Cuckold Phone Sex with Gail

cuckold phone sex

I had a cuckold phone sex call the other day that reminded me of a cuckold relationship I had many years ago. We started out as friends, he was funny and kind and I have to admit he was sexy as hell. I had heard rumours from friends of friends that he had a small dick but I had such a hard time believing that was true from someone with such confidence. I knew I would have find out for myself and after a few drinks and a lot of flirting, I invited him back to my place. We started to kiss and I wasted no time in rubbing against his cock … only I couldn’t feel anything at all! I knew he was excited, he was telling me how much I turned him on and I could hear the breathiness in his voice. I slid my hand in his pants to reach for his cock and all those rumours were true!

I had to tell my friend that I just didn’t think this was going to work out the way he thought, I don’t fuck little dick guys. I really thought that would be it, we’d go back to being friends. All of a sudden he became like so many other guys just begging to be with me no matter what it would take. I was very upfront and told him he could for sure be my boyfriend, but I wouldn’t be letting him fuck and I would be taking lovers and BBC lovers too. I couldn’t believe it when I heard him say yes yes yes to all of this. And when he told me this has been his fantasy for as long as he could remember I knew we would be a perfect couple.

In public we were the perfect normal couple, but behind closed doors my friend became my cuckold, my cream pie eater, my fluffer and even a bigger BBC slut than me! I trained him to take my strap-on, lick my butt as I go to sleep and he knows when I have a lover over he sleeps on the floor or on the couch. I was sad when he had to move cross country for work, we had the best cuckold relationship I’ve ever had.

For cuckold phone sex call Gail at 1-888-704-6848

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Mature Phone Sex with Gail

mature phone sex

If you’re a fan of mature phone sex fantasies, then you need to pick up your phone and call me. I have a dirty mind and I’m a willing participant in all of your fantasy calls. I know that with mature phone sex, it can be pretty dirty, and I’m all about that taboo fun. But it doesn’t stop there.

Are you an adult baby or diaper lover? Do you wear diapers to bed and sleep in a cute little onesie? Do you need someone to baby talk to you while you are running around in your diaper? Or maybe you need that diaper changed. I will change you and clean you up and sprinkle that baby powder on you. You’ll be super fresh and good as new.

If you have MILF or GILF phone sex fantasies, I could totally make them come to life for you. I have been called a slutty MILF and a GILF on more than occasion; and while the woman who called me that was trying to insult me, she really was just giving me a compliment. I enjoy seducing all of the younger men and showing them that they don’t have to fuck girls their own age to have a really fucking awesome time.

And speaking of younger men – I just adore teaching them the ways of sex and how to please a woman. I like to start them out as soon as I can so that they don’t get steered in the wrong direction by a woman who doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s much easier to break them in before they get set in their ways and form bad habits.

I know that after reading all of that, you want to call me for mature phone sex. I look forward to hearing what turns you on and gets your dick hard. I’ll even share my fantasies too!

For mature phone sex call Gail at 1-888-704-6848. Just ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with me!

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Gail

phone sex

You read through all these phone sex blogs about fantasies and fetishes that you have never even heard of – some make you laugh and others gross you out – and that’s okay, to each their own kink and whatever gets you off is cool with me. But what it all comes down to is the sexual pleasure we get from whatever we play. And when it comes to sexual pleasure, count me in! I’m a horny old broad who loves to cum. I love to fuck and suck and tease and please. My favorite phone sex calls are the ones where you and I are both masturbating, and cumming, together.

Life is short and no time to fake it, so when you call me for mutual masturbation phone sex, believe me when I tell you that I’m all fucking turned on and horny too. Rubbing my tits, teasing my pussy, and stroking all those sensitive spots that will make me cum. Stroke your cock for me, tell me how hard you are getting and don’t be afraid to moan and make those sexy sounds we make when we’re so turned on we can’t stand it. I am pretty vocal, and I love dirty talk when we are jerking off together. Most often I use my favorite vibes and a dildo for maximum pleasure. A dildo in my ass, a vibe in my pussy and my fingers on my clit and I’ll cum over and over and over again.

Listen to me tell you much I love your cock and I love to watch you jerk it off for me. I’ll slobber all over your dick if you like or tell you in detail how I’m going to suck and stroke and tease your cock to your ultimate cum. And let’s not waste that cum either, I want to lick up every single drop. What do you think has kept me looking so young?!

Call 1-888-704-6848, ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with Gail and let’s get it on!

