big black cock phone sex with heaven

big black cock phone sex

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven, your fiery red haired saint sent right from the heart of Texas. That is right darlin, you are gonna be my sugar, mmm.. baby pour some of it on me! *giggles* We all know that everything in Texas is bigger. Well guess what darlin’ that includes some scrumptious big black cock phone sex. Mmmmhhmmm… that is right darlin! I like that meat, barbequed black, thick and juicy. Shit! My honey pot is just waitin for you it is so drenched with my nectar juices.

I am willin to bet you want a taste of my juices now dontcha? Well who can blame ya’ll from wanting a piece of my tight pussy? You will have to meet my expectations. As I said everything is bigger in Texas, and baby if it is not barbequed black, at least eight inches long than you best be movin’ along for this trip because you don’t meet my expectations.  Don’t be gettin your panties in a wad now! There is a time and place for those itty bitty clittys.  Right now I want to get fucked hard! Maybe you want to watch as I show you what real men look like inside of me? Mmmm, I see that bunch in your pants. *wink* Come along!

Do you have what I am cravin? I big thick piece of man meat, to fill me up and create some sizzling heat? *wink* I love the look of dark skin next to my creamy skin… mmmmhhmmm… I love me some oreo , big black cock phone sex! Don’t you? So darlin’ if you want to get to paradise, pick up that phone and ask for your red headed sweetheart. I am waitin for your sugar! 1 888 7o HOT4U and ask for Heaven on earth! That’s me darlin! *giggles*

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body worship phone sex with heaven

body worship phone sex

Welcome to my paradise of pleasure sugar! I am Heaven, your fiery red headed, green eyed dream sent to deliver your wildest desires, fantasies and fetishes. One look at my dreamy body makes you want to cum in your pants. Mmmm… Darlin’ don’t think you are going to get off that easy in my presence. Absolutely not! I am a Heavenly Goddess sent from above, my body is a temple to be worshipped, and that is exactly what you are going to do pathetic fool! Bow beneath me and show me you are worth my time and effort during body worship phone sex.

How is it that you could possibly resist all of this? From my fiery red hair, to my soft pouty wet lips, to my perky tits, my tight bubble ass, to my nectar filled pussy….. What I want is for you to get some sweet syrup, whipped cream, or just plain sugar. If you beg enough, maybe I will let you smear it all over me, and lick it off. I see I have your attention… *wink* and you are saluting me from your pants.  *giggles*

My body doesn’t get nearly enough attention from my husband, that is what you are for sugar. To be enslaved by me, to worship me, massage, lick, nibble, and suck as I desire during body worship phone sex. I can bring you sweet, sweet ecstasy…. After all I am Heaven on Earth! Are you willing to take the fall? Cum on, I know you want to! I know what you crave the most as you stare into my green eyes through the computer screen. That is right, you crave to feel your rock hard stick in my creamy honey pot. Well, if you play your cards right sugar… you just might get what you want. Ask for Heaven to feel what paradise really feels like during body worship phone sex. Want to have your mind blown into ecstasy?

Just dial 1 (888) Hot 4u! You won’t be disappointed! After all…. everything is bigger in Texas! *Laughter*

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