Phone Sex



Q: What is phone sex ?


A: Secret phone porn.

I just googled “phone sex” and according to Wikipedia (the free online encyclopedia), Phone sex is a secret conversation between two or more people of course, via the phone.  It’s Virtual sex, meaning sexual activity where two or more people gather together via some form of communications equipment to arouse each other by transmitting sexually explicit messages. Virtual sex describes the phenomenon, no matter the communications equipment used.


So phone sex is virtual sex spoken over the telephone, especially when at least one of the participants masturbates or engages in sexual fantasy. Phone porn conversation may take many forms, including (but not limited to): guided, sexual sounds, narrated, and enacted suggestions; sexual anecdotes and confessions; candid expression of sexual feelings or love and or discussion of very personal and sensitive sexual topics.


The fact that it’s a secret phone porn conversation is still the biggest turn on for me. You and I can indulge in our deepest darkest sexual fantasies and no one will ever know! I am really into guys who can talk openly and honestly about sex and what they do or don’t like in bed. Not that sex is in anyway restricted to occurring only on a bed or even in a bed room. We’re talking virtual sex baby and we can do anything anywhere your hard cock desires.


That’s where the no taboo and anything goes phone sex comes in. A Taboo is a social or religious custom prohibiting or restricting a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing. So “No Taboo” phone sex means that there no restrictions and we can talk about anything we want during our secret conversation.


I would absolutely love to have a secret phone porn “anything goes” conversation with you via the telephone. The first time we talk you get to pick what we talk about. The next time, I get to. Call me at 1-888-70-Hot4U. You can trust the dispatcher she won’t tell anyone you and I have a secret, ask her to hook you up with Amber. That was 1 888 704 6848.


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Humiliation phone sex



Pathetic, some men are simply pathetic. Are you one of those sniveling humiliation junkies who get your cock off with humiliation phone sex? If you are a useless inferior male I would love to unleash some harsh humiliation phone sex on you. There are men who shine and there are men who get out shined, and you guys who are at the bottom of the totem pole need to hear it straight from my gorgeous lips how ridiculously lame you actually are. Can’t pleasure your wife? Have a tiny dick? Too addicted to abuse to get it up for a nice sexy woman? Are you a closet dick sucking cum eater?

If you spend more time squeezing cum out of you cock by hand than unloading into a hot wet pussy you might be the kind of loser that I’m talking about. You’ve become so used to getting off with women who berate you for being a sorry excuse for a male , that you can’t get hard for anything else. That’s ok though, I know some of you jack offs are too pitiful to do anything other than jerk off to humiliation phone sex.


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phone sex fantasy


     Your cock is so hard and in need of a nasty, wicked, slutty woman to give you phone sex fantasy isn’t it? So it’s late at night, your wife has been in bed for a few hours and you have an itch that you must scratch. She wouldn’t understand the kinds of filth that run through your dirty twisted mind when you need to get off. You might even think about those wild taboo things while your balls deep inside of her. Those are the kinds of urges that you can share with me. I won’t blush or judge you, I’ll just tell you how sexy they are. See, I understand that just plain old sex isn’t enough when you’re thinking about forbidden fucks and taboo phone sex fantasy.

     It might be a simple roleplay and it might be a beautifully dark phone sex fantasy that’s complex and nearly if not impossible to mention to your partners in real life. You can let them think that the sex is fantastic and that you’re completely satisfied and pleased. Then once you’ve put the vanilla woman to bed you can let your inner freak out and come play with me. I’ll keep your most perverted secrets for you.




forced bi phone sex

forced bi phone sex

All of you butt fags have been begging and pleading for my big baby-pink strap-on and I think it is time you get exactly what you have been asking for.  I will pleasure your ass/pussy like no other and tell you exactly how to achieve the most pleasure during our hot forced bi phone sex.  If you dress up in sexy slutty panties I will fuck you really hard like you are my bitch.  I will actually turn you into my bitch ~ once my strap-on is in your little pussy you will belong to me.  Your manhood ends when I invite my phone sex friend bi guy Ryan over to forcefully fuck your face.  Forced cocksucking really gets my cunny wet.  I like it even more if you try to deny forced bi phone sex because big beefy Ryan will hold you down while I force you to do anything I want. Mmm, open up forced-fag it time to make me happy. Awww, boohoo you don’t want another mans dick in your mouth? but, your cock is throbbing hard! Well, what are you going to do about me using the muscle of Ryan to overpower you and force you into complete submission? How does it feel to be a sissy fag for a barely legal angel?

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body worship phone sex

body worship phone sex

I know what you’re craving, body worship phone sex with a tight petite redhead that can set your cock on fire. If you can follow directions and be very obedient I just may let you watch me undress. Kneel down at my feet like a good obedient little puppy while I slowly tug my top off over my head, revealing my perfect perky breasts. I slowly wriggle out of my short miniskirt and slip my red silk panties off. Your eyes greedily travel up and down my body taking in every inch of my perfect redhead phone sex body. Your cock is bulging and straining against the front of your pants while you drool over my pale creamy skin and yearn to feel my wet tight pussy wrapped around your cock taking you deep inside of me. Well, you can dream on jerk off boy because you are not going to fuck me, you can look but not touch. Just sit there while my big dicked boyfriend comes out and shows you what a real man’s body looks like. You are good for nothing more than cuckold phone sex and a good giggle! After he shoots his big creamy load of cum in me, I just might let you lick it all out if you beg hard enough!!!

