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small penis humiliation phone sex

Do you have a teeny tiny little weenie? Usually I think miniature things are cute, but yeah… not your “dick”. I don’t even want to have to look at that thing. The only thing you are good for is small penis humiliation phone sex. I bet every woman who has ever seen your pathetic excuse for a dick has gotten a pretty good a pretty good laugh out of it, huh? And somewhere along the way, it started to turn you on. And now you probably can’t cum unless you have a hottie like me laughing at your little nub, can you?

Well don’t worry, loser! I’m here for you. And by here for you, I mean that I’m ready and willing to laugh at you, degrade you and make sure that you know that you’re the biggest loser in the world. Honestly, there is no part of me that wants anything to do with your tiny little dick except to laugh at it. I would never even give you the time of day without you paying me for it. Fair warning… you might end up crying. I won’t have mercy on you.

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big black cock phone sex

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven, your fiery red haired saint sent right from the heart of Texas. That is right darlin, you are gonna be my sugar, mmm.. baby pour some of it on me! *giggles* We all know that everything in Texas is bigger. Well guess what darlin’ that includes some scrumptious big black cock phone sex. Mmmmhhmmm… that is right darlin! I like that meat, barbequed black, thick and juicy. Shit! My honey pot is just waitin for you it is so drenched with my nectar juices.

I am willin to bet you want a taste of my juices now dontcha? Well who can blame ya’ll from wanting a piece of my tight pussy? You will have to meet my expectations. As I said everything is bigger in Texas, and baby if it is not barbequed black, at least eight inches long than you best be movin’ along for this trip because you don’t meet my expectations.  Don’t be gettin your panties in a wad now! There is a time and place for those itty bitty clittys.  Right now I want to get fucked hard! Maybe you want to watch as I show you what real men look like inside of me? Mmmm, I see that bunch in your pants. *wink* Come along!

Do you have what I am cravin? I big thick piece of man meat, to fill me up and create some sizzling heat? *wink* I love the look of dark skin next to my creamy skin… mmmmhhmmm… I love me some oreo , big black cock phone sex! Don’t you? So darlin’ if you want to get to paradise, pick up that phone and ask for your red headed sweetheart. I am waitin for your sugar! 1 888 7o HOT4U and ask for Heaven on earth! That’s me darlin! *giggles*

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body worship phone sex

Welcome to my paradise of pleasure sugar! I am Heaven, your fiery red headed, green eyed dream sent to deliver your wildest desires, fantasies and fetishes. One look at my dreamy body makes you want to cum in your pants. Mmmm… Darlin’ don’t think you are going to get off that easy in my presence. Absolutely not! I am a Heavenly Goddess sent from above, my body is a temple to be worshipped, and that is exactly what you are going to do pathetic fool! Bow beneath me and show me you are worth my time and effort during body worship phone sex.

How is it that you could possibly resist all of this? From my fiery red hair, to my soft pouty wet lips, to my perky tits, my tight bubble ass, to my nectar filled pussy….. What I want is for you to get some sweet syrup, whipped cream, or just plain sugar. If you beg enough, maybe I will let you smear it all over me, and lick it off. I see I have your attention… *wink* and you are saluting me from your pants.  *giggles*

My body doesn’t get nearly enough attention from my husband, that is what you are for sugar. To be enslaved by me, to worship me, massage, lick, nibble, and suck as I desire during body worship phone sex. I can bring you sweet, sweet ecstasy…. After all I am Heaven on Earth! Are you willing to take the fall? Cum on, I know you want to! I know what you crave the most as you stare into my green eyes through the computer screen. That is right, you crave to feel your rock hard stick in my creamy honey pot. Well, if you play your cards right sugar… you just might get what you want. Ask for Heaven to feel what paradise really feels like during body worship phone sex. Want to have your mind blown into ecstasy?

Just dial 1 (888) Hot 4u! You won’t be disappointed! After all…. everything is bigger in Texas! *Laughter*

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financial domination phone sex

I’m Samantha and I deserve everything you have. I don’t need it, but I deserve it. That’s why you’re going to get out your wallet and pick up your phone and call me for financial domination phone sex. I’m not the kind of girl who is going to play around with the “idea” of financial domination. If you’re not serious about it, don’t even bother. I am not interested in your games.

What I AM interested in is your entire bank account. You are going to become addicted to me and you are going to willingly give me everything. Can’t pay your bills? I really don’t care. That’s not my problem. Get another job. Get two more jobs. Eat ramen and give up all your extras. You don’t need cable, coffee every morning, dinners out. All of that money is going to go to me. You can keep your phone, because how else are you going to call and give me all you have? You can sleep in your car, I guess. I hope it’s paid for, though… because once you start talking to me, you’re not going to be able to afford that either.

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foot fetish phone sex

Hey ya’ll I’m Heaven. I am your fiery red head from down the street.  I always see you staring at me when I go for my walk around our neighborhood. I watch your eyes scan my entire body, and can’t help but wonder what you might be thinking. My husband is overseas serving our country, so I could really use some company. It is no fun at all going to dinner alone. I stop long enough to see if you would like to come out to dinner with me. Of course you try to play it cool as you accept my invitation. I pick out the sexiest outfit I can find in my closet. Pull on a pair of my favorite black lace stop stockings and open toed heels. I have plans for more than just dinner with my handsome neighbor. I intend on making him a bit uncomfortable as he sits across from me at dinner. I am going to slip off my shoe, and slide my foot up the side of his thigh. I love the surprised look on his face when he realizes what I have in mind is some hot foot fetish phone sex.
After we have wined and dined and I have made it extremely difficult for him to walk with all the teasing at the table. *wink* We head back to my place. Once inside my house I simply look at my neighbor friend and ask “Did you like my feet wrapped around the tent in your pants?” His meek answer “Yes, Goddess Heaven, can I worship them?” Of course you can darling! Get on your knees, bend your head forward and lick between each of my toes. The wetness of your tongue during our foot fetish phone sex session makes my pussy drip with desire. Are you wondering what will happen next during foot fetish phone sex? Just ask for Heaven your fiery tease sent to please when you call 1 888 70 HOT4U

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size queen phone sex

My name is Samantha and I have a confession to make: I love big dicks. I guess you could say that I’m a size queen phone sex slut. And trust me, if you call me a size queen slut, it does not offend me. I mean, once a girl has had a big dick, you just can’t go back to anything that is even average.

