Barefoot Fetish Phone Sex with Heaven

I have a secret fetish that I’d like to share with you guys. Heaven here. I’d like to talk about barefoot fetish phone sex tonight. Yes, the cats out of the bag! I have a barefoot fetish. I hate wearing shoes and socks and I love admiring my own bare feet. I love the way my carpet feels under my feet. Sometimes it does tickle, but the feeling travels up my legs and stops and tickles my pussy. The whole thing starts to vibrate as I rub my feet against the carpet.

Barefoot Fetish Phone Sex
When I go outside I love the way the grass feels under my toes. What’s your personal favorite thing about your barefoot fetish phone sex? I would love a foot massage with some oil. Rub my feet together and then rub my feet all over your penis and give you a nice, soft foot job. Don’t you just love my beautiful red toenail polish and how soft and supple my feet are? If you want to, I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to suck on my toes, it has always been a huge turn-on for me. Just the way it tickles my whole body.
Are you into a full-body massage where I walk all over you with my bare feet? You can feel my soft feet walk all over that sexy bare body of yours. We can do all kinds of things with our bare feet together. Just a warning. I am very ticklish on my bare feet but I can turn the tickling sensual! And sensual I would love.
I would love to talk to you tonight and have all kinds of barefoot fantasies. I can’t wait to hear from you soon. Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and make sure to ask for your gorgeous Heaven for barefoot fetish phone sex. I’ll be your fantasy anytime!!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with Carmen

I would give anything to have a neighbor who is into exhibitionist phone sex. You mix the right ingredients with that and it’s the perfect reason for me to strip down and start masturbating my tight wet pussy. I wouldn’t do it for just any type of man either. He has to have a nice size dick. It’s like this man I just spoke to on the phone. He said he was out on his balcony completely naked. He said he loves it when girls watch him with his shaft in his hand pumping it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the girls next door were laughing and giggling. The only reason I would do that is if the guy had a tiny dick. 
Exhibitionist Phone Sex
If it were me, I would either get closer to see what size it is or grab my binoculars to get a closer look. I have to admit as well if I knew that it’s bigger than eight inches it wouldn’t be long until I would be ringing his doorbell. I mean why watch from afar when I could be in the same fucking room with him! But I do understand that some men love exhibitionist phone sex for the reason of doing it from afar. I suppose the next best thing knowing the kind of girl that I am is to strip down to my bra and panties. I may even get totally naked as well. I mean one can’t get arrested if they are on their own property.
He sounded sOoOo sexy when he was talking too. I could hear the lust and horniness in his voice as his hand was sliding up and down his shaft. His precum had to be his lube he was so rock hard. I told him “If I was your neighbor I would be touching myself all over for you. Knowing that you are putting on a show for me, I would have to put on one for you. I would get you so aroused that you may find yourself at my front door getting a closer look at my 34 C breasts and smooth touchable pussy lips. I just love mutual masturbation. Or that game of I touch you where you touch me at. With his love for exhibitionist phone sex, I could only imagine the look on his face.
I kept saying “stroke that hard dick for your girls next door. I bet their barely legal pussies can’t help but be wet while they watch you slide your hand up and down your shaft.” He kept moaning more and more. Then I said “I bet they can’t wait to see you cum for them. I bet you are getting close too. I know if I was them I would have this intense come fuck me look on my face. You could read the words on my lips as I say cum for me, baby, give me all the cum in those balls I want it so fucking bad.” The next thing I knew he was cumming incredibly hard. It sounded like he was milking his cock for me and them. He drained every last drop out of his full balls.
Call 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Carmen
Google Hangouts, and Skype: CreamOnCarmen

Bratty Domination Phone Sex with Heaven

I can be such a brat sometimes. Do you think you can handle my bratty domination phone sex? I am the boss and you must do what I say and if you don’t I promise you will be punished! And I don’t think you will like what I have in mind for punishment. If I say jump, you say how high? If I want to tie you up and whip you down, you better just take it and like it. If you don’t it will just make me tie you down harder and whip and flog you harder until you’re red.
Bratty Domination Phone Sex
If you’re into pain then you’ll love my bratty domination phone sex! The next thing I want to do to you is fuck you in the ass with my dildo. If I hear you complain it’s just going to make me fuck you harder in the ass. I love to hear you moan and to beg me to stop. Maybe I’ll tie you to a chair and smack your balls around until you can’t take the pain anymore. I want you to get on your knees and eat my pussy until I can’t hello but squirt all over your face, and then I want you to clean it up and if you don’t you’ll be punished to my liking.
If you think you want to be dominated by a major brat, then feel free to call me for my bratty domination phone sex. Remember I’ll be telling you what I want you to do and if you don’t do it punishments will be handed out. I can’t wait to see what you are and are not willing to do for me. And I can’t wait to see if you like my punishments or not. If you think you can handle my punishments then you need to call me now at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven. Can’t wait to dominate you soon. *winks*

Black Cock White Wife Fantasy Phone Sex with Heaven

What are your thoughts on black cock white wife fantasy phone sex? I just love being fucked by a nice, thick big black cock. They are so beautiful when they glisten as they are covered in my cum. I love the way they just take control and fuck me as hard and fast and rough as they want to. Just thinking about that fantasy gets me all hot and bothered. Once I had my first black dick, I was just hooked. I’ll fuck anyone really, but black cock is my absolute favorite.

