Financial Domination Phone Sex with Samantha

Take a good look at me. You know that a girl who looks like me deserves every single fucking thing you have, right? Financial domination phone sex is my favorite for many reasons. One, I truly do deserve whatever I want, whenever I want it. I’m blessing the world with this beauty and if you get to look at me, you should have to pay up and spoil me. I’m not really into you losers who just want to call me up and fantasize about what you would give me. I want you to literally put your money where your mouth is and spoil the shit out of me. I want you to call me up and ask me what you can do for me and how you can please me. But you know that I’m worth a lot, so don’t call me up and ask what I want. Give.

Financial Domination Phone SexAnd you should be very generous when you give. If you are, then that should soften me up a lot and I will even talk to you about sexual things. I will tell you what I would do to your cock if I were in the same room with you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re physically up to my standards. I’ve fucked a lot of ugly men because they were generous. It’s a tale as old as time, really. I get what I want and then they get what they want. That’s how it will work when you call me for financial domination phone sex. In fact, why are you not already on the phone with me. Stop what you’re doing, get your wallet, and call me. You don’t want to keep a brat like me waiting. Call me up now at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Samantha

Sure, I love pleasing men. But not men like you. Real men. See, you’re just one of those dude bros who thinks every woman in the world wants to have her way with you. There might be some women out there who will fall all over you. But real women with self-respect wouldn’t. That is where tease and denial phone sex comes in. See, that’s really the only thing I’d ever want to do with you. The thought of teasing and pleasing you doesn’t really sound appealing to me. But the thought of getting you all hot and bothered and so close to orgasm and then telling you no, well, that is my jam. Oh my God…hearing your breathing get heavier and you getting more excited and then telling you that you can’t cum is priceless. I could do that all day long every and never get tired of it.

Phone Sex

I think you’re probably mentally cursing me in your mind right now and calling me a bitch. You probably wondered to yourself what gives me the right to be a tease and denial phone sex brat to YOU. It makes me laugh when that happens because all you have to do is take one look at me and you’ll see that I’m a queen and I’m just way better than you. I wear the title of brat so proudly and it comes in handy with idiots like you. So, if you think you can handle a tease and denial session with me, get on the phone and call me. I promise you, though, you aren’t going to get off during our first call together. Maybe not even during our second. I guess it just depends on my mood. I’m here, ready and waiting to deny you all day every day.

1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha for tease and denial phone sex

Sissy Phone Sex with Heaven

Are all you sissy boys ready to be whipped into shape by Heaven, all you sissy phone sex lovers! I just love sissy boys and panty boys and how they always follow my instructions and do what I saw. It makes me feel so empowered and powerful! Do you sissy men enjoy giving me all the power? I know you want to be powerless to my control and you just melt and you’ll do whatever I say. You’ll do whatever I say and wear whatever I want you to wear. Like right now; I want you to change out of those man clothes and get ready for some sissy girly clothes.  The more frilly the better.
Sissy Phone Sex
I need the power and to feel empowered, and I need you on your knees and vulnerable to my every whim, you sissy phone sex lovers. Now, I want you to put on this purple satin thong, and this flowy purple tube top dress. You will look so good in it. Now all you need is a pair of shoes. I have some purple stilettos, or you can wear the black platforms, all your choice. Oh wow! Now there is a sight to see. You look so gorgeous you sissy boy. Now tell me, how do you feel in these? I know the thong is up your ass, but the dress is open and flowy and I know you can finally get some air to that dick and balls of yours. Tell me how much you love it.
Oh boys and men alike, I know you have been dying to feel like a pretty pretty princess. I can make you feel so good and so pretty the way you deserve. So if you want to feel the way you deserve, call me today at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven for sissy phone sex.

GFE Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey again, Heaven is here, and I’m ready for your GFE phone sex. What is GFE you ask? Simply put, its the girlfriend experience. It’s for those that just want someone to talk to here and there. Yes, we can be sexy and I can make you feel so good and cum in an instant. But I’d rather draw it out and actually have conversations with you and see how you are doing and how your day was. I understand that some people might be lonely, and rest assured, I’m here just to talk with you and make you feel better. Just let me know what you want to talk about. The sky is the limit. 116
Oh, I absolutely love GFE phone sex, you best believe that. My favorite part of it would be the passion and intimacy that we can share.
GFE Phone Sex
You can tell me all your secrets when you call me for the girlfriend experience. This is confidential, I can be your therapist where you just let me have it. I want to be here for you, to be your friend and to be your lover. Let me be whatever you want me to be. Mold me into what you want. This isn’t just about the sex, it’s about the intimacy and secrets that you feel like you can’t tell anyone else.   I can help you explore your deepest desires and fantasies in the way only a sweet, loving girlfriend would. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect way to spend some time today?
If you are lonely and need a friend, a lover or just someone to share your fantasies with, call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U for GFE phone sex and make sure you ask for Heaven. Make sure you check out my Twitter to keep up with my daily sexcapades.

