interracial phone sex

interracial phone sexI love to watch porn and imagine that I’m one of the interracial sex porn starlets who love big black cocks.  I believe that hot blondes like me should only have sex with huge black studs.  If you want to hear how many black pile-drivers I am fucking right now, then call me for interracial phone sex.  I will tell you how those black bulls just take me and how rough they are and how much I love it.  I don’t think I can go back to fucking white men, because my pussy is getting used by these Mandingo monster cocks and white dicks would feel so dwarf sized.  Plus, I love the look of a black man’s skin against my pale Scandinavian ivory skin and how hot a big black cock looks while it’s thrusting in and out of my pink pussy or my slutty mouth.  Interracial phone sex used to be so taboo and in some parts of the country it still is. I don’t care how taboo it is, I am addicted to black cock.

I feed my addiction all the time.  I give up all my holes.  I love to be filled with black men’s cum, because it’s thicker and creamier and they shoot so much more cum than white men.  They are sexually superior and their bodies are amazing.  Why do you think Kim K and so many other hot white girl celebrities are with black men and having their babies?  Let’s get into some nasty interracial phone sex right now.  I have a big black dildo I love to use when anyone calls.

Call me at 1-888-704-6848.  I’m the girl you want to ask for, Brooke.

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guided masturbation phone sex

guided masturbation phone sexI really like to give a guy jerk off instructions and tell him exactly how to stroke his cock, so that I can make him have a mind-blowing orgasm. Think about it guys.  How many times have you masturbated in your life so far?  Thousands, I’m sure.  And what makes you have the best orgasm when you’re masturbating? Phone Sex! And guided masturbation phone sex will make you cum harder than even straight up phone sex.  Why?  Because you won’t stroke the same way you’ve stroked  for years.  The new sensations and stimulations of JOI will make your orgasm much more intense.  Anything new is sexually exciting and you will  want to experience this new way to masturbate now.

If you don’t want specific instructions while you jerk off and you just want to go with the flow, maybe you’d like a little jerk off encouragement.  Sometimes a sexy voice can drive you wild.  JOE is very hot right now and I know you want to try it with me.  I have callers who are married or have live-in girlfriends and they can only listen while they stroke quietly, so that their wives or gfs have no clue what they are doing in that other room.  Guided masturbation phone sex is perfect if you are married, have a girlfriend, roommates or if you can only call for phone sex from work.  Find out the pleasure you’ve been missing!  Call me for jerk off instruction or jerk off encouragement.

This is my number: 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for me, Brooke!!

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sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

Hello all of you panty loving sissy boys. I’m talking about the kind of guys who like to rub their sissy clitties up against a smooth silky pair of panties. It feels so good to feel your clitty swell as you jerk it against your panties doesn’t it? I promise you that it will feel even better if you rub yourself inside of your panties while having sissy phone sex with a kinky girl like me. I know first hand how it feels to feminize and sissify a guy, and make him become addicted to wearing panties for his Goddess. Wouldn’t you like to have someone to share all of your secrets with? It would be nice to have a Goddess who understands those sissy desires, and wants to push them until you’re helplessly addicted to panties.

It won’t stop with panties though sissy, no, I want to have you aching to become a full sissy boy for me. You’ll be shopping for stockings, high heels, bras, corsets, dresses, skirts, slips, makeup, and jewelry. Your focus will soon be on becoming the sexiest sissy that I’ve ever had sissy phone sex with before. You’ll need to be my very best sissy phone sex slut. Where will we go from there? I have no limits, so there is no telling how far into feminization you will go.




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strap on phone sex

strap on  phone sex

You call girls for phone sex and you’re almost always the one doing the fucking. You drive your cock in and ram into our tight wet pussies and deliver loads of gooey cum. I know that I certainly love a hardcore fucking, and I think that you will too. Have you thought about giving in to your curiosities and letting a woman behind the wheel with a strap on? You just might love having strap on phone sex. It doesn’t have to be extreme with a theme of total female domination to be hot, but it certainly can be. It can be sensual and erotic to lay back and let the other sex take a turn fucking your tight ass on a strap on phone sex call.

If you’re curious about it you should try it. Strap on phone sex is a good way to sample what it’s like to having a woman take you with her strap on. I’ve been fortunate in that every man that I’ve introduced to my strap on has begged me to fuck him with it again. It turns me on to hear a man trying a new kinky experience with me over the phone. I hope that I’ll get to introduce you to it as well.




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barely legal phone sex

barely legal phone sex

Barely legal phone sex gets so tough sometimes like seriously guys! I love pleasing your giant cocks and stuffz but I don’t understand some of your fetish lingo.. like some guy said he was into Autassassinophilia and he wanted ME to pick the time, place, and every thing that happened  -.- Like dude I love fetishes but some things you may have to walk me threw. .. ya know? then, we can just go go go go go with No-limits.  I’ll be the sluttiest girl in school or your barely legal babysitter and say the nastiest things the entire time. I’ll even climb to the top of the empire state building naked with you then we can fuck on the edge of the sky scrapper while you scream to the world that I am your barely legal fuck toy! And I will do it all in my squeaky young sounding voice. If you call Alice fo your barely legal phone sex pleasures I promise to be the nasty girl your cock deserves…. you’ll never have to call another barely legal phone sex slut again.

