Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Heaven

Well, look who it is. After last time, I didn’t think you’d have the strength to come back to play. But I guess you are a good little cock slave who loves tease and denial phone sex. You really do love when I leave your engorged cock aching, your briefs soaked with precum. You love hearing the sex dripping from my voice as we talk intimately, and I take you on a long journey of flirtation before giving your cock any attention. You really loved it when I made you show me your cock through your pants and described how it felt in such great detail. You liked that I wouldn’t let you take any of your clothes off or touch me, even when I let my luscious tits out of my tight top.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Do you remember how your knees buckled when I grabbed your cock and gently and sensually kissed the tip, flicking my tongue back and forth? Imagine how my lips would feel, what I could do to you, if I actually let you thrust every inch down to the back of my throat. God, that precum dripping looks delicious, I want to lick it up. If I ask very nicely, very sweetly, if I tell you how much I want to taste your cock right now, will you let me? Please? I couldn’t hear you – whisper it here, right in my ear. What did you say? Louder. Yes?

I can taste it, I can lick you? I can devour you? Mmmm, thank you. Unzip your pants right now and say open wide…aaaah – oh no! I forgot my pedicure appointment is in 10 minutes. Now listen very carefully. You’re not allowed to cum or even touch yourself. You said you’re a good little cock slave, time to prove it. When you call back for more tease and denial phone sex, if you can handle it, maybe I’ll give you the release you crave so badly. Maybe I’ll let you shoot that glorious load just for me. It would be sexy to hear you climax. But then again, your cock belongs to me. I’ll do what I want with it, won’t I?

1 888 70 HOT4U Ask for Heaven, if you dare.

Twitter: @heavencantwait0

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Raine

My favorite panties are on now I just need someone with a panty fetish to be on the other end of my phone heating things up. Could you be the one excited by my pretty soft blue cotton panties?

panty fetish

Am sure as a man with a fetish for panties you have your own style you like to rub your face up against. A fondness for a certain type of material that will hold that sweet pussy smell in just the right way.

Definitely love to hear what variety of panty ignites your fetish.

Not that I have a panty fetish but I do hold true to the classic cotton bikini style. It offers the most coverage which as a man with a fetish for panties I am sure you can agree is amazing. More undies means more fun.

Then there is the fact that I just get to tease you with all that sweet soft cotton panty. My hand running over every inch of my bottom and crotch that is covered. More area to get wet by my pussy as we talk about those naughty things that excite you.

You can see where I am going with this cant you?

Oh I am sure you can for your a man who loves being teased by a woman in panties. Especially a woman like myself who enjoys taking you to the edge. So lets get that process started for I know I have already started to create a wet spot in my soft cotton panties already. Just missing the man with a panty fetish to enjoy this tease.

My name is Rain and let me add a little kinky fun to your day. 1-888-704-6848

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Samantha

Are you looking for the hottest tease and denial phone sex Princess around? Well, look no further. My name is Samantha and I know that I am the girl of your dreams. I’m the kind of girl you would see and just want me more than you’ve ever wanted anything in your life. But you also aren’t stupid enough to think that you could have me easily. You know that I’m the kind of girl you’d have to work hard to get – if you even could get me. Chances are that you wouldn’t be able to, but that’s okay. I’m going to enjoy teasing the hell out of you.

tease and denial phone sex

Do you enjoy seeing me prancing around at work in my short skirts and heels? You know that I always unbutton my shirt a little bit extra just to drive you crazy. I get close enough for you to ALMOST touch but I’m just out of reach. Ah, denied again. I love how crazy it drives you to see me, feel me pass by you, and smell my perfume as I lean over your desk to ask you a question while you’re looking down my shirt.

I might even let you take me out to dinner one night to discuss work. But of course, I’m going to be in something really sexy just to drive you wild. Do you think you’ll have to go to the bathroom and jerk off because I’m driving you so crazy? All that teasing with no satisfaction from me. I guess you have to get some relief somehow, but I promise you that I’m not going to be the one to make you cum.

Are you ready for your tease and denial phone sex fun with me? I am more than ready. Just call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Amber

Boy do I have a tease and denial phone sex fantasy for you. Snowed in and another storm on the way.
You know this would be a great time for us to have tease and denial phone sex. Imagining that we’re snowed in together, no means of getting to civilization. We have all we need, food, drink and a nice propane gas grill on the back porch, very protected from the elements.

tease and denial phone sex

Let’s make hot chocolate with marshmallow. The water is heating, the cups are ready. I open the container of fluff and smell it, drawing the sweetness deeply into my nose. Then I lick it all the way across the container. Do you mind licking the dollop off the tip of my nose? And I set the container on the counter.