GFE Phone Sex with Samantha

Yes, I’m a bit of a brat, but now and then I like to take a break from those calls for some GFE phone sex. For those of you who are unsure of what GFE means, it stands for girlfriend experience. You call me up, you and I get to know each other. We talk about whatever we want. Sexy time happens if we decide we want it to. And when we hang up? We have no actual commitment to each other. What a freaking beautiful thing, right? If you’ve never had a phone girlfriend, you really should consider it. You get everything you need and you don’t have to go through the nagging and the responsibility of an actual in-person relationship. I have men tell me all the time that they really don’t need any other woman. I think you’d be a fool to not call me right now.

GFE Phone Sex

Getting to know callers on a more personal level is exciting to me because I love learning about what makes you tick. The more I know about you, the more exciting and satisfying GFE phone sex is going to be for you. Won’t it be nice to have someone who knows about and accepts your kink or fetish? That wild role play you like? That won’t be a problem for me at all. I think sharing that kind of thing will actually be hotter and make us closer. If that sounds like something that you’d like to experience, I’m just a phone call away. I am ready, willing, and more than able to give you everything you need all wrapped up in a very sexy package. I’m ready whenever you are, baby. Get on the phone for the ultimate girlfriend experience now. Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha.

Pegging Phone Sex with Samantha

You might not think a pretty young thing like me would be into pegging phone sex. But if that’s what you think, I’m here to tell you that you are dead wrong. Sometimes pegging happens when a dominant Goddess like me needs to discipline a sub. That’s fun, of course, but I really love it when a straight alpha male comes to me and tells me he wants me to rail on his ass with my strap-on cock. No, being fucked with a strap-on does not make you gay, but the fact that some of you straight motherfuckers do think that makes it all that much sweeter. Does that sound like you? I mean, do you think that if you bend over or spread your legs for a strap-on makes you gay? Well, you’re the kind of man I like to introduce to my strap-on in a very intimate way.

Phone Sex

In fact, I like to gather a group of my sexy girlfriends when dealing with a man like you. Why? Well, multiple strap-ons is better than one. Can you imagine how you would feel if a room full of beautiful women did their thing and split that asshole wide open? You’d feel like a whore, but you would love it, trust me. Being vulnerable like that can be pretty hot in the right circumstances. When you call me for pegging phone sex, you’ll find that out for yourself. Fucking you with a bunch of my girlfriends is just one option. I think you should get on the phone right now so you can start living your life as a strap-on cock whore. Oh, and don’t worry. If you’d rather suck than be fucked, we can definitely talk about that, too! Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to sexy Goddess Samantha.

Cum Eating Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey boys. Long time no talk. Tonight I want to get down and dirty and talk about cum eating phone sex. Don’t be shy, i think everyone likes the taste of cum secretly. I love eating cum and playing with it. I love the way it feels as it sticks to the inside if my mouth and goes down my throat. I love the way it looks on the tip of my tongue. Give me all the cum. I’ll take on a gangbang and gladly clean up the mess on every man there. Shoot it all over my tits and face. I’ll clean it all up after I rub it all over myself. As I said, I love the way it feels sticky on my body, then I’ll eat every drop up.

Cum Eating Phone Sex
Now I want to reverse rolls and watch you eat the cum. I’ll tell you where and how to eat it. Do you enjoy being told what to do and how to do it? I bet you enjoy being a total cum slut, don’t you? I’ll tell you how dirty of a cum slut you are. Tell me how good it tastes and what it tastes like to you. Do you want a nice big gangbang like I had? Clean up every guy there the way I did? I would absolutely love to watch that happen. It makes me wet just thinking about it.
So there’s a nice dirty little preview for you to enjoy during our cum eating phone sex session. I would love for you to be as dirty as possible. Mmmmm, it gives me the chills. If this sounds like something you would be into, please call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven. I’ll be your Heaven for the night. I can’t wait to eat cum with you!

Barefoot Fetish Phone Sex with Heaven

I have a secret fetish that I’d like to share with you guys. Heaven here. I’d like to talk about barefoot fetish phone sex tonight. Yes, the cats out of the bag! I have a barefoot fetish. I hate wearing shoes and socks and I love admiring my own bare feet. I love the way my carpet feels under my feet. Sometimes it does tickle, but the feeling travels up my legs and stops and tickles my pussy. The whole thing starts to vibrate as I rub my feet against the carpet.