Do you want to know how I got addicted to big dicks? When I turned 18, my friend and I snuck into a club one night and I started dancing with this black guy. He was grinding up against me and I could just tell that he had a big dick before I even saw it. We both got really horny and he took me into the bathroom and he locked the door, bent me over and just fucked the shit out of me with that big black cock. I can’t even tell you how hard he made me cum. It was so fucking awesome. And ever since that day, if I have the choice between an average white dick and a giant black cock… well, which do you think I’m going to choose?

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size queen phone sex

Howdy ya’ll! It is Heaven, your favorite saint sent to earth to give into your pleasures and desires. You know what they say about fiery red heads from Texas right? *giggles.* We like everything bigger! There is no exception to this with me sugar! Mmmm…. A nice thick, juicy piece of man meat stuck in all my wet holes. Fuck darlin’! There is really nothing better! Now, if you are one of those loser types, please don’t waste my time! Move along, because I am craving some size queen phone sex Texas style. *wink*

Do you think you have enough man meat for me? Are you large and in charge sugar? Mmmm, as long as you are thick, long and exxxtra juicy, please bring that over here to me. Just the thought of getting my holes stretched to their limits makes my panties wet.  What man could possibly resist my body, mind and soul if he has what I am asking for? There is just something about a well-built man! A man that has “muscle” in all the right places! *Wink* Why shouldn’t I get what I desire, after all, my husband isn’t meeting my needs. That is why I want to fulfill this naughty sin so badly. I don’t just WANT, but NEED a man to please me during size queen phone sex.

Spank me, gag me, please, please fuck me because he just isn’t man enough for me! He just doesn’t have enough sugar below the belt to make me melt! *wink* I have had to go so far as to cage is cock, and make him watch how a real man pleases this tight, wet pussy. Then I make him slurp up the mess. That of course is all just part of size queen phone sex with this fiery saint. Ask for Heaven when you call 1 888 70 HOT4U.

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sissy phone sex

Hey all you sissy phone sex lovers! Are you ready to get all dolled up and go out and find a big fat cock to suck and fuck? I am the girliest girl ever and I am the perfect one to get you ready to find someone to fuck your sissy pussy and fill it full of cum. Or would you prefer to suck that cock and let him shoot his cum right down your throat?

First, we’re going to get you all shaved and smooth. It’s going to take a while because you’re pretty damn hairy. Then we’re going to need to do your makeup and hair… maybe a nice long blonde wig. Then I’m going to help you get dressed in the sluttiest outfit ever complete with a pair of stilettos. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to walking in them.

Once we get to the bar, I’ll pick out a guy for you. One I know is going to enjoy fucking the shit out of a sissy phone sex whore like you. I hope you’re ready to do everything you’re told. You’re going to be my bitch for the night and trust me it’ going to be a long night. You didn’t think we were going to stop at getting you fucked once, did you? Nope! I’m going to pimp you out to anyone who wants to fuck you.

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humiliation phone sex humiliation phone sex

You know what’s more emasculating than a one girl humiliation phone sex call? Having two girls give you a verbal smack down for a nice long time. One of my favorite girls to do that with is May. She’s totally one of the best at humiliating losers like you that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

So what’s your problem? Do you have a small dick and you know that you’re never ever going to please a woman? You know that you will never get to fuck a woman unless she pity fucks you, right? Any woman who has ever let you put your pathetic excuse for a dick inside her only did it because she felt sorry for you. The whole time she was probably thinking “OMG is this over yet?”

Or maybe you’re just an all-around loser. You’re socially awkward, you don’t know how to talk to women, you have a dead end job and you’re just never going to amount to anything. You probably fit that old cliché… living in your parents’ basement, jerking it to porn. Ugh. You’re never going to get a woman.

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no limits phone sex

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven, I am a fiery, red head sent with many naughty secrets from the heart of Texas. Would you like to hear some of them? I am willing to guess that your prick is getting quite thick right now. I am sweet, yet seductive, with a twist of sultry. I would say I have the most no limits phone sex fun out of all of my girlfriends.

Who says blondes or brunettes have more fun? I would say that is incorrect. I have the hottest no limits phone sex. Especially if it includes depraved, dark desires; I am talking about those fantasies, roleplays, and fetishes that I cannot speak of here. After all, I am home alone while my husband is serving our country. I might as well serve the lonely, sexually deprived men and women in the world. That is right, I have some bi tendencies. I love to lick my fingers clean after a woman has creamed all over them. *wink* I bet you would love to be part of that finger licking fun, now wouldn’t you? What is better than one hot, seductive, slut? That is an easy question to answer… the more the merrier is what I believe.  There can never be too many playmates during no limits phone sex with me a frisky girl from the dirty south. I do not go away very easily. You see, my husband try to divorce me once, but he learned very quickly that when you piss me off or do the opposite of what I say, well you get a severe back lash. Mmmm…. I love to punish naughty boys, especially the pain sluts that think they can handle whatever pins and needles are handed to them. This fiery red siren won’t let you off easy during no limits phone sex. Ask for Heaven for some sinful pleasure when you call 1 888 70 HOT4U.

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