I turn towards you and reaching my hands to either side of your long johns and tucking them down to your ankles. I kiss your cock on the way back to my standing position. Look at your cock starting to get excited. Wrap your hand around your cock and stroke it up and down, just a few times. Then take your hand off, let your cock go. The denial game, it’s all about the touch and let go. So you have to listen to my direction. When I tell you to stroke up and down and when I tell you to stop. And I’ve been told that when you cum from playing the denial game, it’s one of the best cums you’ll ever experience. So come on baby. Let’s get started with tease and denial phone sex and enjoy a different way of getting your cock to explode. And listen to the wind blow and the snow hitting the window pane.

Call Amber at 888-704-6848 and let’s play the game.

Phone Sex Tease Samantha

I admit it – I am a phone sex tease. I mean, it’s just so much fun to tease a guy to the point of orgasm and then tell him no, he can’t cum. You have to admit that it’s a super hot thing to do. If you’re nodding your head yes, then you need to pick up the phone and call me.

phone sex tease

I know you have probably talked to a lot of girls who called themselves a phone sex tease, but I am the real deal. I’m not going to feel sorry for you and let you cum at the end of our call. I won’t. Not on the first call. Let’s just say that it’s gonna take several long calls of teasing and torment before I have any mercy on you and let you have an orgasm. You’re going to be so horny by the time I finally say yes that you’re gonna shoot your load before the words “Okay, you can cum now” are even out of my mouth.

But before that, you are definitely going to be in for a lot of teasing. I will tell you how to stroke your cock, bring you to the edge of orgasm and then make you stop. I really love edging a lot and you better love it too before you call this phone sex tease. Or if you don’t already love it, maybe you will learn to. If not, oh well. I guess you’ll just be miserable for a while before I let you blow your load. Besides, it doesn’t matter if YOU are happy. What really matters is me and how I feel.

Ready to talk to the hottest phone sex tease you’ll ever encounter? Just grab your phone and call me now. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Gail

I’m Gail, a mature and very sexually experienced woman. Turn over your jerk off habits to me on our guided masturbation phone sex call. I know just how to stroke your cock for your maximum pleasure. Not just the cock either. I bet your balls like extra attention too. And your ass? I hope you’re into some sort of ass play. Pleasure, this is all about your pleasure. Stroking your cock for me. Listening to me guide your hands and your mind, teasing and pleasing until every pleasure center is on fire.

guided masturbation phone sex

Tease and deny. Stroke stroke stop. JOI phone sex. Let me give you all the jerk off instructions to make your cock throb and dance. Your balls should be full, tight, and aching. Is your cock leaking pre-cum? Slide your finger over the tip and taste it. That’s right, I’m into cum eating, and CEI phone sex too. You fantasize about eating your cum, being made to eat it, but it seems that you always chicken out. While I can’t make you do it over the phone, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help. We wouldn’t want to waste it now, would we?

There are a few things you can do to make our call the best ever. If you’re really looking for guided masturbation and especially teasing and denial, please be sure to allow enough time. Either in one session or a few short sessions broken up over a day or 2. The more you stroke and tease and the longer you wait, the better your orgasm is going to be. If you have toys, vibrator, string, cock ring, dildo, lube, etc bring them along. I’m creative and kinky all in the name of ramping your pleasure up even more.

For guided masturbation phone sex of any kind, call Gail 1-888-704-6848

AIM TabooGail.Granny


tease and denial phone sex with samantha

tease and denial phone sex

I am kind of in the mood for tease and denial phone sex right now. I mean, I’m always in the mood for that, but it’s really on my mind right now. There’s nothing better to me than teasing a man to the point of orgasm and then telling him no. It’s the ultimate power trip. And I really do love being the one in control. I guess you could call me a bit of a brat and I’m okay with that.

The guys I love to tease and deny the most are the ones who think they are God’s gift to women and could have anyone they want. That attitude alone makes me want to put on a pair of stilettos and stomp on your balls, but I won’t. What’s even more fun than that is making you think a man like that think he has a chance with me and then denying him what he wants more than anything in the world. Being confident without being a dick is pretty sexy to me, but if a man thinks he can have any woman, well… that’s a very dicky attitude to have. And it pretty much decides for me whether or not a man has a chance with me.

How will the tease and denial go down? Who knows?! It depends on what kind of mood I’m in when you call me. But I can guarantee one thing to you. There’s no way in the world that you’ll be having an orgasm if you call me and tell me that you’ve called me for tease and denial phone sex.

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha

tease and denial phone sex with May

tease and denial phone sex

I thoroughly enjoy making men throb and cum for me. I’d be on the wrong type of phone line if I didn’t enjoy milking cum out of men’s full balls though wouldn’t I? While I enjoy the sounds of you guys getting off and shooting those shots of cum for me I also really like teasing you and hearing the sounds of frustrated denial. The first time I realized how hot tease and denial could be I was hooked. When it comes to cum I am a bit greedy, and I like to hear and see lots of it. Every once in awhile though a man comes to me and wants to play with tease and orgasm denial, or I suggest it to a submissive man and I rediscover how hot it is to control that very private personal moment for a man. You horny subs are so eager to please me when you know I just might deny you or even ruin that orgasm while laughing at you. What can I say, some of you love my sadistic nature when it comes out.