Black Cock White Wife Fantasy

I just have a dirty little naughty fantasy of leaving my husband and going to get fucked by a big black cock. Won’t you join me in my black cock white wife fantasy phone sex? So yes, I want to get fucked by a big black dick while my husband watches in the background. He can stroke his small dick while I’m getting fucked in the ass, hard and fast. Maybe my husband can join in, stroke the black dick, and clean up all the cum afterward. I would love him to eat my pussy afterward and clean out every drop of my cum and every drop of that black dick cum. I love the feel of his tongue on my pussy.

So my neighbor has a black cock and I think I’m going to sneak out and have him fuck me. I just love my black cock white wife fantasy phone sex. I love being naughty and I want to be a bad girl and just get fucked by that big glistening black cock. Won’t you help me fulfill this fantasy of mine? If you’re willing to play this fantasy out with me, I would love to hear from you. Please call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven. I can’t wait to hear from you soon! *winks*

Size Queen Phone Sex with Samantha

Unless you’re a stud with a huge cock, you really don’t have a chance with me. And let’s be brutally honest right now – there aren’t that many men with truly big dicks out there. There are tons of average-sized guys, but to me, that’s just not good enough. I’m a size queen phone sex slut and it takes a real man to satisfy me. But that’s not you, is it? You probably get laughed at all the time when women see you naked, huh? Do you ever even get laid? I have to be honest – if we went on a date and then went back to your place, I wouldn’t be sleeping with you if I saw that you have even an average sized cock. But yours isn’t even average, is it? Tell me how small it is, loser. Is it 3 inches? 4? You might try to tell me that is enough to get me off, but we both know that’s a lie.

Size Queen Phone Sex

See, I need at least 8 inches before I can truly be satisfied. And if you can’t give me that, then you just wouldn’t ever get a piece of this perfect pussy. But you know who will? Big black cocks. No size queen phone sex girl would ever be without black cock. It’s so much fun to make tiny dicked losers like you watch me get fucked by a real man. And you know that even though you’re thinking about how you’d hate that, your tiny little dick is getting hard just thinking about it. So what are you gonna do about it? I bet you’ll be picking up that phone so you can call me, won’t you? I’ll be waiting.

 Just grab your phone now and give me a call at 1 888 70HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha.

Barefoot Fetish Phone Sex with Heaven

Don’t you just love barefoot fetish phone sex? I just love the way my feet look. I wear sexy stockings when I go out in public but when I come home, I slowly take those stockings, one sexy long leg at a time. Then when I’m home alone I like to walk around barefoot. I love my cute toes. I try to keep them painted at all times. My favorite color to paint them is either a bright red or beautiful deep purple. I usually keep my feet or toenails maintained when I’m at home, but every so often I love being pampered and going to the salon and getting them massaged and painted. I love the feel of slippery lotions or oils being rubbed into my feet and in between my toes. Taking good care of your feet is essential, don’t you think?
Barefoot Fetish Phone Sex
Come to me, my barefoot fetish phone sex lovers. What’s the best way you like to pamper your feet? I love a good massage with big, strong hands and plenty of lotions or oils. I love the way a nice big fat cock feels in between my feet as I lightly rub my feet together until I feel a nice hard-on. So what do you want to do to my sexy beautiful bare feet? Do you prefer open-toed shoes so you can see my painted toes? It’s almost summer so it’s the perfect time to start wearing sandals. But back to my question. I can do anything to them that you want. If you are a foodie, I can cover them in whipped cream or chocolate syrup and you can lick every drop off my toes.
There are so many things that you can so with barefoot fetish phone sex that I barely touched on. Just use that amazing imagination of yours. The sky is the limit. So if you want to play with our bare feet together you know what to do. Give me a ring at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven. I’ll be waiting for that call from you. *winks*

Adult Baby Phone Sex with Heaven

Where are my adult baby phone sex lovers at? I just love a big strong man that acts and wants to be treated like an adult baby. I have such a sweet and nurturing demeanor and would love to just spoil you like the little baby you are. Since it is so late I think it is bath time. Time to get in the nice hot steamy bath while I scrub your body, your ass, and your naughty spot. I’ll gently run my hand all over your shaft until your nice and hard and beg me to stop. After your all scrubbed up I’ll drain the water from the tub and wrap you up in a towel and dry you off.
Adult Baby Phone Sex
After you are all clean and dry it is bedtime but we can do some nursing before I tuck you in I’ll hold you close to my chest and cuddle you and keep you nice and warm. You can suck and nibble on my nipples and bite and squeeze my luscious firm breasts. After you sucked my nipples it is time for sleepy sleep. You can wrap up your rock-hard naked body in the softest warmest blanket that you own, and I’ll lay down right beside you while I run my fingers through that soft hair of yours until you finally fall asleep. Then when you wake up in the morning we can do it all over again, and you can call me for your adult baby phone sex.
Just thinking about adult baby phone sex is getting me so hot and bothered, making my juicy pussy nice and hot and wet. Are you ready to talk to me and get all the love, kisses, and snuggles you could possibly handle? Well if you are ready to give mommy Heaven a call, get on those phones and dial 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven. Until then my darlings. *hugs, kisses and snuggles*

