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smoking fetish phone sex

You can feel the fire burning every time I light up and smoke.  You are naturally drawn to me, drawn to the burst of flame, the match striking and lighting the glowing cigarette tip. The smell of the burning flame and ash!  Drawn to the lighter clicking and that shakey sparking when I use my lighter instead.  I am a fiery smoking slut who smokes a pack a day. Smokes and blows that smoke right at you!  When you call me, I will reveal to you the brand I love to smoke.  To me, smoking a cigarette is a strong sexual parallel to sucking a cock. HMMMM and I love to do that too!  I love to give smoking blow jobs, too.  A cigarette in one hand, a cock in the other, sucking and smoking both. Can you just feel the smoke swirling around your cock?! Feel the heat on your cock.  You can’t resist me.  Talking about your smoking phone sex fetish will be so red hot, literally. Burning hot with desire.  I wield my cigarette to illustrate how much I crave  cock whenever I light up striking the match!  I use my cigarette like a blazing phallic symbol.  I use the sensual power of smoke, too.   Sexy inhales and exhales, erotic plumes of smoke.  The way I hold my cigarette and stare into your eyes will hypnotize you.

Do you have burning sexual needs?  So do I.  We belong together then, we already have a sizzling connection.  Let’s explore our incendiary needs during a smoking phone sex fetish session.  I will light up and smoke for you.  I love to smoke after sex, too.  Whatever would turn you on about fulfilling your smoking fetish or smoking fantasy excites me.  I’m Brooke.  Warning:  I’m wild and a little dangerous.

Reach me at 1-888-70-HOT4U for smoking phone sex fetish fun

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size queen phone sex

Pretty girls like me are almost always size queens. We deserve the best… small dicks just won’t do it for us. That’s one reason I love size queen phone sex. I do love it when guys with big dicks call me to tell me what they would do to me. But honestly, my favorite part is when losers with tiny dicks call me to be humiliated and verbally abused. I will tell you right now that I don’t touch a dick unless it’s over 8 inches. And I like them thick, too. Is yours smaller than that? If the answer to that question was yes, then you are useless for anything other than size queen phone sex. I think it’s funny when a guy calls me and tries to tell me that 6 inches is anything other than average. I don’t care if anyone else has “never complained” about it. It’s not big enough for me. That’s the bottom line. Trying to convince me of anything else is just going to be a waste of breath and it’ll get you laughed at pretty hard.

I bet you actually LIKE being humiliated, don’t you? It probably started off sort of innocently. You were with this girl and it was finally time to fuck. She got naked, you got naked… and when she saw your dick, she started laughing hysterically, didn’t she? At first, you were shocked and your feelings were kind of hurt. But the more she laughed, the more you got turned on and before you knew it, your dick was hard as a rock. But that didn’t do you any good though, did it? She told you that she would never fuck someone with a dick like yours. Did she fuck another man in front of you? I hope it was a big fat black cock. Why don’t you call me for some size queen phone sex and tell me all about it?!

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extreme phone sex


Hello to all of you nasty perverts. Aren’t you glad that you’ve found the site to come to when you’re in the mood for extreme phone sex? I’m glad too. It’s sexy as hell talking to the freaky extreme taboo men that call. About eighty percent of the time I am dominant when it comes to roleplay and sex. There is one thing that never fails to make me weak in the knees though. When I am with a truly wicked and evil man it drives me nuts. That’s when I get to have some of the kinkiest and dark extreme phone sex, and my pussy loves every minute of that.

What is extreme to you? We can go there, and break all of the taboos that hold us back in real life. If it’s twisted and sexy then I want to talk about it. I’ll willingly be your girl for all of the pent up fantasies that you keep tucked away. It’s time to let it out and to have the extreme phone sex that you’ve been thinking about. When you find some time to spend by yourself give me a call and we’ll do everything you’ve been dreaming about.