If you haven’t tried orgasm denial or cock tease and denial it might sounds pretty ridiculous to you.Why on earth would a man want a woman to taunt him with her sexuality and leave him blue balled and whimpering at the end of the exchange? Well it is one way to exchange power and let the woman decide what happens next, even if it means waiting for her to decide to let you cum for her another time. If you’re not sure you could start with guided masturbation and see how sexy it is to have a woman guiding you through how to touch yourself while you listen to her voice. Tease and denial is fun for me, but I like it all from guided masturbation to cum eating instructions and more.


Cougar Phone Sex with Gail

cougar phone sex

It wasn’t the first time I was called a cougar and I know it will not be the last, especially when you all me for cougar phone sex. I was out at a local bar last night and a very handsome younger guy was hitting on me. He must have been visiting because I had never seen him before. He bought me a couple drinks and we were having a great time flirting and chatting and even dancing a little bit. I could not help feeling his hard dick against me when he pulled me close for a hug and a kiss. I gave in to his embrace and we were kissing quite passionately. I brushed my hand against his cock as we made our way back to our seats, but I pretended like I didn’t even notice. After we finished our drinks he invited me back to his hotel room just down the street. How could I say no? I knew he had a big dick, he was a little drunk and he was a horny little fucker.

When we got to his room he was all hands and ready to get down to business. But you know me, I like to take things just a little bit slower. I kissed him and this time I put my entire hand over his cock and balls through his pants and pressed down hard. “Slow down, baby” I whispered, “I want us both to remember this night for a very long time”. I could feel his entire body just shudder against me. “Keep that cock hard for me, you’re going to make me cum at least a dozen times before I make you cum”. I almost came in my panties looking at the stunned look in your face. We stripped off our clothes as quick as possible and I pushed you on the bed and sat my juicy cunt right on your face. I know you were surprised that it was only minutes before I started to cum and squirt my pussy juices in your mouth. When I saw you reach for your cock, I slapped your hand away and said not yet. This cougar phone sex woman loves to tease your cock!

I know your tongue is sore baby but you did make me cum over and over again. I lean over to kiss you and taste myself on your lips and face. Straddling you I lower my super hot and creamy cougar cunt right on your hard as a rock cock. I still won’t let you nut until I cum one more time on your fat dick. Fuck this hot cougar and make me cum again! Once you feel my pussy spasming in orgasm you can’t help but unload at the very same time.

For cougar phone sex call Gail at 1-888-704-6848

AIM TabooGail.Granny
Yahoo – TabooGrannyGail

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Princess

Small Penis Humiliation

Stop right there! Red light, bucko and keep your hands to yourself! Its your blonde Princess Eden and this ice queen wont let you go any further until I can see the goods. Oh, shush, you know what I am talking about. Take those pants down and lets see what you have to offer me. I knew it! That penis sure is small and now we know what kind of humiliation phone sex I shall use on you, dont we? You didnt think this size queen was dumb enough to let you put that icky thing in me without inspecting it first, did you? I wont ever fake an orgasm to stroke some dudes ego. Listen, if you were looking for a nice sweet girl to tell you its the perfect size, aka lie to you, you are barking up the wrong hottie. That thing, while amusing, is really not very attractive lmao! When you call a mean verbal tease, like myself, you should expect that SPH will be the main theme of our domination session. SO stop your whining and put these ruffled, pink, panties on.

Aw, such a tiny tent you are pitching in them. Your little boner is standing right up. I think he likes the small penis humiliation just as much as you do.  I do believe I see a sticky spot in the crotch of your panties! Did your little cock dribble in your girly bloomers? Yuck, I should make you take them off and lick them clean. No one else here is going to eat your cum, ick! You will be cleaning up your own messes, aka eating your own cum. Now there is an amusing fetish for you. If you burp that worm, before I say you can, I will make you lick up your own goo. Better then it ending up on my furniture or anywhere else near me. You make a mess on my couch and trust me, your mouth will go face first in it. I guess it really doesnt matter because it’s not this Humiliatrix’s goal to let you cum, anyways.

I see you caught on to what I just said, pimple dick LOL. I do believe I said I was not nice. So, why should I let you have your orgasm? I like tease and denial combined with humiliation. It makes me happy so dont pout. If I do let you cum it wont be pretty, in that, I will likely ruin that orgasm! Listen, when you call for SPH phone sex you can bet your booty, that I will be verbally teasing you right till the very end. If I must witness that yucky, little, thing dribbling in your panties then you will hear exactly what I think about it. Why should a hot princess, like me, have to witness you popping that pimple? Seriously, you have some high expectations.

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