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strap on phone sex
I’m Samantha and I love strap on phone sex! There’s nothing like taking an alpha male and turn him into my bitch. You tell me that you’ll do anything to fuck me, but I know that you’re just lying to yourself. It’s not that I’m not gorgeous and fuckable, but you’re a cock sucker. You want dick and you’ve been too scared to tell anyone. But I saw it from a mile away…and I know exactly how to get you to admit it.
I’ll take you home with me and make you think that you’re going to get into my panties. We’ll make out and get naked. And then I’ll tell you that if you want to fuck me, there’s something I want to do to you first. You’re horny (and probably imagining dick because that’s what cock suckers to do fake being straight) and you agree to do whatever I want. I tell you to lay on your back and spread your legs. While you’re getting positioned, I’m putting on my strap on. You see it and start to protest but I tell you to just shut up and take it. At first you tell me you don’t want this, but the more I fuck you, the louder your moans get and your dick is SUPER hard. I knew you I could turn you into my strap on phone sex bitch. It was easy, really.
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Smoking fetish phone sex

You’ve been aching for a smoking fetish fix haven’t you? Especially now that your wife has decided it would be best that she stop smoking. Now whenever you see me out on my deck enjoying a cigarette your mind wanders off to a smoking fetish phone sex fantasy. You think about what it was like when your wife would blow clouds of thick smoke over your way and then wrap her smoky lips around the head of your hard cock. Then you start to imagine getting a smoke filled blow job from me. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about that look of pleasure that I get when I come out and take the first puff off of my cigarette. You think about when your cock is deep inside of your wife too. You know that you really shouldn’t let your mind go there, you should just be content with the memories of your sexy wife fulfilling your smoking fetish. It’s not that easy though, and your mind can’t stay away from the fantasies about plunging into me from behind as I inhale and the smoke escapes when I moan in pleasure.

It’s gotten so bad lately that you even get the smoking fetish phone sex fantasy in your mind about me making your wife smoke again. Your smoking fetish has led you to fantasies about your sweet wife being dominated and controlled by a woman who would force her to smoke again, and corrupt her in plenty of other ways too. Just think about how it would be to come home and find that I’ve dressed her up in the slutty kinds of lingerie that you always dreamed of seeing her in, and that I had her wrists tied to the bedposts so that I could have my way with her. You could step in and help me by teasing her sensitive clit with your tongue while I force her to smoke for us, and then have her worship my pussy.



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anything goes phone sex

Hey all you horny pervs! My name is Samantha and guess what?! I’m just as horny and perverted as you are! I love kinky anything goes phone sex and I really think you should just pick up the phone and call me right now? I’m everything you could possibly want in a phone sex girl. I’m hot, kinky and I’m up for anything you could possibly want to talk about!!

Do other girls sometimes say “Well, I will talk about anything except THAT”?? Well, that will never happen when you call me. I suppose there may be some things I haven’t ever heard of, but I’m willing to learn about them! Do you have a kinky anything goes phone sex fantasy or fetish you want to teach me about? I am a willing student and promise to be a good obedient girl.

I know you’re thinking that it’s too good to be true that a dream girl like me would be into anything goes phone sex, but it’s true!! I am totally serious!! And I’m ready, willing and able to make all of your hot phone sex fantasies come true!! Just pick up the phone and give me a call at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha! You will not be sorry! I promise you that!

Religious blasphemy phone sex

Since I live too far away to attend services at my caller Michael’s church, he thought of a way that he can still get me off while I listen to his sermon. During one of our previous religious blasphemy phone sex calls I was telling him about my club vibe. I told him how I wanted to use it to let the sound from the church choir rock my wireless sound activated vibrator. He really loved that idea, but was pretty disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to use it in one of his services. Michael is a thoughtful pervert though, and he recorded one of his church services and sent me the Mp3. The sound of his voice itself is pretty sexy, but hearing him preach to his congregation while I know what kind of a blasphemous pervert he really is makes it an even larger turn on.

I put the mic/remote close to my laptop speakers and let the sound of his voice make my vibe hum away at my clit. Just as I do during our religious blasphemy sessions where he mock preaches to me, I inserted blasphemous retorts to his scripture reading and grinding against my vibe hard as I imagined him telling everyone in that congregation what we really thought about their god, what we had to say about their lord and savior. Then he took a break from his sermon to allow his choir to sing As I Kneel Before You. The sensation of my vibe rolling and buzzing against my clit as the group’s voices filled my ears felt amazing, and had my pussy quivering with each word.

The rest of the recording was of a private sermon that he had recorded for me. Like I said, he is a thoughtful pervert. That got me off so hard, hearing him jacking off while “preaching” to me about the sinful devious things that we love to explore. What do you like to explore and talk about when you think about religious blasphemy phone sex?
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guided masturbation phone sex

Do you like being told what to do? Good! I am a little bossy and that’s why I am perfect for guided masturbation phone sex! I’ll tell you exactly how to jerk off – from picking out something to use as lube, how to grip your dick and of course the speed and intensity. I will take you so close to the edge of a mind blowing orgasm and just make you stop. You like edging closer and closer to that orgasm, right? I hope so, because we’re going to be doing a lot of it.

Never had guided masturbation phone sex before? That’s okay. If you don’t want it to be super intense, we can ease you into it. Just basic jerk off instruction with no edging will work, I suppose. But be warned – if you keep calling me for guided masturbation, it’s going to keep getting more and more intense. One time I kept a guy on the edge for two hours. Do you think you have what it takes to hold out for that long? Let’s find out! Don’t wait any longer. You know you can’t wait to hear my sweet voice tell you what to do.

