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I really enjoy strap on sex. It’s something I’ve enjoyed with men and women, and my phone callers too (in fantasy/roleplay that is). So not everyone that has strap on fantasies wants to go for the real thing and be with a shemale or a male. Those of you that do though, I want to talk about forced bi phone sex. If you want to go forward and try a real cock, why would you need to be “forced”? Well, just because we want to do something doesn’t always mean we’re ready to take the next step. The term may be forced bi, but I like to call it coerced bi, or encouraged to go bi. I want to be the one that talks you into taking your cock sucking and anal fantasies a little bit deeper. No matter what that taboo or forbidden fantasy that you have, I like to explore it. Those of you who have talked to me on the phone before know this.

So you’ve been enjoying feminization, submission, and strap on with your phone Domme or Dommes, right? It’s exciting to give up control and be her bitch and to be used. Lately though you can’t stop thinking about the idea of giving it up in other ways. Some Mistresses may not like forced bi, but I have to say, I have not talked to or read blogs from any that are against it. Regardless of whether or not she likes it, would you rather be with a phone Domme that somewhat likes guy on guy, or would you rather talk to a dominant woman that absolutely loves making men suck cocks and loves leading them into anal with other men and shemales?

I want to be the phone Mistress that gets you to the next level and takes your strap on fantasies up a notch, or more until you’re taking cock for me.



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phone sex chat room
Hey guys! We are happy to introduce a brand new phone sex chat room for our sites. This new chat room is not java so if you have had issues getting into chat, that should no longer be a problem. The chat works on tablets now too. One of the great things about our new chat is the ability to add your favorite girls to your friends list so you will be able to not only message in chat, but you can send them offline messages too!
If you scroll down this page toward the bottom is a floating box that says click here to chat. Just click that, sign in and get ready to chat with the hottest phone sex girls around. If you have questions about chat navigation once you’re there, don’t hesitate to ask the Mod or any of the girls who are chatting. We’re always happy to help you.
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naughty phone sex

I’m Dallas, a naughty phone sex diva I love getting all hot and steamy with my callers. I do calls that are a variety of many things which helps that I’m so open when it comes to sex. I will take you to that place in your head where you can experience the best orgasm ever. Thinking about a time when you were young or had kinky wild sex and your cock would explode every five minute you had many girls to choose from. Picking up girls and fucking them on a nightly bases was how you liked it in college or perhaps your first job. Seeing a hot babe walk into the bar or club sending her a drink and flirting with her was so easy back then. It was nothing to take one of them home or fuck them in the back seat of your car or truck.

Today it’s easier to have naughty phone sex with me then to pick up a chick in a club I will do it all and always please you. Having phone sex with me will make your cock throb and you will love talking about all the taboo subjects that I will discuss. Making you cum is my goal but how worked up you are is what I do best, I love adding my little twist and turns to your session. Tease and denial phone is another way I like to play and make it really hard for you to cum until you beg me. I love small dick guy’s teasing you is so much fun for me I love hearing you begging me to stop. Panty boy’s I didn’t forget you I love making you masturbate in your pretty panties and getting them all wet for me.

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religious blasphemy phone sex

It is the End of Days.  Dark Forces are upon us and there is no escape.  It is time to revel in the Devil and worship our true Overlord and Mephistophelean Master.  If you believe like I do in Satanic power and if you dare to enter into Lucifer’s lair with me, then you must call me for religious blasphemy phone sex.  This isn’t just phone sex, this is a descent into Hell.  You will feel the searing flames licking your soles and licking your soul as you descend.  This is your final warning.  Once you descend, you cannot be saved.  You can never go back to live your life the way it was before you called me.  Everything that you see in Hell cannot be unseen, everything you experience in the Underworld cannot be erased or forgotten.  You will give in to Satan!  After all, don’t you think he is expecting you?

I am your escort into Hell, one of the Devil’s sexy vixens dispatched to do his bidding.  Kinky sex, orgiastic rituals, sacrifices, virgins, hellfire.  You can pray your ass off while I chant all the names of the major Demons, but you cannot save yourself.  Once I summon the Demons and their powers, you will be pulverized.  And if you think this is as dark as it gets, you are so very wrong.  Once you call me for religious blasphemy phone sex, you will see what will happen to you.  1-888-70-HOT4U reaches my answering service.  Ask to be put through to me, Brooke.

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financial domination phone sex

Have you ever seen a more perfect woman than me? I didn’t think so. I know that you just want to give everything you have to me. I deserve it. That’s why you’re going to pick up your phone and call me for financial domination phone sex. I will never have to ask you for anything. And that’s the way it should be. You will give willingly and generously. And you will never complain about it.

I don’t ever want to hear you say “Princess, I wish I could give you something right now, but I’m broke.” You will do whatever you have to do in order to be able to afford to give me all of the nice things I deserve. You’ll get a second job. Hell, you will get a third job if you need to. You’ll stop giving your wife or girlfriend gifts. You’ll give up cable and your expensive coffee.

You are going to be on a first name basis with Chanel, Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. You’re going to eat, sleep and breathe Princess Samantha. So when you’re ready to submit to me, call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha for financial domination phone sex.

forced bi phone sex

Are you a little bit curious about what it’s like to suck a dick? Do you want to know what it feels like to get fucked, but you’re still really nervous about actually going through with it? That’s what forced bi phone sex is for! If you need that extra push, I would be more than happy to give it to you. I mean, I will literally push your head down onto that big fat cock and either you do what you’re supposed to do and suck it, or you’ll just gag, I guess. I’m good with either.