Call me at 1-888-704-6848

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fetish phone sex

Fetishes are primitive and become an integral part of our sexual beings.  I have a few of my own fetishes and I know you must have a fetish or fetishes, too, or else you wouldn’t be reading my blog.  You can confess your fetish, since I have no taboos.  Any fetish you have can be fulfilled in a fetish phone sex call with me.  There are a few fetishes that might take a little preparation.  I have a caller who likes me to pop balloons on the phone while he masturbates.  This is called a loon or looner fetish, but has nothing to do with being crazy, it’s short for balloon.  I love reading up about fetishes online, including basic fetishes like foot fetish or big breast fetish, sneezing fetish, sexual fetishes for inanimate objects like humping a favorite chair, ABDL fetish which can be separated into adult babies and diaper lovers since I have diaper wearing callers who aren’t adult babies, crossdressers, food fetishes like sploshing and WAM (wet and messy play).  So many fetishes in the universe.  Reading about them is fascinating.  Even if your fetish isn’t on my short list here, I just wanted to give you an idea that I indulge many varied fetishes of all types.

In most cases I know my callers have to keep their fetish a secret from their wife or girlfriend, so calling me is their fetish phone sex fantasy indulgence.  I know that fetishes can be extreme and might freak out the wifey or the girlfriend, but nothing freaks me out.  Call me and see!   Be sure to request me, because I am the fetish phone sex girl of your dreams, Brooke.

1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Brooke

Yahoo: BabeGirlBrooke

orgasm denial phone sex

Oh, how I love keeping men from cumming. I love when they’re all horny with sore balls, dripping cock and aching from orgasm denial phone sex. I’m such a tease and I love when you stroke just for me. I would gladly wrap my hands around your cock and stroke you closer and closer to cumming, which I would erotically deny you. How bad do you want to cum for me, stroke boy? But you’ll be a good boy won’t you? You’re going to have to hold on. This bump and go ride will be amazing if you can handle not premature ejaculating. I also thoroughly enjoy tease and denial, ruined orgasms, and when you accidentally shoot your load while we’re having our nasty orgasm denial phone sex session. You’re not afraid of a wild bitch like me are you? I’ll tease you helpless and have you aching just for me… you’ll be lucky if I finally let you shoot your load so high, it defies gravity.

Looking for guided masturbation and orgasm denial phone sex? Call and ask for Mason.

BDSM phone sex

I have been a very, very bad girl and need to be spanked.  Ever since reading “50 Shades of Grey” I long for a sexy Master to take complete control of me and take me to his dungeon for S&M play.  I’m super submissive and find that most men really don’t know how to dominate me other than have rough sex with me.  I want to be spanked.  Spanking gets me wet.  I want to experience the beauty of pain that only a true sadistic Master knows how to inflict.  I long to be collared and owned and used.  I will do anything, I have no taboos.  I read S&M erotica and stories and being a submissive BDSM phone sex slut is truly is the only thing that gets me off.  And while I know I shouldn’t put my orgasm ahead of feeling the pain you will inflict or put my orgasm ahead of your orgasm, Sir, I just wanted you to know that this is not just a fantasy.  BDSM phone sex is what I need and crave.

Please be the one to collar me and take over my life.  I need your direction and I need to obey.  When your hand strikes my bare butt cheeks during an over the knee spanking, I will beg for another strike and another, Sir, because it is your will and my duty as your sex slave.  Even if tears are running down my cheeks, I will take any pain you give me.  I know pain is a gift from you to me.  I accept that.

Please, I beg you to call me for BDSM phone sex.  Spank me.  Hurt me.  I’m Brooke.  Here is my phone number 1-888-70-HOT4U.  I know you will ask to speak with me, because you already wish to take me as yours.