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tease and denial phone sex

Girls like me don’t fuck guys like you. But we do tease…and we tease a lot. That’s why I love tease and denial phone sex so damn much.  I love getting a man who doesn’t deserve me all hot and bothered and then leaving him hanging!!

How about this tease and denial phone sex scenario? You see me at a bar and you walk over to me and ask me if you can buy me a drink. I say yes… I’d love a dirty martini. You order it and start chatting me up like you think you have a chance with me…and I let you think that you do. After my drink, we start dancing and I’m grinding all  up against you. I can feel you getting hard and this excites me…but not in the way you think. All I’m thinking is about how I’m going to get you hard, take you into the bathroom stall and sit on your lap… rubbing all over you. I’m going to grind and get you SO close to an orgasm and then I’m going to just get up and leave. Haha. You can just jerk off by yourself. I don’t want anything to do with that mess.

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sissy phone sex

You long to be a sissy phone sex slut, don’t you? Good news! I’m here to help you. There’s no better way to learn to be a sissy than from a hot girl like myself. I’m everything that you want to be. I will guide you and mold you and you’ll be the best sissy girl you can be.

Do you want to JUST dress up and feel feminine when you call me for sissy phone sex? I’ve got that covered. We’ll need to start with waxing all that awful hair off of your body.  Nobody wants to see that sticking out of your bra and panties!! Your eyebrows also need some work. Your hair is a mess, but we will fix that with a wig. And I know teaching you makeup tricks is going to take some time, but I’m here for you. You’re going to need to start wearing a bra and panties full time. That’s what real women do, and that’s how you want to feel, right?

I know some of you sissy phone sex lovers want more than to just feel girlie. You wanna be fucked like a girl, don’t you? First you need to learn how to suck dick properly. No man is going to want anything to do with you if you are bad at that. And once you have that down, you will have to bend over and take a dick like a good slut. If you’re too shy to start with a real dick, I will bend you over and fuck the daylights out of you with my big fat black strap on.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Hi losers!! My name is Samantha and I am way too good for you! You know why I say that, right? Well, besides the fact that I’m a super smoking hot Princess… um, your dick. It’s WAY too small. Like, so small I don’t even want to have to see it. It looks SO gross. Really the only thing you are good for is small penis humiliation phone sex! It is certainly not good for fucking. Okay sure, some woman has probably at some point had mercy on you and let you fuck her, but she was probably some really ugly chick who couldn’t do any better than you. I would never let you touch me with that thing. Ugh. Gross. Get it away from me.

What I WILL do for you is give you the best small penis humiliation phone sex you have ever had. We both know that you’ve called for that before. This isn’t the first time you’ve considered it.  You should just get used to it because even over the phone, girls will be able to tell that you’re a big fat loser. Haha. Oh, the verbal abuse you will get from me is going to be so spectacular! What are you waiting for???

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smoking fetish phone sex

You can feel the fire burning every time I light up and smoke.  You are naturally drawn to me, drawn to the burst of flame, the match striking and lighting the glowing cigarette tip. The smell of the burning flame and ash!  Drawn to the lighter clicking and that shakey sparking when I use my lighter instead.  I am a fiery smoking slut who smokes a pack a day. Smokes and blows that smoke right at you!  When you call me, I will reveal to you the brand I love to smoke.  To me, smoking a cigarette is a strong sexual parallel to sucking a cock. HMMMM and I love to do that too!  I love to give smoking blow jobs, too.  A cigarette in one hand, a cock in the other, sucking and smoking both. Can you just feel the smoke swirling around your cock?! Feel the heat on your cock.  You can’t resist me.  Talking about your smoking phone sex fetish will be so red hot, literally. Burning hot with desire.  I wield my cigarette to illustrate how much I crave  cock whenever I light up striking the match!  I use my cigarette like a blazing phallic symbol.  I use the sensual power of smoke, too.   Sexy inhales and exhales, erotic plumes of smoke.  The way I hold my cigarette and stare into your eyes will hypnotize you.

Do you have burning sexual needs?  So do I.  We belong together then, we already have a sizzling connection.  Let’s explore our incendiary needs during a smoking phone sex fetish session.  I will light up and smoke for you.  I love to smoke after sex, too.  Whatever would turn you on about fulfilling your smoking fetish or smoking fantasy excites me.  I’m Brooke.  Warning:  I’m wild and a little dangerous.

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size queen phone sex

Pretty girls like me are almost always size queens. We deserve the best… small dicks just won’t do it for us. That’s one reason I love size queen phone sex. I do love it when guys with big dicks call me to tell me what they would do to me. But honestly, my favorite part is when losers with tiny dicks call me to be humiliated and verbally abused. I will tell you right now that I don’t touch a dick unless it’s over 8 inches. And I like them thick, too. Is yours smaller than that? If the answer to that question was yes, then you are useless for anything other than size queen phone sex. I think it’s funny when a guy calls me and tries to tell me that 6 inches is anything other than average. I don’t care if anyone else has “never complained” about it. It’s not big enough for me. That’s the bottom line. Trying to convince me of anything else is just going to be a waste of breath and it’ll get you laughed at pretty hard.

I bet you actually LIKE being humiliated, don’t you? It probably started off sort of innocently. You were with this girl and it was finally time to fuck. She got naked, you got naked… and when she saw your dick, she started laughing hysterically, didn’t she? At first, you were shocked and your feelings were kind of hurt. But the more she laughed, the more you got turned on and before you knew it, your dick was hard as a rock. But that didn’t do you any good though, did it? She told you that she would never fuck someone with a dick like yours. Did she fuck another man in front of you? I hope it was a big fat black cock. Why don’t you call me for some size queen phone sex and tell me all about it?!

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