to get down to business. But you know me, I like to take things just a little bit slower. I kissed him and this time I put my entire hand over his cock and balls through his pants and pressed down hard. “Slow down, baby” I whispered, “I want us both to remember this night for a very long time”. I could feel his entire body just shudder against me. “Keep that cock hard for me, you’re going to make me cum at least a dozen times before I make you cum”. I almost came in my panties looking at the stunned look in your face. We stripped off our clothes as quick as possible and I pushed you on the bed and sat my juicy cunt right on your face. I know you were surprised that it was only minutes before I started to cum and squirt my pussy juices in your mouth. When I saw you reach for your cock, I slapped your hand away and said not yet. This cougar phone sex woman loves to tease your cock!

I know your tongue is sore baby but you did make me cum over and over again. I lean over to kiss you and taste myself on your lips and face. Straddling you I lower my super hot and creamy cougar cunt right on your hard as a rock cock. I still won’t let you nut until I cum one more time on your fat dick. Fuck this hot cougar and make me cum again! Once you feel my pussy spasming in orgasm you can’t help but unload at the very same time.

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feminization phone sex

The other day, I was having an interesting conversation with my friend Lesley, and it got me thinking of forced feminization phone sex. You see, Lesley is one hot tranny and we chat all the time. Well, while we are chatting, she got a syringe full of this thick substance and asked if I would help her out. She exposed one of her ass cheeks and pointed to a spot and said to put the needle in there and inject the substance. After I did, I asked her what it was that I had just put into her ass cheek. She laughed and said that is was estrogen, or just simply hormones. I then asked her what it was for and she said, well you inject it into any muscle source and it provided the body with the female hormone, estrogen, to aid in fat redistribution to create a more feminine look for transgender females. She explained the process in a little more detail for me and honestly, it was quite interesting. I asked her if it were possible to see the transition from start to finish. She said, it was, especially if you take pictures ever so often to document the transition. I asked her if she had taken pictures and if I could see them, but she didn’t have any. Which was very disappointing to me in a way, but I just accepted it.

And then it hit me, maybe because I have an odd sense of humor/mindset, but what if I picked out a very manly looking male, invited him over to my house and then seductively lead him into my basement and gave him hormone shots over a period of time, so I can see first-hand how they work. I mean who doesn’t want to please a little hottie like me, and i’m sure there is a man who’s ready to do anything for a sexy goddess like me. Even if that’s changing everything about themselves. Oh I know you closet sissy’s are out there, and I am soo ready for you.  I asked Lesley is she had any extra hormones, dressed, wigs, heels and makeup because I have a friend that wants to transition. She laughed again, and said sure, I can definitely help with that! So she gave me a huge box full of stuff and that set my plan in motion. Now all I need is to find the perfect male specimen to test out my study. And here is where you will come in! Everything is ready and waiting for you. It time for some erotic forced feminization phone sex!!

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financial domination phone sex

It’s the holiday season again guys! There’s a lot of shopping to be done and I honestly don’t feel like spending any of my own money, I mean, who does that?! I’m a very sexy, attractive woman and I know how to use the power of my charm, body and persuasion to get a man to open his wallet and become my personal ATM. You don’t believe me? Well, financial domination phone sex with me will definitely prove this to be true. You see, most women would have some reservations about doing something like this. They have that thing……what’s is called again?….Oh ya, a conscience! Well I seem to have misplaced mine and feel that men were put here to give over control of their lives, bank accounts and credit cards over to a powerful and domineering woman who knows how to please them in return for financial gain.

Believe me boys, you won’t walk away completely empty handed, though I wouldn’t care if you did lol but I will leave you screaming “Oh holy night” and someone will definitely be cumming, but it won’t be Santa Claus this time 😉 You will fall on your knees and please me while I have a look at that wallet to see which cards I will be using first and for what. I have a whole list of things I need to buy and will do so using your accounts. First, I will use financial domination phone sex to put you under my spell and by the time you realize that you have just been worked over, most of you money will be spent. Of course, I’ll leave you a few dollars to buy yourself a clue lol. Now, let’s get this rendezvous going because there are a lot of items just waiting for me to come by and purchase. Fortunately, I will control you to make all of that possible.

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cream pie phone sex

I lusted after him for a long time. At first I was distracted, I was already in a relationship. It wasn’t like cream pie phone sex, but it was “serious.” You know, the kind where you’re no longer using condoms, but he pulls out before he ejaculates instead. The Sticky Belly Method. I thought I was in love, but really I was in routine, right? You know what I’m talking about… But this new fellow returns home after a failed live-in relationship across the country. He wasn’t new to these parts but he was new to me. I heard talk through the grape vine that he had a big dick. He was handsome, a little broody, tall and maybe a little broken. Who doesn’t love a good fixer-upper? At the time, I thought he sounded like the perfect distraction. At this point in time, I had no clue I’d want him thrusting deep inside me bareback. I remember the exact moment – even though I was drunk, I still remember the exact moment I pulled the condom off his cock. That moment was so clear, so raw and so very fucking sexy. I told him I wanted to feel all of him inside me.

We had this electric sexual chemistry from the moment we first laid eyes on each other. This is why the thought of cream pie phone sex gets me so wet. You notice how easy it is to get carried away in the heat of the moment? I craved feeling closer to him. I told him I wanted his cum inside me. I made him pull his condom covered cock out of my pussy just so I could reach down between us and tug that soggy condom right off his cock. And there it was. So beautiful, his condom-less cock. I stroked it in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He leaned in and kissed me as I used my hand to guide his thick cock back inside my eager pussy. It felt so incredible!

I rocked my hips and ground up against him, matching his rhythm until I seemed to melt right into him. I had multiple orgasms and my already tight pussy contracted even tighter around his bare cock. Ever fiber in my body wanted cream pie phone sex. I wanted to know what it was like to feel not only every inch of his rock hard cock, but to feel his cum squirt deep inside me.

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