Yahoo: Babegirlbrooke

masonhg4psamanthahg4p Hello all you dirty boys. We’re Mason and Samantha your 2 girl phone sex Princesses. Double trouble to turn you upside down and inside out. I wonder if you can handle to sassy vixens to run circles around you and make your head spin. Does it make your cock jump to think of the challenge? The 2 girl phone sex challenge that is. How long can you last? We love it all from straight nasty talk to being bitchy brats that let you know who really is the boss. The lovely lady bosses. Now, be a good stroke boy and dial us up when we’re both available because you don’t want to miss out on all the trouble we’re going to get you into. Double the kinky 2 girl phone sex fun and see if your cock can withstand everything we put you through. *wicked laugh* Don’t pussy out! Epecially since Samantha looks so sweet, you haven’t seen her wild kitty cat glare as she takes control of your cock and my evil laughs as your cock starts to drip with pre cum before she even touches you. Maybe we’ll put on a little show for you until you can’t handle it anymore or maybe you have a 2 girl phone sex fantasy already in mind. We dare you to share it with us! We’ll try not to break you. We shouldn’t break our toys.

Call Mason and Samantha for hot 2 girl phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

size queen phone sex

You guessed it a girl with bigger tits, bigger ass, hotter body will always want a bigger dick. I like things bigger. I love size queen phone sex and talking about all the monster cocks I love having stuffed in my holes. Feeling them fill me up and have that pressure deep inside every part of me. Mmmm… it makes me squirt so fucking hard when I have a that big pole sliding in and out of my wet cunt. If you’re an SPH loser, you have no idea what these feeling is like for a woman. Your dick can’t go places that a monster cock can. I mean maybe if you grabbed a dildo and fucked your girlfriend or wife’s pussy you’ll get to see her experience that amazing reaction. Moaning, screaming and loving how it hurts in a good way. But you know that your smaller dick could never give her this kind of pleasure. You know deep down she deserves a bigger dick. Being a size queen phone sex babe makes me really wonder how you tiny dick losers get by living with your inferior penis size. Like, really, how do you do it? Does your sex life suffer from your tiny issue? If you’re greedy, than I guess you’ll never please a woman. You really should consider letting her cuck you so she can finally get some pleasure. That is if you don’t wan to lose her.

Call Mason for size queen phone sex, SPH and cuckold fun at 1-888-70-HOT4U

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tease and denial phone sex

I am such a cockteaser.  I’ve always loved to tease men and make them get hard for me, make them want me.  The more I tease a man, the more control over him I have.  Oh how I crave control, too.  Because teasing leads to two choices, should I decide to let you cum or not cum.  Decisions, decisions…  I love to make a man beg for his orgasm.  OMG that makes my pussy so wet!  Will you beg for me?  Will you let me tease you and get you so close?  Will you give up control over your cock to me?  Sometimes I even flip a coin during a tease and denial phone sex call.  You call it in the air, heads or tails, and then I will tell you if you can cum or if you are denied!

I’m always in the mood to tease, I tease men every day from the minute I wake up until the minute I fall asleep.  Wherever I go, I dress super slutty.  I want men to notice me, I want to flirt and tease and see what will happen.  Tease and denial phone sex is an extension of who I really am.  Don’t you want it to feel so real?  I do.  That’s what I love about T&D.  Whenever a man says to me, you’re such a tease, I think it’s the ultimate compliment.  Let’s have tease and denial phone sex right now.  I know you’re craving some teasing right now.

Grab your cock and your credit card and call me at 1-888-704-6848.  But if you want to be tease and denied, you have to ask for me Brooke.

Yahoo: babegirlbrooke

anything goes phone sex

I’m Mason, your hot nymphomaniac down for whatever. That’s why anything goes phone sex is like my motto. No matter what you’re into, I’ll get into it with you. Let’s be nasty together and share our favorite fantasies and fetishes. That’s what having no limits is all about, right? Being into and willing to try anything at any time. I’m game. Let me be your horny stripper that just can’t get enough of grinding on your cock once I feel that I got you rock solid underneath your pants. Let me give you that private one on one dance and you might get some VIP treatment that no one else usually gets from me. If you’re looking for something a little more taboo, that fits under the anything goes phone sex category, too. At least in my book. Extreme taboo fantasies are so much fun masturbate to. Let me be your forbidden fruit and I’ll make that cock squirt as much as I do. I’m ready to get fucking filthy if you are, so don’t be shy… well, if you are shy, I’ll do all the work and you’ll jizz your pants at the thought of me days after we play.

Anything goes phone sex with nasty Mason XXX at 1-888-70-HOT4U

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