tease and denial phone sex with May

tease and denial phone sex

I thoroughly enjoy making men throb and cum for me. I’d be on the wrong type of phone line if I didn’t enjoy milking cum out of men’s full balls though wouldn’t I? While I enjoy the sounds of you guys getting off and shooting those shots of cum for me I also really like teasing you and hearing the sounds of frustrated denial. The first time I realized how hot tease and denial could be I was hooked. When it comes to cum I am a bit greedy, and I like to hear and see lots of it. Every once in awhile though a man comes to me and wants to play with tease and orgasm denial, or I suggest it to a submissive man and I rediscover how hot it is to control that very private personal moment for a man. You horny subs are so eager to please me when you know I just might deny you or even ruin that orgasm while laughing at you. What can I say, some of you love my sadistic nature when it comes out.

If you haven’t tried orgasm denial or cock tease and denial it might sounds pretty ridiculous to you.Why on earth would a man want a woman to taunt him with her sexuality and leave him blue balled and whimpering at the end of the exchange? Well it is one way to exchange power and let the woman decide what happens next, even if it means waiting for her to decide to let you cum for her another time. If you’re not sure you could start with guided masturbation and see how sexy it is to have a woman guiding you through how to touch yourself while you listen to her voice. Tease and denial is fun for me, but I like it all from guided masturbation to cum eating instructions and more.


impregnation phone sex with May

impregnation phone sex
Everything about riding or getting nailed by a big hard cock is sexy, from the moment your cock swells with desire to the moment that you’re sliding out of my wet satisfied pussy. So, I don’t want all of our efforts wasted by you wrapping the package up before slipping it inside of me. Why waste cum? I love that pleasurable feeling of my pussy milking it out of your body and taking it. I don’t want to take the damn pill either, it makes me feel, well, it just doesn’t need to be taken. Does it excite you or terrify you that I want you to fill me up with your creamy load after plowing into me bareback? We both know very well what can and probably will happen, but isn’t impregnation fetish phone fantasy so goddamn hot? It’s another one of those things that have been drilled into our heads forever, be safe, practice safe sex. All of that constant preaching about it is exactly what makes me hot for impregnation fantasies and cream pies in my hot cunt.

I’ve never liked being told what to do, and am always looking for new ways to get aroused and push my fantasies and kinks. Do you have some wild and shameful impregnation fantasies? If you are too ashamed to admit them, well that is when you know you have to tell May about them. I live for hearing your confessions, real and fantasy confessions. Cum on and tell me impregnation dreams that will make my twisted pussy drip for your raw bare cock just from hearing you tell me. Get your naughty cock aching hard and tell me the deep dark fantasies that you can only tell to your fetish freak.I can’t wait to hear what turns you on the most about the idea of stuffing a hot girl’s pussy with your warm baby batter.


forced bi phone sex with May

 phone sex

I really enjoy strap on sex. It’s something I’ve enjoyed with men and women, and my phone callers too (in fantasy/roleplay that is). So not everyone that has strap on fantasies wants to go for the real thing and be with a shemale or a male. Those of you that do though, I want to talk about forced bi phone sex. If you want to go forward and try a real cock, why would you need to be “forced”? Well, just because we want to do something doesn’t always mean we’re ready to take the next step. The term may be forced bi, but I like to call it coerced bi, or encouraged to go bi. I want to be the one that talks you into taking your cock sucking and anal fantasies a little bit deeper. No matter what that taboo or forbidden fantasy that you have, I like to explore it. Those of you who have talked to me on the phone before know this.

So you’ve been enjoying feminization, submission, and strap on with your phone Domme or Dommes, right? It’s exciting to give up control and be her bitch and to be used. Lately though you can’t stop thinking about the idea of giving it up in other ways. Some Mistresses may not like forced bi, but I have to say, I have not talked to or read blogs from any that are against it. Regardless of whether or not she likes it, would you rather be with a phone Domme that somewhat likes guy on guy, or would you rather talk to a dominant woman that absolutely loves making men suck cocks and loves leading them into anal with other men and shemales?

I want to be the phone Mistress that gets you to the next level and takes your strap on fantasies up a notch, or more until you’re taking cock for me.



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Smoking fetish phone sex fantasy

Smoking fetish phone sex

You’ve been aching for a smoking fetish fix haven’t you? Especially now that your wife has decided it would be best that she stop smoking. Now whenever you see me out on my deck enjoying a cigarette your mind wanders off to a smoking fetish phone sex fantasy. You think about what it was like when your wife would blow clouds of thick smoke over your way and then wrap her smoky lips around the head of your hard cock. Then you start to imagine getting a smoke filled blow job from me. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about that look of pleasure that I get when I come out and take the first puff off of my cigarette. You think about when your cock is deep inside of your wife too. You know that you really shouldn’t let your mind go there, you should just be content with the memories of your sexy wife fulfilling your smoking fetish. It’s not that easy though, and your mind can’t stay away from the fantasies about plunging into me from behind as I inhale and the smoke escapes when I moan in pleasure.

It’s gotten so bad lately that you even get the smoking fetish phone sex fantasy in your mind about me making your wife smoke again. Your smoking fetish has led you to fantasies about your sweet wife being dominated and controlled by a woman who would force her to smoke again, and corrupt her in plenty of other ways too. Just think about how it would be to come home and find that I’ve dressed her up in the slutty kinds of lingerie that you always dreamed of seeing her in, and that I had her wrists tied to the bedposts so that I could have my way with her. You could step in and help me by teasing her sensitive clit with your tongue while I force her to smoke for us, and then have her worship my pussy.



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