Ass Worship Phone Sex with May

Hey guys, are you dying to tell a hot girl that you want to eat her ass? Too often rejection comes with it, right? I don’t know why so many people frown on ass worship, I really don’t. That means more butt licking, tongue fucking and rimming for me though. This lady loves her ass to be worshiped. Luckily for me, I get to have some extraordinarily sexy ass worship phone sex calls too. There are some men that just don’t get the opportunity to engage in anal play of any kind with their partner, much less anal licking and tongue fucking. OK ladies, keep sending your men my way then. I don’t mind doing your dirty work, and I do mean dirty. I get to talk to horny men that want to run their tongues along my cheeks and into my ass, that is a winner.

ass worship phone sex

Ass worship phone sex gets my motor revved up and I want to sit on a man’s (or woman’s) face and ride it home. Do you jerk off and imagine having a beautiful ass like mine planted on your face? I bet I’d almost be able to feel the smile while I jiggle and wiggle on your lips wouldn’t I? I’ll feed you my pretty asshole, I love taking charge of body worship and taking what I want from the one beneath me. Your cock will be so hard when I’m using your body to get exactly the kind of pleasure that I want from my ass worshiping bitch. In the end, you know it’s what you want, right? Do you want to be my ass licking bitch boy? I want to feel your tongue working hard to keep my pussy wet while you suck and fuck my asshole.



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Interracial Phone Sex with Essence

Hi, boys. Did you come online in search of some interracial phone sex fun? You might like to pretend that you don’t want anything to do wish black pussy, but you find yourself jerking off while you think about this dark, juicy cunt, don’t you? Well, I don’t know if you even deserve it. I mean, you have been trying to deny the fact that you’re even turned on by dark skinned girls like me. So, you might get to fuck me, but you’re going to have to earn it. And depending on what mood I’m in, it’s hard to tell what I will make you do to get your cock inside me.

interracial phone sex

Maybe I will make you do something embarrassing like take me out to a really expensive dinner and you have to tell everyone who passes by the table that you were afraid to admit you like black pussy so I’m really making you pay dearly to be able to actually have it. Or maybe I will make you get down on your knees and wear a collar while I lead you around. Sometimes that can be a really fun way to put a man in his place when he’s wronged me. Another really fun thing is to fuck a guy like you with a strap on cock. Hey – if you want to fuck me, it’s only fair that I get to fuck you first. If you want to slide your cock inside me, you basically have to do whatever I want you to do.

Are you ready for some interracial phone sex now? And are you ready to do whatever you have to do to get me? Then just pick up the phone and call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U. Oh, and make sure you ask to talk to Essence.

Kinky Phone Sex with Carmen

As I’m sitting here right now I can’t help but wonder how many love kinky phone sex as much as I do? And how many love it with a strawberry blonde who not only loves receiving kinky sex but giving it as well? What kind of thoughts are you having as you see me sitting here like this? Do you want to come crawl between my ivory colored skin and taste my wet slippery pussy? Even more,  are you thinking about letting your tongue or your finger find its way back to my puckered pink ass so you can lick, tongue and probe my tasty hole? I’ll slide my panties off for you. Wanna sniff them? And if you like a open minded whore then by all means let me continue to stimulate your mind and make your cock even harder.

kinky phone sex

I just love it when you tease my asshole and get me so worked up that I start pulling you deeper into me. i have to also admit I love it when a man not only loves to lick me in kinky areas but likes to get his hole played with as well. It can be my tongue, fingers or my favorite strap on. I can’t deny how much I tingle all over when it comes to hearing your fantasies and kinky phone sex. For the men out there who are just a vocal and dirty at the mouth as I am make me SUPER turned on. I imagine us being in a sixty nine position with your tongue ravishing me from slippery pussy to my delicious ass as well. But I don’t stop there. I also love getting much more kinkier than that. But I think it’s a good start don’t you?

I just love to seduce you into something that is so mind blowing that your mind starts going in places that are extremely kinky. Some include the above but also you wearing panties, eating your own cum or sharing it with me! You know I dress in my favorite fishnets, slutty pumps with my matching bra and panty set to get your focus on me. I know when you smell the sweet scent that comes from my sexy body just gives you all sorts of ideas. Not only that but things that you can only share with me. I’m the type who loves tempting you in all ways. And if you are a bit submissive you may just want to give in and fall to your knees. I may wiggle my ass over your face and see how far you will go for this kinky phone sex seducer.

Right now I’m thinking about the last time a dominate man fucked my kinky ass. I’m thinking about after he slid his dick out how i started to suck him until he cum in my mouth. I could taste my ass all over his dick too. Makes my fucking cunt wet right now just thinking about it. He surprised me too. Because after his dick got hard again he wanted me to rim his kinky asshole as well.