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Humiliation Phone Sex Femdom Ice Queen

humiliation phone sex

You dont think, for a hot minute, I would bed you? I am literally dying here! You live in never never land, my dear. This humiliation phone sex femdom is pretty picky on who gets in her panties. See, I can be picky because I am so hot, tight, and a total ice queen. And it isnt just about looks, you have to have the bitchy, entitled, attitude that goes with that type of personality. Now, that we have cleared that up, what to do with you. You reek of nerd. You reek of your mama’s basement. You might even be a virgin! Aw, you are blushing. See, I told you that you would be an utter fail at trim hunting. Its ok, there are sex toys for you. You know, those flesh lights or blow up dolls lmao!

Dont knock it until you try it! Imagine hearing me laugh at you, teasing you for fucking your sex toy? I can see a ruined orgasm coming your way. Sometimes, I just get into this verbal humiliation mode and I an unstoppable. Well, I feel that all men were put here for MY amusement. Even the fuckable ones are still my play-toys and they do as I say. If you are looking for a trophy girlfriend to spend all your money and give away her honey…to another man, then lets play. I can cuckold you, tease you, humiliate you, until you cant think straight. Humiliation phone sex with a bitchy, ice queen is exactly what your perverted cock needs and you know it. I wonder how long you will be able to resist before you call and beg me to pay attention to you. Well, you know I wouldnt give you the time of day unless you were paying for it, right? I am a bratty princess, after all.

Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for your Princess Eden

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Princess

Small Penis Humiliation

Stop right there! Red light, bucko and keep your hands to yourself! Its your blonde Princess Eden and this ice queen wont let you go any further until I can see the goods. Oh, shush, you know what I am talking about. Take those pants down and lets see what you have to offer me. I knew it! That penis sure is small and now we know what kind of humiliation phone sex I shall use on you, dont we? You didnt think this size queen was dumb enough to let you put that icky thing in me without inspecting it first, did you? I wont ever fake an orgasm to stroke some dudes ego. Listen, if you were looking for a nice sweet girl to tell you its the perfect size, aka lie to you, you are barking up the wrong hottie. That thing, while amusing, is really not very attractive lmao! When you call a mean verbal tease, like myself, you should expect that SPH will be the main theme of our domination session. SO stop your whining and put these ruffled, pink, panties on.

Aw, such a tiny tent you are pitching in them. Your little boner is standing right up. I think he likes the small penis humiliation just as much as you do.  I do believe I see a sticky spot in the crotch of your panties! Did your little cock dribble in your girly bloomers? Yuck, I should make you take them off and lick them clean. No one else here is going to eat your cum, ick! You will be cleaning up your own messes, aka eating your own cum. Now there is an amusing fetish for you. If you burp that worm, before I say you can, I will make you lick up your own goo. Better then it ending up on my furniture or anywhere else near me. You make a mess on my couch and trust me, your mouth will go face first in it. I guess it really doesnt matter because it’s not this Humiliatrix’s goal to let you cum, anyways.

I see you caught on to what I just said, pimple dick LOL. I do believe I said I was not nice. So, why should I let you have your orgasm? I like tease and denial combined with humiliation. It makes me happy so dont pout. If I do let you cum it wont be pretty, in that, I will likely ruin that orgasm! Listen, when you call for SPH phone sex you can bet your booty, that I will be verbally teasing you right till the very end. If I must witness that yucky, little, thing dribbling in your panties then you will hear exactly what I think about it. Why should a hot princess, like me, have to witness you popping that pimple? Seriously, you have some high expectations.

Taboo Phone Sex with Gail

taboo phone sex

Hello everyone! I’m Gail and I’m your taboo granny phone sex dream cum true. When it comes to sex and especially phone sex, it’s anything goes with me. I am at a point in my life where I just don’t care what anyone thinks of me and let me tell you how freeing that really is. When I hit on the young guys who pass thru my town looking for a good time, I’m right there at the front taking my pick of the crop every weekend. Like them, I am not looking for a relationship, been there done that and never again. I’ve been married twice, divorced once, widowed the last time 8 years ago.

I love to roleplay all the kinky and taboo things you think about. I will be your taboo granny, the hot GILF next door, your teacher, your wife’s sister or mom, or just the hot old lady slut who gives it up to anyone who approaches. I’m not exclusive to cock either, I love pussy just as much. Close your eyes and think about the perverted things that make your cock hard and then call and share them with me. No judgements at all, at my age I am pretty sure I have heard it all, and done most of them. There are so many dirty things I have done in the past several years, I just know you would be shocked to hear about it. These are the things I only share with you on the phone, it’s safer that way!

