Smoking fetish phone sex fantasy

Smoking fetish phone sex

You’ve been aching for a smoking fetish fix haven’t you? Especially now that your wife has decided it would be best that she stop smoking. Now whenever you see me out on my deck enjoying a cigarette your mind wanders off to a smoking fetish phone sex fantasy. You think about what it was like when your wife would blow clouds of thick smoke over your way and then wrap her smoky lips around the head of your hard cock. Then you start to imagine getting a smoke filled blow job from me. You can’t stop yourself from thinking about that look of pleasure that I get when I come out and take the first puff off of my cigarette. You think about when your cock is deep inside of your wife too. You know that you really shouldn’t let your mind go there, you should just be content with the memories of your sexy wife fulfilling your smoking fetish. It’s not that easy though, and your mind can’t stay away from the fantasies about plunging into me from behind as I inhale and the smoke escapes when I moan in pleasure.

It’s gotten so bad lately that you even get the smoking fetish phone sex fantasy in your mind about me making your wife smoke again. Your smoking fetish has led you to fantasies about your sweet wife being dominated and controlled by a woman who would force her to smoke again, and corrupt her in plenty of other ways too. Just think about how it would be to come home and find that I’ve dressed her up in the slutty kinds of lingerie that you always dreamed of seeing her in, and that I had her wrists tied to the bedposts so that I could have my way with her. You could step in and help me by teasing her sensitive clit with your tongue while I force her to smoke for us, and then have her worship my pussy.



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smoking phone sex fetish

smoking fetish phone sex

You can feel the fire burning every time I light up and smoke.  You are naturally drawn to me, drawn to the burst of flame, the match striking and lighting the glowing cigarette tip. The smell of the burning flame and ash!  Drawn to the lighter clicking and that shakey sparking when I use my lighter instead.  I am a fiery smoking slut who smokes a pack a day. Smokes and blows that smoke right at you!  When you call me, I will reveal to you the brand I love to smoke.  To me, smoking a cigarette is a strong sexual parallel to sucking a cock. HMMMM and I love to do that too!  I love to give smoking blow jobs, too.  A cigarette in one hand, a cock in the other, sucking and smoking both. Can you just feel the smoke swirling around your cock?! Feel the heat on your cock.  You can’t resist me.  Talking about your smoking phone sex fetish will be so red hot, literally. Burning hot with desire.  I wield my cigarette to illustrate how much I crave  cock whenever I light up striking the match!  I use my cigarette like a blazing phallic symbol.  I use the sensual power of smoke, too.   Sexy inhales and exhales, erotic plumes of smoke.  The way I hold my cigarette and stare into your eyes will hypnotize you.

Do you have burning sexual needs?  So do I.  We belong together then, we already have a sizzling connection.  Let’s explore our incendiary needs during a smoking phone sex fetish session.  I will light up and smoke for you.  I love to smoke after sex, too.  Whatever would turn you on about fulfilling your smoking fetish or smoking fantasy excites me.  I’m Brooke.  Warning:  I’m wild and a little dangerous.

Reach me at 1-888-70-HOT4U for smoking phone sex fetish fun

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