GILF Phone Sex with Gail

For those times when you need an understanding, mature woman, GILF phone sex with me is just the Dr. ordered. I’ve been married, widowed, and I no longer have any attachments. Kids and grandkids are half way across the country and for the first time in my life, my life is all mine. Whoever said your sex drive decreases as you get older, has never met me! I am hornier, hotter, and more sexual now than I ever was. Men, women, and all those in between, I’m open minded and as kinky as they cum.

GILF phone sex

Let’s do a kinky GILF phone sex roleplay. Summer vacation and your parents sent you to my place for a couple weeks. You think it’s going to be a huge drag spending time with me, but honey, you have no idea. I couldn’t help but notice from your last pic what a fine young man you are growing up to be; it’s time for you to learn how to please a woman and experience things you never even thought of. I walk around the house naked and encourage you to do the same. The first time I see you trying to cover your hard on I’m going to pull your hands away. Ahhh yes, what a nice cock you have, honey. Tell me, do you have a girlfriend? Ohhh you are a virgin?! Let this hot GILF get on with popping your cock cherry.

Sucking and fucking is just the beginning. I hope you won’t mind if one of my friends join us. It’s never too early to learn about pleasure and kink, at least I don’t think so. After you learn how to make me cum with your tongue, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven when you experience your first blow job. Kiss me, honey, and share it with me. I had to make you cum first before you fucked me. I need you to last and keep up with me. What a good boy you are, I knew we were going to have ourselves a great time, even if you didn’t.

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Samantha

I bet you’d give anything to fuck a girl like me, wouldn’t you? Well, maybe you can’t fuck me for real, but there IS something you can do. You can have super hot mutual masturbation phone sex with me anytime you want to! I love it when real men (not you losers with small dicks) call me and want me to listen to them stroke their big fat cocks while I rub my pussy. I mean, hearing a man moan while he is thinking about fucking me is one of the hottest things in the world.

mutual masturbation phone sex

If you’re lucky, I might even let you pick what I masturbate with – fingers or sex toy. I mean, both can be awesome and sometimes I have a little bit of a hard time deciding, so having you there to help me would be super great! Do you like to listen to pretty girls moan? Well, then I am the mutual masturbation phone sex girl for you. I know you want me to cum really hard for you, don’t you? Well, I want you to cum really hard for me, too. Are you quiet when you cum or do you make a lot of noise? I love it when guys make a lot of noise, so if that’s you, we are sure to get along.

Maybe I won’t be the only one using a dildo. Maybe you’re the kind of guy who loves taking a big fat one in your ass. I LOVE that. I mean, even real men sometimes want to be fucked in the ass. I mean, it feels really good, right? That would be SUPER hot to listen to.

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Gail

I’m Gail, a mature and very sexually experienced woman. Turn over your jerk off habits to me on our guided masturbation phone sex call. I know just how to stroke your cock for your maximum pleasure. Not just the cock either. I bet your balls like extra attention too. And your ass? I hope you’re into some sort of ass play. Pleasure, this is all about your pleasure. Stroking your cock for me. Listening to me guide your hands and your mind, teasing and pleasing until every pleasure center is on fire.

guided masturbation phone sex

Tease and deny. Stroke stroke stop. JOI phone sex. Let me give you all the jerk off instructions to make your cock throb and dance. Your balls should be full, tight, and aching. Is your cock leaking pre-cum? Slide your finger over the tip and taste it. That’s right, I’m into cum eating, and CEI phone sex too. You fantasize about eating your cum, being made to eat it, but it seems that you always chicken out. While I can’t make you do it over the phone, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve that might help. We wouldn’t want to waste it now, would we?

There are a few things you can do to make our call the best ever. If you’re really looking for guided masturbation and especially teasing and denial, please be sure to allow enough time. Either in one session or a few short sessions broken up over a day or 2. The more you stroke and tease and the longer you wait, the better your orgasm is going to be. If you have toys, vibrator, string, cock ring, dildo, lube, etc bring them along. I’m creative and kinky all in the name of ramping your pleasure up even more.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Samantha

You know what I find funny? Your tiny cock, that’s what! That’s why small penis humiliation phone sex is really the perfect thing for a sexy princess like me. I’m too good for you and you know it. A tiny little prick like that would never be good enough for me. Looking at it and making fun of it satisfies me so much more than it would if you tried to fuck me with it. Yup, that’s right. I said tried. We both know that there’s no way that thing would ever go inside me. The best you could ever hope for would be to rub it on my pussy lips, but there’s no way I would ever let you have that much pleasure. Plus, you’d probably cum on me immediately and I only want the cum from a real dick on me. Oh well. You already knew you were going to be doomed to a life of masturbation, so there’s no reason you should be disappointed because I said you can’t try to fuck me. If you were even thinking that you might get to do that, then you’re even more stupid than I thought.