I do lean toward the Dominant side but I am a sucker for a huge, fat dick and a man who knows just how to get what he wants, even if what he wants is me on my knees begging for his young college cock. It’s all about pleasure for me and everything I do in my life is all about feeling good and spreading my sexual energy all around. When you tire of the giggly young girls who think sex is just about spreading their legs, give me a call and let me share my experience and taboo fantasies with you.

For taboo phone sex, call Gail at 1-888-704-6848

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financial domination phone sex with samantha

financial domination phone sex

Have you ever seen a more perfect woman than me? I didn’t think so. I know that you just want to give everything you have to me. I deserve it. That’s why you’re going to pick up your phone and call me for financial domination phone sex. I will never have to ask you for anything. And that’s the way it should be. You will give willingly and generously. And you will never complain about it.

I don’t ever want to hear you say “Princess, I wish I could give you something right now, but I’m broke.” You will do whatever you have to do in order to be able to afford to give me all of the nice things I deserve. You’ll get a second job. Hell, you will get a third job if you need to. You’ll stop giving your wife or girlfriend gifts. You’ll give up cable and your expensive coffee.

You are going to be on a first name basis with Chanel, Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. You’re going to eat, sleep and breathe Princess Samantha. So when you’re ready to submit to me, call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha for financial domination phone sex.

forced bi phone sex with samantha

forced bi phone sex

Are you a little bit curious about what it’s like to suck a dick? Do you want to know what it feels like to get fucked, but you’re still really nervous about actually going through with it? That’s what forced bi phone sex is for! If you need that extra push, I would be more than happy to give it to you. I mean, I will literally push your head down onto that big fat cock and either you do what you’re supposed to do and suck it, or you’ll just gag, I guess. I’m good with either.

And when it comes time to get your virgin asshole fucked… you’re probably going to need me for that, too. I’ll help tie you up so that you can’t get away. I mean, you know you want it… you’re just nervous. So if you’re tied up, you can’t get away when he starts pushing that giant dick inside you. And if you start screaming, I’ll just sit on your face to shut you up. It would turn me on to know that you’re in a little bit of pain.

For hot forced bi phone sex, call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha

small penis humiliation phone sex with samantha

small penis humiliation phone sex

Do you have a teeny tiny little weenie? Usually I think miniature things are cute, but yeah… not your “dick”. I don’t even want to have to look at that thing. The only thing you are good for is small penis humiliation phone sex. I bet every woman who has ever seen your pathetic excuse for a dick has gotten a pretty good a pretty good laugh out of it, huh? And somewhere along the way, it started to turn you on. And now you probably can’t cum unless you have a hottie like me laughing at your little nub, can you?

Well don’t worry, loser! I’m here for you. And by here for you, I mean that I’m ready and willing to laugh at you, degrade you and make sure that you know that you’re the biggest loser in the world. Honestly, there is no part of me that wants anything to do with your tiny little dick except to laugh at it. I would never even give you the time of day without you paying me for it. Fair warning… you might end up crying. I won’t have mercy on you.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Samantha for small penis humiliation phone sex

no limits phone sex with heaven

no limits phone sex

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven, I am a fiery, red head sent with many naughty secrets from the heart of Texas. Would you like to hear some of them? I am willing to guess that your prick is getting quite thick right now. I am sweet, yet seductive, with a twist of sultry. I would say I have the most no limits phone sex fun out of all of my girlfriends.

Who says blondes or brunettes have more fun? I would say that is incorrect. I have the hottest no limits phone sex. Especially if it includes depraved, dark desires; I am talking about those fantasies, roleplays, and fetishes that I cannot speak of here. After all, I am home alone while my husband is serving our country. I might as well serve the lonely, sexually deprived men and women in the world. That is right, I have some bi tendencies. I love to lick my fingers clean after a woman has creamed all over them. *wink* I bet you would love to be part of that finger licking fun, now wouldn’t you? What is better than one hot, seductive, slut? That is an easy question to answer… the more the merrier is what I believe.  There can never be too many playmates during no limits phone sex with me a frisky girl from the dirty south. I do not go away very easily. You see, my husband try to divorce me once, but he learned very quickly that when you piss me off or do the opposite of what I say, well you get a severe back lash. Mmmm…. I love to punish naughty boys, especially the pain sluts that think they can handle whatever pins and needles are handed to them. This fiery red siren won’t let you off easy during no limits phone sex. Ask for Heaven for some sinful pleasure when you call 1 888 70 HOT4U.

Yahoo: heaven_sent_4you
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Twitter: @naughtyheaven4u

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