tease and denial phone sex Princess

tease and denial phone sex

Girls like me don’t fuck guys like you. But we do tease…and we tease a lot. That’s why I love tease and denial phone sex so damn much.  I love getting a man who doesn’t deserve me all hot and bothered and then leaving him hanging!!

How about this tease and denial phone sex scenario? You see me at a bar and you walk over to me and ask me if you can buy me a drink. I say yes… I’d love a dirty martini. You order it and start chatting me up like you think you have a chance with me…and I let you think that you do. After my drink, we start dancing and I’m grinding all  up against you. I can feel you getting hard and this excites me…but not in the way you think. All I’m thinking is about how I’m going to get you hard, take you into the bathroom stall and sit on your lap… rubbing all over you. I’m going to grind and get you SO close to an orgasm and then I’m going to just get up and leave. Haha. You can just jerk off by yourself. I don’t want anything to do with that mess.

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orgasm denial phone sex

orgasm denial phone sex

Oh, how I love keeping men from cumming. I love when they’re all horny with sore balls, dripping cock and aching from orgasm denial phone sex. I’m such a tease and I love when you stroke just for me. I would gladly wrap my hands around your cock and stroke you closer and closer to cumming, which I would erotically deny you. How bad do you want to cum for me, stroke boy? But you’ll be a good boy won’t you? You’re going to have to hold on. This bump and go ride will be amazing if you can handle not premature ejaculating. I also thoroughly enjoy tease and denial, ruined orgasms, and when you accidentally shoot your load while we’re having our nasty orgasm denial phone sex session. You’re not afraid of a wild bitch like me are you? I’ll tease you helpless and have you aching just for me… you’ll be lucky if I finally let you shoot your load so high, it defies gravity.

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tease and denial phone sex

tease and denial phone sex

I am such a cockteaser.  I’ve always loved to tease men and make them get hard for me, make them want me.  The more I tease a man, the more control over him I have.  Oh how I crave control, too.  Because teasing leads to two choices, should I decide to let you cum or not cum.  Decisions, decisions…  I love to make a man beg for his orgasm.  OMG that makes my pussy so wet!  Will you beg for me?  Will you let me tease you and get you so close?  Will you give up control over your cock to me?  Sometimes I even flip a coin during a tease and denial phone sex call.  You call it in the air, heads or tails, and then I will tell you if you can cum or if you are denied!

I’m always in the mood to tease, I tease men every day from the minute I wake up until the minute I fall asleep.  Wherever I go, I dress super slutty.  I want men to notice me, I want to flirt and tease and see what will happen.  Tease and denial phone sex is an extension of who I really am.  Don’t you want it to feel so real?  I do.  That’s what I love about T&D.  Whenever a man says to me, you’re such a tease, I think it’s the ultimate compliment.  Let’s have tease and denial phone sex right now.  I know you’re craving some teasing right now.

Grab your cock and your credit card and call me at 1-888-704-6848.  But if you want to be tease and denied, you have to ask for me Brooke.

Yahoo: babegirlbrooke

tease and denial phone sex

Hiyaaaaaa, I am Alice. I was just wondering, why is it so easy and fun to seduce guys and make them do whatever I want. Is it because I am so sweet and adorable? Or is it because my body is so petite, soft and tight? I am young and I have young voice phone sex all day but, tease and denial phone sex is one of my favorites. I run around in my tiny tee shirt and mini skirt anyway. I like to skip by you and bounce up and down, only because I know you’re watching and waiting patiently for that chance to see my little panties.

Tease and denial phone sex is more than erotic when my young voice is in your ear, edging and teasing you on to come for me, then denying you!  Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Alice!

AIM: alicewantscum
Yahoo: cumwithalice

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