Barefoot Fetish Phone Sex
When I go outside I love the way the grass feels under my toes. What’s your personal favorite thing about your barefoot fetish phone sex? I would love a foot massage with some oil. Rub my feet together and then rub my feet all over your penis and give you a nice, soft foot job. Don’t you just love my beautiful red toenail polish and how soft and supple my feet are? If you want to, I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to suck on my toes, it has always been a huge turn-on for me. Just the way it tickles my whole body.
Are you into a full-body massage where I walk all over you with my bare feet? You can feel my soft feet walk all over that sexy bare body of yours. We can do all kinds of things with our bare feet together. Just a warning. I am very ticklish on my bare feet but I can turn the tickling sensual! And sensual I would love.
I would love to talk to you tonight and have all kinds of barefoot fantasies. I can’t wait to hear from you soon. Call me at 1-888-70-HOT4U and make sure to ask for your gorgeous Heaven for barefoot fetish phone sex. I’ll be your fantasy anytime!!

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with Carmen

I would give anything to have a neighbor who is into exhibitionist phone sex. You mix the right ingredients with that and it’s the perfect reason for me to strip down and start masturbating my tight wet pussy. I wouldn’t do it for just any type of man either. He has to have a nice size dick. It’s like this man I just spoke to on the phone. He said he was out on his balcony completely naked. He said he loves it when girls watch him with his shaft in his hand pumping it. For the life of me, I can’t understand why the girls next door were laughing and giggling. The only reason I would do that is if the guy had a tiny dick. 
Exhibitionist Phone Sex
If it were me, I would either get closer to see what size it is or grab my binoculars to get a closer look. I have to admit as well if I knew that it’s bigger than eight inches it wouldn’t be long until I would be ringing his doorbell. I mean why watch from afar when I could be in the same fucking room with him! But I do understand that some men love exhibitionist phone sex for the reason of doing it from afar. I suppose the next best thing knowing the kind of girl that I am is to strip down to my bra and panties. I may even get totally naked as well. I mean one can’t get arrested if they are on their own property.
He sounded sOoOo sexy when he was talking too. I could hear the lust and horniness in his voice as his hand was sliding up and down his shaft. His precum had to be his lube he was so rock hard. I told him “If I was your neighbor I would be touching myself all over for you. Knowing that you are putting on a show for me, I would have to put on one for you. I would get you so aroused that you may find yourself at my front door getting a closer look at my 34 C breasts and smooth touchable pussy lips. I just love mutual masturbation. Or that game of I touch you where you touch me at. With his love for exhibitionist phone sex, I could only imagine the look on his face.
I kept saying “stroke that hard dick for your girls next door. I bet their barely legal pussies can’t help but be wet while they watch you slide your hand up and down your shaft.” He kept moaning more and more. Then I said “I bet they can’t wait to see you cum for them. I bet you are getting close too. I know if I was them I would have this intense come fuck me look on my face. You could read the words on my lips as I say cum for me, baby, give me all the cum in those balls I want it so fucking bad.” The next thing I knew he was cumming incredibly hard. It sounded like he was milking his cock for me and them. He drained every last drop out of his full balls.
Call 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Carmen
Google Hangouts, and Skype: CreamOnCarmen

Bratty Domination Phone Sex with Heaven

I can be such a brat sometimes. Do you think you can handle my bratty domination phone sex? I am the boss and you must do what I say and if you don’t I promise you will be punished! And I don’t think you will like what I have in mind for punishment. If I say jump, you say how high? If I want to tie you up and whip you down, you better just take it and like it. If you don’t it will just make me tie you down harder and whip and flog you harder until you’re red.
Bratty Domination Phone Sex
If you’re into pain then you’ll love my bratty domination phone sex! The next thing I want to do to you is fuck you in the ass with my dildo. If I hear you complain it’s just going to make me fuck you harder in the ass. I love to hear you moan and to beg me to stop. Maybe I’ll tie you to a chair and smack your balls around until you can’t take the pain anymore. I want you to get on your knees and eat my pussy until I can’t hello but squirt all over your face, and then I want you to clean it up and if you don’t you’ll be punished to my liking.
If you think you want to be dominated by a major brat, then feel free to call me for my bratty domination phone sex. Remember I’ll be telling you what I want you to do and if you don’t do it punishments will be handed out. I can’t wait to see what you are and are not willing to do for me. And I can’t wait to see if you like my punishments or not. If you think you can handle my punishments then you need to call me now at 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Heaven. Can’t wait to dominate you soon. *winks*
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