small penis humiliation phone sex

If you jerk off during our small penis humiliation phone sex call, I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want to hear your pathetic moans and grunts. It’s seriously disgusting to me. If you don’t have a big dick, you’re repulsive to me. But the more I call you names, the harder your pathetic little dick gets. Don’t even try to tell me I’m not right. I know it is. Don’t fight it any more, loser. Call me for the best humiliation you’ll ever experience. You know you deserve it.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven. I am a fiery, redheaded saint, sent right from the heart of Texas. Are you wondering what this feisty, red haired Texan has in store for you? You should be! Darlin’ I can say you don’t have a clue what I am capable of! I do everything bigger and better! I have the firm belief that redheads are fire hot in bed. I certainly fit that description. Have you seen the curves on my body? They are quite enticing, now aren’t they? If you get me in the right mood during our anything goes phone sex session, I may be willing to welcome you into my little slice of paradise. My paradise is where all of your kinkiest and naughtiest fantasies will come to pass, if you’re lucky.

anything goes phone sex

Sugar, I can be your sensual daydream, the girl next door, or your naughty siren. My curves are my siren’s song, lulling you into thinking that I am a sweet, innocent plaything. Before long, Sugar, you will find that I’m not so innocent, and that you have become MY plaything during our anything goes phone sex session. It’s oh so easy, darlin’. I know you are horny, and so am I. I do whatever it takes to get your fires burning. I am sweet, yet seductive, with a twist of sultry-it doesn’t take much. Why do you think it was so easy to cast my husband under my spell? It was so natural for him to confide in me, to spoil me in a million different ways. By the time he realized what was happening it was all too late. He had fallen so hard for me, and couldn’t let go. During our anything goes phone sex session, will it be too late for you?

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Ass Worship Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my paradise, filled with sin. I am Heaven, sent from above to help with your lust filled desires. Are you wondering what this feisty, red haired Texan has in store for you? Darlin’ I can say you are in for a big surprise. You know what they say– Everything’s BIGGER in Texas! What they say is true, there is no chance for you. Why you ask? Simple, you are nothing more than a pathetic cuck sent to take in the delicacies that define my sweet, round ass during ass worship phone sex.

ass worship phone sex

That is about all you are capable of doing correctly. I know my ass is just so perfect, you can’t help but want to touch it. Hahaha, that’s funny! You think you will actually get a chance to put your hands where you want on me? Nope! Get that idea out of your silly head right now. I am too perfect for you. My luscious curves warrant a real man- one who can completely satisfy me. You will have to worship from afar, and hope you don’t get kicked out of the room before you see what we all know you are dying to see. Duh, the round mound beneath my jeans during ass worship phone sex.

We both know that you crave to have your nose stuffed up my sweet rosebud. Even I love my tight, round ass-so why shouldn’t you? Too bad you are not worthy! Before you can explore those ideas you have to prove you can be an obedient slave to my needs and wants. Prove yourself to me, and I might be willing to make it worth your time and effort. Start by picking up the phone, and call 1-888-70-HOT4U, and tell me how badly you lust after Heaven for ass worship phone sex.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my sin filled paradise! I am Heaven; a fiery red-head from Texas. You know what they say right? Everything’s bigger in Texas. Since I can remember I was taught that bigger is better, and small just isn’t good enough. I have a ravenous appetite for all things BIG. Bigger personality, bigger cocks to fuck, and of course the biggest of all are the secrets I keep from my husband. What secrets you ask? The ravenous craving for impregnation phone sex with any man that will leave his baby batter inside my belly.

impregnation phone sex

I have often fantasized about the neighbor down the street knocking me up. I think it would be really hot to carry another man’s baby, while making my husband think the baby was ours. Funny how a woman can time it just right, don’t you think so? One minute you are fucking just for fun, and the next she is suddenly knocked up. Well, baby guess what… I am ovulating right now, do you know what that means? That makes it the perfect timing for impregnation phone sex.

