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I bet you’d give anything to fuck a girl like me, wouldn’t you? Well, maybe you can’t fuck me for real, but there IS something you can do. You can have super hot mutual masturbation phone sex with me anytime you want to! I love it when real men (not you losers with small dicks) call me and want me to listen to them stroke their big fat cocks while I rub my pussy. I mean, hearing a man moan while he is thinking about fucking me is one of the hottest things in the world.

mutual masturbation phone sex

If you’re lucky, I might even let you pick what I masturbate with – fingers or sex toy. I mean, both can be awesome and sometimes I have a little bit of a hard time deciding, so having you there to help me would be super great! Do you like to listen to pretty girls moan? Well, then I am the mutual masturbation phone sex girl for you. I know you want me to cum really hard for you, don’t you? Well, I want you to cum really hard for me, too. Are you quiet when you cum or do you make a lot of noise? I love it when guys make a lot of noise, so if that’s you, we are sure to get along.

Maybe I won’t be the only one using a dildo. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who loves taking a big fat one in your ass. I LOVE that. I mean, even real men sometimes want to be fucked in the ass. I mean, it feels really good, right? That would be SUPER hot to listen to.

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mutual masturbation phone sex with amber

mutual masturbation phone sex

I bet you call phone sex lines pretty often and you and the girl you are talking to spin a fantasy or dive into a roleplay that is pretty freaking awesome. And that’s great. I love that, too. But sometimes it’s just nice to lay back and indulge in a mutual masturbation phone sex call. You don’t have to think too hard about what to do in the roleplay or fantasy… you just talk back and forth about what you’d like to do to each other. You listen to each other’s breathing and moaning. It’s just so damn sexy.

I love it when I get to describe my perfect sexual experience in a mutual masturbation phone sex call. And I guess you could say that my perfect sexual experience probably changes day to day based on what I’m in the mood for. Maybe one day I’ll want to tell you about how I’d love for us to go down on each other and that’s it. Maybe one day I’ll want you to fuck my pussy so hard I can’t walk when you’re done. And maybe one day you’ll get lucky and I’ll tell you all about how I want you to fuck my ass while I’m actually fucking it with a dildo.

See, mutual masturbation phone sex can be hot! I know that a lot of people might think that it’s boring, but it doesn’t have to be. If someone thinks it’s boring, then they have just been doing it with the wrong person.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

Some people think that when you’re talking dirty to someone, well that’s mutual masturbation phone sex, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about both of us masturbating thinking about how each other is masturbating. I’ve been with men where it was totally hot watching him jerk off while I played with my pussy. I loved watching him get harder and bigger as I rubbed my clit until I was soaking wet. It was incredible to time our orgasms so we’d both cum at the same time in one heated explosion of ecstasy. Mutual masturbation phone sex is similar. I love hearing you masturbate. Knowing you are stroking your cock just for me as I rub my slippery slit drives me wild. Let me hear how hard your cock gets and I’ll hold the phone up to my wet pussy so you can hear how juicy I get for you.

It’s not that I think mutual masturbation phone sex can’t be a part of a steamy sexual roleplay, it totally can. Let’s say I walk in on you “accidentally” jacking off… of course I want to keep watching you and maybe sit next to you and start rubbing my pussy through my panties while I watch you. Both of us enjoying our shared masturbation experience. I even love taboo mutual masturbation phone sex fantasies. I would love it if you made little old me masturbate for you or if I found you watching some truly deviant porn while jacking off. I’d make you keep stroking for me just like you’d make me keep rubbing my cunt.

I’m still a no limits and no restrictions when it comes to my nasty talk, but mutual masturbation phone sex is on my mind right now. All the taboo things we could do together!

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