GFE Phone Sex with Heaven

Are you looking to have a hot, steamy GFE phone sex experience with a hot redhead? Then look no further, you found her. It’s me, Heaven. When you get home from a long hard day at work I will be there with open arms. Do you need a nice sensual shoulder massage? Or maybe you’d rather have the other end massaged, your feet. Or maybe better yet you just need a quick release with a nice sloppy wet blowjob. We don’t have to get physical right away. I’m an amazing listener and I can just be an ear to listen to all your day’s troubles and issues. Better yet, tell me about your successes and good news. I’m a shoulder to cry on for anything negative that might have happened. Or you can leave work at work and we can get into the good stuff.

GFE Phone SexI would love to make that connection with you and build upon the trust until we can talk about all your dirty little secrets, fantasies, and fetishes. The GFE phone sex doesn’t just have to be about how your day was. Tell me about your day, and then tell me about your perfect date. Then tell me about your twisted little fantasy that no one else knows about. Don’t worry boys. I’ve heard it all before and nothing surprises me anymore. This is a non-judgment zone. Go ahead and tell me your deepest darkest fetishes and kinks. Tell me what you want to do to me. Go ahead, give me your worst. I’ll take it with a smile on my gave and a twinkle in my eye. You know what to do, get on that phone.

Alright boys. Again if you’re looking for some passionate GFE phone sex with a smoking redhead, and you’re looking for that special connection, you have to pick up that phone and dial 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven.

Talk soon boys. *winks*


Sissy Boy Phone Sex with Heaven

Where are all my sissy boys at? I love when we switch and you play the submissive role and you let me dominate you. I love my sissy boy phone sex. You’ve been a bad bad boy and you need to be punished. You need a good spanking. Do you want me to use my hand or maybe that wooden paddle I keep stored over there? Get on your knees and grovel at my feet. Know your place and remember it. I want to see you put on my favorite outfit and dance around the room for me. Put on that maid outfit and scrub those floors for me. Don’t forget to grovel at my feet again and beg me not to punish you. Or maybe you want to be punished. Do you want me to spank you so hard? Tell me you love it.

Sissy Boy Phone Sex

I know you sissy boys are out there. Come to me, my slaves. We can have some really good sissy boy phone sex. I want to see you dress up in your favorite panties, stockings, and high heels. Maybe finish it off with a nice little lace bra. Now get on your knees and scrub that floor again. I want to see it shine. Beg at my feet. If that floor isn’t perfect you will get punished by my paddle again. I love when you grunt at every smack on your ass. After you’re done with cleaning the floor you have the pleasure of washing my dirty panties. And let me tell you, they are filthy with my dripping cum. You are still being a very naughty bad boy and deserve to get punished one last time. I think this time I’ll just use my hand to smack that ass.

Alright, all you sissy boys need to pick up that phone so we can have a little fun and have that sissy boy phone sex. Dial 1-888-70-HOT4U and remember to ask for Heaven.

Submissive Phone Sex with Amanda

I consider myself to be a sensual switch. I enjoy being dominant, especially for sensual domination but I love submitting to a strong man! If that’s you, I would very much love to be your submissive phone sex babe. Think about all the uses you could have for a girl like me. I want you to take me and make me yours. Every day when you come home from work, I’ll be waiting in sexy lingerie and kneeling on a pillow. Waiting patiently with my mouth open until you’re ready to use your submissive. You walk towards me and begin to unzip your pants. I start drooling. You slip your cock right into my waiting mouth.
Submissive Phone Sex
Once I start sucking, you pull your belt off and wrap it around my neck like a collar and leash. Mmmm, it makes my pussy so wet to service you like this. I want to be the very best submissive phone sex cock sucker for you. When you tug on the belt leash, my pussy starts ache. I hope tonight I’ll get to surrender my pussy to you too.  When you pull your cock out of my mouth and slap your wet dick on my pretty face, I plead with you to use my pussy. I stare up into your eyes and beg you to fuck me. You caress my face and instruct me to crawl over to the bed. And I do as I’m told.

Once on the bed as your submissive phone sex slut, you blindfold me and bind my hands and feet. I can feel your hands moving all around me. Occasionally you inspect my nipples or gently graze my clit with your fingers. I tremble with desire as I try not to pester you with too many questions. You are in control. I’m your property – nothing more than a pretty toy for you to use. I can feel you nibble my earlobe before whispering, “You must wait to be used.” And then I hear you exit the room. I’m left tied up, blindfolded and completely helpless while I can hear you doing things in the other room…. I wonder what you have in store for me.

I have so many submissive phone sex fantasies, I would love to talk to you about some of them. I hope you’ll share some of yours too!
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