I guarantee with the seductive song I sing no cock in close vicinity will be able to resist me. In fact, oh is that a knock at my door? Mmmmm…. And the fun begins! Wow! Look at them, lined up outside my door. I am going to be one busy saint….*evil laughter* emptying all those balls. Of course, I am only going to fuck the biggest cocks. Those tic-tacs just won’t work for this impregnation phone sex slut. And to be honest… the idea of having so many possible fathers is hotter to me than anything else! I love the idea of not knowing who the father is. I know not knowing makes you just as hot as it does me. So, don’t wait a moment longer, call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U to fulfill your lust filled desires with me… Heaven during impregnation phone sex.

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CFNM Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my paradise of sin filled adventures. I am Heaven sent from above to help with your sinful, lust filled desires. Are you wondering what this feisty, red haired Texan has in store for you? Darlin’ I can say you don’t have a clue what I am capable of! I do everything bigger and better! I am capable of humiliating and ruining you! Are you wondering how I am going to do that? Well, you are going to strip before me. That is right you are going to strip naked before me! You don’t get to argue with me! Why, Because you are nothing but the dirt of the earth. Now, Get on your knees! I am your mistress and you will worship me, but you are going to do it naked and caged during CFNM phone sex.

CFNM phone sex

I told you I was feisty and they say red heads are fiery hot in bed too. You will be lucky if you make it that far with me. I have watched you lust after me now for days, weeks, even months. It has gone one long enough! It is time you learn your place in front of a superior woman! That woman just so happens to be ME! See, I am your superior and you only get to look at me when I tell you too. Otherwise you are my servant, and I control you. I control if you are clothed, what you eat, what time you go to the bathroom and whom you talk to. I also control when you are allowed to touch yourself and if you have behaved well enough to cum. While you are my servant you will please me, you will submit to my every whim and you will continue to stay nude during our CFNM phone sex sessions.

You will wear your dog collar and leash, and your cock will stay caged. I know the thought of my controlling everything about you makes you hard. Funny, you think you can cover that up. Too bad, your disobedience has your hands cuffed behind your back. No amount of begging will you get you out of this mess! I love control, it is making this slutty housewife hot as fire. So, don’t keep your Mistress waiting any longer. Call 1 888 70 HOT4U for CFNM phone sex with your fiery hot siren Heaven!

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Phone Sex Brat Samantha

I love being a phone sex brat. I think it’s easy for me because I’m a brat in real life. I mean, I’ve been teasing men and getting what I want from them for as long as I can remember. I was always this pretty and trust me, men have always noticed. If I see a man and I want him, I can have him. If I want something from a man, I get it…even if he gets nothing from me.

phone sex brat

It’s a blessing AND a curse to be this pretty. I mean, everyone wants me. Having to put up with being hit on basically 24 hours a day is exhausting. But I guess the pros far outweigh the cons. I get fucked by the hottest men on the planet and I get money and presents from all the losers who would never have a chance with me.

Sometimes I like bringing losers by the sorority house and making them do funny things. One of my favorites is making them dress up as a maid and make them serve drinks at parties. And if I feel like it, I make them get down on their knees and pleasure any man who wants his cock sucked. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun.

Also, being a phone sex brat is good for getting all the cash and presents I want. I haven’t had to pay my own bills in a really long time. And I don’t see me paying them anytime soon, either. I mean, look at me. I am the kind of girl that men just want to take care of and spoil. Financial domination is something that’s just always come so freaking easy to me. I don’t even have to try and it just happens.

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GFE Phone Sex with Samantha

GFE phone sex

Have you ever had a GFE phone sex experience? No? Well, let me tell you all about it. A phone sex girlfriend is someone who is there only for your pleasure. I will talk to you about whatever you want to talk about. I will worship your body. I will let you worship mine. I will even let you spoil me if that’s something you’d like to do. Hehe.
I know you might be wondering why in the world you might need a GFE phone sex girl to talk to. Maybe your wife or girlfriend just isn’t taking care of your physical or emotional needs. But I will put my needs above my own. All you have to do is tell me what you need and I will be sure to make it happen for you. I will make you so special that you’re probably going to beg me to be with you and tell me that you’ll leave your wife or girlfriend for me. I can’t blame you. Most girls wouldn’t put your pleasure ahead of their own, but my only wish is to make you feel good in every way.
Our GFE phone sex relationship doesn’t have to be all sexual. I am smart and perfectly capable of talking about a lot of topics. So if there’s a day when you feel like all you want to do is talk, I’ll totally be there for you. It’s really up to you what you want to talk about. Or maybe you’ll decide you don’t want to talk at all and you just want us to masturbate together.

I’m the perfect phone sex girlfriend and I want to show you that. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me and we will have a really fantastic time. Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha. I’ll be waiting to make you happy, baby!