So, if you are ready, then i’m here and ready to hover my pussy and ass right over your face. It’s so mesmerizing that you may find yourself in a deep trance ready to worship and show me just how fucking kinky you like it.
However and what ever way you want this kinky phone sex slut I will make sure that you get all that you desire. I pay that much attention to what makes you happy…
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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with May

   Ready for roleplay? How about cheating wife phone sex?


I enjoy all sorts of roleplay. Most of the time I like being in the dominant role, the one in charge. When it comes to fetishes one of my favorites lately has been cuckolding. Cheating wife phone sex makes for a good orgasm. I think of marriage as one of those institutions that were created to go against. Not being married myself doesn’t stop me from being turned on by the idea of cheating on my husband that I spoke sweet tender vows to. In the house of the lord, we promised to forsake all others. In the house of my husband, I will spread my creamy thighs and take hard cock. I’ll cheat on him in the same bed that we make love in. It’s a rush to imagine cheating like that, and other than a slap in the face to the institution of marriage, I don’t know why.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

Cheating wife phone sex is pretty popular, so it’s not like I’m the only one wanting to fetishize something that should be forbidden. Men of all walks of life think about their beautiful wives cheating on them. There are so many tales I hear over the phone involving cuckold fantasies. I’ll roleplay as your cheating wife. I can also roleplay as your wife’s slutty friend that encourages her to cheat on you while we’re out together. Perhaps when you call her because she is out late I answer and give you the scoop on what your lovely lady is up to. Wouldn’t you like to hear the details on what she’s up to while she’s away from you? She is so sweet and kind, how could she break your vows? The pussy wants what the pussy wants, sweetheart. In our case the pussy wants action. What are your cheating fantasies?




Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Samantha

Something I have always loved doing is telling people what to do. And it’s even better when I’m telling men what to do. Maybe that’s why I got so excited the first time I had a guided masturbation phone sex call. Now they are pretty much one of my favorites. Seriously, what’s not to love? I’m telling a man exactly how to stroke AND he’s paying me to do it.

guided masturbation phone sex

But the thing I run into sometimes that causes a little bit of a problem in my guided masturbation phone sex calls is that guys might not be totally cool with a woman telling them how to jerk off and when they get to cum. I think that what happens is guys get worried that if I’m telling them what to do, they won’t even get to cum. That’s not true AT ALL. I love giving men orgasms. It makes me really happy. I just want to be the one in charge of exactly how that orgasm happens.

So, I promise you right now that if you call me for guided masturbation phone sex, you will get to cum and it will be really good. I just don’t know exactly how fast that’s going to happen. You’ll just have to trust me. I’m going to edge you and guide you to a really great orgasm. Just lie back and let me set the pace. Let me tell you how much pressure to apply to your dick while you’re stroking it. If you decide to trust me, I think you’re really going to be pleased with what happens.
I hope you’re as excited right now as I am. If you’re ready to have a really great orgasm, then just call me for guided masturbation. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha.

Coerced Bi Phone Sex with May


Let’s talk about coerced bi phone sex and your New Year’s resolutions.

Have you gotten your New Year’s resolutions out of the way? May I suggest another one for you. Well, it might be another one and then again it might already be on your list. How about making 2020 the year that you suck more cock than ever before? If you’ve been having coerced bi phone sex with femdom phone women like me maybe it’s time for more. I’m not about New Year’s resolutions myself, but then again I have been a cocksucker for some time as it is. You on the other hand, how often do you suck cock? Is it only an every now and then experience? If so, I think that you need more cock in your mouth. It would definitely make my 2020 better to hear about you sucking on lots of juicy cock. Are you ready to commit to more pleasure from sucking on hard cock?

coerced bi phone sex

Why stop at cocksucking though? There is no law that says that coerced bi phone sex ends with a load of come in your mouth. It turns me on when you get fucked too. Don’t you want to feel yourself stretched by a thick dick in your tight asshole? Strapon sex is incredible, but why not get the real thing and get it often. This could be the filthiest year of your life. Just think about how hot it will be to make the effort to get more cock into your hot body. I’ll be your biggest supporter. Just consider me your cock coach for the new year. You will be bringing so much pleasure into the world with this resolution too. You will be pleased, I will be excited and all of the cock you get will be thrilled as well. Make 2020 your year to get that cock.






BDSM Phone Sex with May

Santa might be coming to see you if you have been good but you can just call me Mistress Krampus. I’ll take care of all of the naughty men with some BDSM phone sex. Get your paddles or wooden spoons or whatever and kneel before me. It’s time for you to answer for your naughty behavior. Have you been stealing worn panties? Are you a dirty peeping tom? Do you mistreat the women in your work and personal life? I have a feeling that you’re not without fault. It’s time for you to confess your wrongdoings and lay across Mistress’s lap for your punishment. You had to know this was coming, you’re such a devious man and you know it. You will need to confess every dirty deed from the last Christmas until now unless you have had your punishment already for the months leading up to this one.