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humiliation phone sex

humiliation phone sex

You are such a loser.  I can’t believe I have to waste my precious breath and deliver a wicked tongue lashing to put you in your place.  Loser!  You deserve every single ounce of humiliation that I’m going to give you.  And you will pay for the privilege, too!  There’s no such thing as humiliation for free with me, loser boys!  You will call me for humiliation phone sex because that’s an order you must obey! I will take your wallet for a ride and draining your wallet will just add to the total humiliation.  You will also confess why you’re such a loser during your phone sex call with me.

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, some new loser calls and tells me his sad, sad tale of woe and I LMAO!  Yes, part of humiliation phone sex isn’t just verbal abuse, but also hearing me laugh and giggle hysterically about how pathetic you are!  You know you want a pretty blonde bitch like me to make you feel one inch tall.  And don’t think I don’t know that you will be rubbing your loser dick stick, so that you can spill your loser goo.  Gross! Clean it up jerk.  I don’t care how.  Just get rid of it.  That’s just a taste of the dipshit decimation and a-hole annihilation you can expect from me during a humiliation phone sex call.  I’m Brooke and you better ask for me, loser, when you dial me up on my line at 1-888-70-HOT4U or else I will kick your ass!

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fantasy phone sex

fantasy phone sex


It can be tough sometimes to roleplay my fantasies in real life. The reason is that over the phone we can imagine anything that we want. In person you’re limited by what you actually see. So I tend to save the really freaky stuff for fantasy phone sex. Do you have some freaky kind of fantasies that you’re waiting to get out and explore? I’m just the girl for you if you’re dying to try something outside of the box. I’m pretty much constantly playing with my pink pussy while day dreaming about the fantasy phone sex that drives me crazy.

There are no fantasies or subjects that are off limits for me. Actually, the more extreme that they are the better as far as I’m concerned. Are you worried that your fantasy phone sex call will shock me or bother me? Think again, I love it, I love all of it. I’m into a lot of things that I can’t talk about in detail on this blog, but know that I’m one extreme roleplay loving slut. I get turned on so much hearing about your dark fantasy phone sex confessions.

Call me at 1-888-704-6848

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Phone Sex



Q: What is phone sex ?


A: Secret phone porn.

I just googled “phone sex” and according to Wikipedia (the free online encyclopedia), Phone sex is a secret conversation between two or more people of course, via the phone.  It’s Virtual sex, meaning sexual activity where two or more people gather together via some form of communications equipment to arouse each other by transmitting sexually explicit messages. Virtual sex describes the phenomenon, no matter the communications equipment used.


So phone sex is virtual sex spoken over the telephone, especially when at least one of the participants masturbates or engages in sexual fantasy. Phone porn conversation may take many forms, including (but not limited to): guided, sexual sounds, narrated, and enacted suggestions; sexual anecdotes and confessions; candid expression of sexual feelings or love and or discussion of very personal and sensitive sexual topics.


The fact that it’s a secret phone porn conversation is still the biggest turn on for me. You and I can indulge in our deepest darkest sexual fantasies and no one will ever know! I am really into guys who can talk openly and honestly about sex and what they do or don’t like in bed. Not that sex is in anyway restricted to occurring only on a bed or even in a bed room. We’re talking virtual sex baby and we can do anything anywhere your hard cock desires.


That’s where the no taboo and anything goes phone sex comes in. A Taboo is a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing. So “No Taboo” phone sex means that there no restrictions and we can talk about anything we want during our secret conversation.


I would absolutely love to have a secret phone porn “anything goes” conversation with you via the telephone. The first time we talk you get to pick what we talk about. The next time, I get to. Call me at 1-888-70-Hot4U. You can trust the dispatcher she won’t tell anyone you and I have a secret, ask her to hook you up with Amber. That was 1 888 704 6848.


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Humiliation phone sex



Pathetic, some men are simply pathetic. Are you one of those sniveling humiliation junkies who get your cock off with humiliation phone sex? If you are a useless inferior male I would love to unleash some harsh humiliation phone sex on you. There are men who shine and there are men who get out shined, and you guys who are at the bottom of the totem pole need to hear it straight from my gorgeous lips how ridiculously lame you actually are. Can’t pleasure your wife? Have a tiny dick? Too addicted to abuse to get it up for a nice sexy woman? Are you a closet dick sucking cum eater?

If you spend more time squeezing cum out of you cock by hand than unloading into a hot wet pussy you might be the kind of loser that I’m talking about. You’ve become so used to getting off with women who berate you for being a sorry excuse for a male , that you can’t get hard for anything else. That’s ok though, I know some of you jack offs are too pitiful to do anything other than jerk off to humiliation phone sex.


Call 1-888-704-6848 and if you’re a loser and you know it, ask for May


phone sex fantasy


     Your cock is so hard and in need of a nasty, wicked, slutty woman to give you phone sex fantasy isn’t it? So it’s late at night, your wife has been in bed for a few hours and you have an itch that you must scratch. She wouldn’t understand the kinds of filth that run through your dirty twisted mind when you need to get off. You might even think about those wild taboo things while your balls deep inside of her. Those are the kinds of urges that you can share with me. I won’t blush or judge you, I’ll just tell you how sexy they are. See, I understand that just plain old sex isn’t enough when you’re thinking about forbidden fucks and taboo phone sex fantasy.

     It might be a simple roleplay and it might be a beautifully dark phone sex fantasy that’s complex and nearly if not impossible to mention to your partners in real life. You can let them think that the sex is fantastic and that you’re completely satisfied and pleased. Then once you’ve put the vanilla woman to bed you can let your inner freak out and come play with me. I’ll keep your most perverted secrets for you.




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