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barely legal phone sex

barely legal phone sex

I love big fat lollipops, phone sex boys and men too. It has totally become an addiction.  Hahaha ohhhhh yeah, I am just as addicted to barely legal phone sex as you are, no really I truly am. I skip school alllll the time so that I can stay home and play with all the older guys.   They know exactly how to please my cunny and make my feel so good and at times they get really rough with me.  I like to rub my kitty and talk dirty and tell you all the bad girl things I think about but I am still a virgin.  Ever want to fuck a virgin?  I am sure you do because I am reallllllly tight.   A lot of times when I have barely legal phone sex the big bad guys try to put there lollies in my virgin cunny.   I say no but they do not stop.  I guess all that teasing made them super horny and super crazy for my virgin cunny.  If you call me I promise we will have a really good time and I may even let you stick it in a little. *smiles timidly*  Barely legal phone sex with a real 18 year old phone sex addict makes it all the better -my young voice and my sharply advanced mind will blow your load for miles. hahaha

Call me, Alice at 1-888-70Hot4u and check out my barely legal phone sex blog.

ass worship phone sex

ass worship phone sex

Is your woman uptight and self conscious when it comes to things like ass worship phone sex? What a pity. She’ll never know how drenched your pussy can get when you hear a man begging to lick,kiss,suck and worship your ass. I found out a long time ago that ass worship phone sex was most definitely for me. Some really repressed people consider it taboo. I wonder what they would consider most of the fantasies out there then? Don’t worry about that though baby because I want you between my smooth legs with your soft lips planted on my cheeks. The way a wet warm tongue feels pressed against my waiting asshole makes me shiver in a very good way. I’ll let you have ass worship phone sex with me whether my ass is squeaky clean or sweaty and dirty. I want to hear you moaning while you’re worshiping my ass so slowly.

If your fetish is for stinky and sweaty ass worship you’re in luck. I’ll work hard to make it very fragrant and tasty and then have you sniffing my dirty panties as you jerk your cock and beg to have ass worship phone sex with me. How badly do you want to be smothered beneath my perfect sweaty ass? That could be just the beginning with me being the dirty girl that I am. There’s no telling what other treats I might surprise you with.

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forced intox phone sex

forced intox phone sex

Never drink alone!  You should be drinking with me, Brooke, your Goddess of Bacchanalia.  In the mood to play with your favorite booze and get buzzed with Brooke? Tequila, Bourbon, Scotch, Jagermeister, Schnapps, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Wine, Beer…  Get out your favorite bottle, a glass, a shot glass, ice – if you like it on the rocks, a mixer like Coca Cola or Club Soda if you want to slow down the effects and not feel the booze catch up with you right away.  Or I might just make you drink it straight from the bottle!   It’s time to party on forced intox phone sex.  I will tell you when to have another sip, do another shot, pour another drink.  Maybe we will play a drinking game I will devise.  Don’t start drinking without me.  I want to take you from sober to intox’d for the maximum effect!

When you are on a drinking spree for me, I will take advantage of you, I will make you confess your sexual secrets. I will have complete control of you like a forced intox phone sex puppet.  You will be powerless, you will feel so weak, you will lose all inhibitions.  If I tell you to do something, you will do it, like take self shot photos of yourself after you write whatever I tell you to write on your naked body with a sharpie marker, like Brooke’s Bitch, Loser, Idiot.

Call me now at 1-888-70-Hot4U for forced intox phone sex and ask for me, Brooke.

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mutual masturbation phone sex

mutual masturbation phone sex

Some people think that when you’re talking dirty to someone, well that’s mutual masturbation phone sex, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about both of us masturbating thinking about how each other is masturbating. I’ve been with men where it was totally hot watching him jerk off while I played with my pussy. I loved watching him get harder and bigger as I rubbed my clit until I was soaking wet. It was incredible to time our orgasms so we’d both cum at the same time in one heated explosion of ecstasy. Mutual masturbation phone sex is similar. I love hearing you masturbate. Knowing you are stroking your cock just for me as I rub my slippery slit drives me wild. Let me hear how hard your cock gets and I’ll hold the phone up to my wet pussy so you can hear how juicy I get for you.

It’s not that I think mutual masturbation phone sex can’t be a part of a steamy sexual roleplay, it totally can. Let’s say I walk in on you “accidentally” jacking off… of course I want to keep watching you and maybe sit next to you and start rubbing my pussy through my panties while I watch you. Both of us enjoying our shared masturbation experience. I even love taboo mutual masturbation phone sex fantasies. I would love it if you made little old me masturbate for you or if I found you watching some truly deviant porn while jacking off. I’d make you keep stroking for me just like you’d make me keep rubbing my cunt.

I’m still a no limits and no restrictions when it comes to my nasty talk, but mutual masturbation phone sex is on my mind right now. All the taboo things we could do together!

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roleplay phone sex

roleplay phone sex babe


Roleplay in the bedroom is hot but roleplay phone sex is hot too. Sometimes in the bedroom it seems like it’s hard to get into some roles because you’re limited by what you can really do and be. I can dress up like a sexy witch, fairy,teacher or whatever but over the phone we can do it anyway that we want and get as taboo as we want. That’s what I like the most about roleplay phone sex. There aren’t any restrictions to how far we can go and I do like to go pretty far and kinky. What kind of erotic roleplay are you thinking about doing?

If you’re into the non vanilla wild kind of roleplay phone sex then let’s do it. There is a time and a place for vanilla but when you can do anything that you want doesn’t it make you want to get extreme? My favorite roleplays are Vampiress, sadistic witch, giantess, accomplice, twisted nurse and even succubus. The freakier the scenario the more my pussy squirts. Now you just have to tell me what dirty roleplay your cock is hard for and what you want to do. Or you can tell me what you’re into and let your horny phone slut come up with something extreme and taboo for us to roleplay.

May 1-888-704-6848

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