BDSM Phone Sex

What I do to bad subs like you is much better than a stocking full of coal. I might put you in stockings though. There are a number of things that I do to mischievous subs that confess to me during the holidays. I spank, cane, flog, humiliate, peg, dish out CBT, feminize and more. There is no way that I won’t find the right punishment for your bad behavior. By the time I get done you just might be wishing that Krampus himself had bagged you up for a trip to hell. Don’t worry, that still might come to pass if you disobey me during punishment time. Let others give out rewards and treats, I personally want to let out my sadistic side on men like you. Your ass and thighs might end up as red as Rudolph’s nose when I finish wearing your body out with my toys.





Blasphemous Phone Sex with Raine

Everyone is so focused on holiday plans or well trying to be. This fetish phone sex chick is focusing on something a bit more dark and delightful.

Yes I realize you wouldnt expect such a thing from me but then again perhaps those that do enjoy blasphemous phone sex fantasy would expect such filthy words to fall from my soft pink lips. There is something extra taboo when its a girl like myself.

blasphemous phone sex

That girl who seems like the one that lives next door. The girl that would attend church with her folks on Sunday. The girl that dresses up in sweet dresses that has floral prints on them. The girl that would wear cotton panties over thongs.

Yes I know you have probably pondered what sort of panties I have worn while you also wondered if I have let some cock between my legs or if that area of my body was remaining pure as you stroke your cock to the most taboo of fantasies.

Dont worry! We can keep that a little secret for now.

Granted all those things could of been true but I didnt grow up in a house that believed in religion could only be found in a church. So what does that mean to you?

That I have no issue taking the Lords name in vain.

Moaning his name really. For I love to know I call upon him when I am in the middle of a sinful situation.

But what is really fun is creating the most wicked and taboo blasphemous phone sex role play. One that will have even Satan shivering from an orgasm after we are done.

Anyways my name is Raine and I think during this holiday season we invoke some wicked spiritual fun.

1-888-704-6848 is the number to reach me.

BBC Phone Sex with May


Who’s Horny for BBC Phone Sex Chat?

I think that we both know that I’m not the only one into BBC, am I right? You and I both know that you’re also into the big black cock. That’s why you call a dirty woman like me for BBC phone sex. It drives me crazy in a good way when you can’t get enough of sucking big black dick and being fucked by a big cock. Do you know what makes it even sexier? BBC phone fantasies are hotter for me when you have a dildo with you to suck and fuck for me. When I get to hear how you would handle that fat cock with your hands mouth and ass I get so turned on. I can’t get enough of you gagging on a fat cock. Does it get your cock hard to do that for me? Don’t be shy, it’s strictly between you and me.

  I’m your dirty phone girl for BBC fantasy


BBC phone sex isn’t a topic I imagined taking a lot of calls about when I started doing this. It amazes me how many kinky men are into big black cock. You horny big black cock loving sluts are a pleasant surprise though. Of course, you can tell your dirty phone girl anything that you want too. You can tell me about your cocksucking fantasies, your experiences with big black dick in your ass, you can tell me how you get turned on with small penis humiliation, you can tell me anything at all.I’m curious about anal virgins and whores alike. I just like to talk about your kinky thoughts and fantasies. If you need encouragement to take the next step, I am your woman. I’ll have you on your knees in no time taking that big black cock. You won’t regret going for it, I promise you that.





Babysitter Phone Sex with May

I’m not a babysitter for married couples, no, I am the perfect sitter for single dads though. I’m assuming that you might know why that is. It’s not that I mind to babysit for married couples, it’s just that your wife will probably object to my being your sitter before very long. Do you know how some girls blend in perfectly well and seem sweet as sugar but are flirty on the side? I am flirty right in front of her and I want her to see it. If you like the kind of roleplay where we humiliate your wife you should call me for babysitter phone sex. I can’t resist a hot older man, married or not. The thing is that I’m not going to even bother resisting an older man, married or not. I don’t mind a ring on your finger as long as you get me off.

babysitter phone sex

Once the lights go out and bedtime has passed I get frisky in your house. I’m not one of those babysitters that invites her boyfriend over to screw around. I just screw around with myself and fantasize about you. I’ll pull up my skirt and look right into the nanny cam while I finger my wet pussy for you. Knowing that you will watch it and masturbate thinking about fucking me makes it worth it. When my car is in the shop and you drive me home I’m all over you. You won’t tell me no. You’ve been craving babysitter phone sex and when you get me alone you will know why I’m the best sitter around. I do all of the sexy stuff other sitters do and I get even nastier. I’m dying to feel you in my deep in my ass. Are you needing a sitter anytime soon?





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