And when it comes time to get your virgin asshole fucked… you’re probably going to need me for that, too. I’ll help tie you up so that you can’t get away. I mean, you know you want it… you’re just nervous. So if you’re tied up, you can’t get away when he starts pushing that giant dick inside you. And if you start screaming, I’ll just sit on your face to shut you up. It would turn me on to know that you’re in a little bit of pain.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Do you have a teeny tiny little weenie? Usually I think miniature things are cute, but yeah… not your “dick”. I don’t even want to have to look at that thing. The only thing you are good for is small penis humiliation phone sex. I bet every woman who has ever seen your pathetic excuse for a dick has gotten a pretty good a pretty good laugh out of it, huh? And somewhere along the way, it started to turn you on. And now you probably can’t cum unless you have a hottie like me laughing at your little nub, can you?

Well don’t worry, loser! I’m here for you. And by here for you, I mean that I’m ready and willing to laugh at you, degrade you and make sure that you know that you’re the biggest loser in the world. Honestly, there is no part of me that wants anything to do with your tiny little dick except to laugh at it. I would never even give you the time of day without you paying me for it. Fair warning… you might end up crying. I won’t have mercy on you.

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big black cock phone sex

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven, your fiery red haired saint sent right from the heart of Texas. That is right darlin, you are gonna be my sugar, mmm.. baby pour some of it on me! *giggles* We all know that everything in Texas is bigger. Well guess what darlin’ that includes some scrumptious big black cock phone sex. Mmmmhhmmm… that is right darlin! I like that meat, barbequed black, thick and juicy. Shit! My honey pot is just waitin for you it is so drenched with my nectar juices.

I am willin to bet you want a taste of my juices now dontcha? Well who can blame ya’ll from wanting a piece of my tight pussy? You will have to meet my expectations. As I said everything is bigger in Texas, and baby if it is not barbequed black, at least eight inches long than you best be movin’ along for this trip because you don’t meet my expectations.  Don’t be gettin your panties in a wad now! There is a time and place for those itty bitty clittys.  Right now I want to get fucked hard! Maybe you want to watch as I show you what real men look like inside of me? Mmmm, I see that bunch in your pants. *wink* Come along!

Do you have what I am cravin? I big thick piece of man meat, to fill me up and create some sizzling heat? *wink* I love the look of dark skin next to my creamy skin… mmmmhhmmm… I love me some oreo , big black cock phone sex! Don’t you? So darlin’ if you want to get to paradise, pick up that phone and ask for your red headed sweetheart. I am waitin for your sugar! 1 888 7o HOT4U and ask for Heaven on earth! That’s me darlin! *giggles*

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body worship phone sex

Welcome to my paradise of pleasure sugar! I am Heaven, your fiery red headed, green eyed dream sent to deliver your wildest desires, fantasies and fetishes. One look at my dreamy body makes you want to cum in your pants. Mmmm… Darlin’ don’t think you are going to get off that easy in my presence. Absolutely not! I am a Heavenly Goddess sent from above, my body is a temple to be worshipped, and that is exactly what you are going to do pathetic fool! Bow beneath me and show me you are worth my time and effort during body worship phone sex.

How is it that you could possibly resist all of this? From my fiery red hair, to my soft pouty wet lips, to my perky tits, my tight bubble ass, to my nectar filled pussy….. What I want is for you to get some sweet syrup, whipped cream, or just plain sugar. If you beg enough, maybe I will let you smear it all over me, and lick it off. I see I have your attention… *wink* and you are saluting me from your pants.  *giggles*

My body doesn’t get nearly enough attention from my husband, that is what you are for sugar. To be enslaved by me, to worship me, massage, lick, nibble, and suck as I desire during body worship phone sex. I can bring you sweet, sweet ecstasy…. After all I am Heaven on Earth! Are you willing to take the fall? Cum on, I know you want to! I know what you crave the most as you stare into my green eyes through the computer screen. That is right, you crave to feel your rock hard stick in my creamy honey pot. Well, if you play your cards right sugar… you just might get what you want. Ask for Heaven to feel what paradise really feels like during body worship phone sex. Want to have your mind blown into ecstasy?

Just dial 1 (888) Hot 4u! You won’t be disappointed! After all…. everything is bigger in Texas! *Laughter*

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financial domination phone sex

I’m Samantha and I deserve everything you have. I don’t need it, but I deserve it. That’s why you’re going to get out your wallet and pick up your phone and call me for financial domination phone sex. I’m not the kind of girl who is going to play around with the “idea” of financial domination. If you’re not serious about it, don’t even bother. I am not interested in your games.

What I AM interested in is your entire bank account. You are going to become addicted to me and you are going to willingly give me everything. Can’t pay your bills? I really don’t care. That’s not my problem. Get another job. Get two more jobs. Eat ramen and give up all your extras. You don’t need cable, coffee every morning, dinners out. All of that money is going to go to me. You can keep your phone, because how else are you going to call and give me all you have? You can sleep in your car, I guess. I hope it’s paid for, though… because once you start talking to me, you’re not going to be able to afford that either.

Pick up your phone and call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha for financial domination phone sex