Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Samantha

You know what I find funny? Your tiny cock, that’s what! That’s why small penis humiliation phone sex is really the perfect thing for a sexy princess like me. I’m too good for you and you know it. A tiny little prick like that would never be good enough for me. Looking at it and making fun of it satisfies me so much more than it would if you tried to fuck me with it. Yup, that’s right. I said tried. We both know that there’s no way that thing would ever go inside me. The best you could ever hope for would be to rub it on my pussy lips, but there’s no way I would ever let you have that much pleasure. Plus, you’d probably cum on me immediately and I only want the cum from a real dick on me. Oh well. You already knew you were going to be doomed to a life of masturbation, so there’s no reason you should be disappointed because I said you can’t try to fuck me. If you were even thinking that you might get to do that, then you’re even more stupid than I thought.

small penis humiliation phone sex

If you jerk off during our small penis humiliation phone sex call, I don’t want to know about it. I don’t want to hear your pathetic moans and grunts. It’s seriously disgusting to me. If you don’t have a big dick, you’re repulsive to me. But the more I call you names, the harder your pathetic little dick gets. Don’t even try to tell me I’m not right. I know it is. Don’t fight it any more, loser. Call me for the best humiliation you’ll ever experience. You know you deserve it.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven. I am a fiery, redheaded saint, sent right from the heart of Texas. Are you wondering what this feisty, red haired Texan has in store for you? You should be! Darlin’ I can say you don’t have a clue what I am capable of! I do everything bigger and better! I have the firm belief that redheads are fire hot in bed. I certainly fit that description. Have you seen the curves on my body? They are quite enticing, now aren’t they? If you get me in the right mood during our anything goes phone sex session, I may be willing to welcome you into my little slice of paradise. My paradise is where all of your kinkiest and naughtiest fantasies will come to pass, if you’re lucky.

anything goes phone sex

Sugar, I can be your sensual daydream, the girl next door, or your naughty siren. My curves are my siren’s song, lulling you into thinking that I am a sweet, innocent plaything. Before long, Sugar, you will find that I’m not so innocent, and that you have become MY plaything during our anything goes phone sex session. It’s oh so easy, darlin’. I know you are horny, and so am I. I do whatever it takes to get your fires burning. I am sweet, yet seductive, with a twist of sultry-it doesn’t take much. Why do you think it was so easy to cast my husband under my spell? It was so natural for him to confide in me, to spoil me in a million different ways. By the time he realized what was happening it was all too late. He had fallen so hard for me, and couldn’t let go. During our anything goes phone sex session, will it be too late for you?

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Ass Worship Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my paradise, filled with sin. I am Heaven, sent from above to help with your lust filled desires. Are you wondering what this feisty, red haired Texan has in store for you? Darlin’ I can say you are in for a big surprise. You know what they say– Everything’s BIGGER in Texas! What they say is true, there is no chance for you. Why you ask? Simple, you are nothing more than a pathetic cuck sent to take in the delicacies that define my sweet, round ass during ass worship phone sex.

ass worship phone sex

That is about all you are capable of doing correctly. I know my ass is just so perfect, you can’t help but want to touch it. Hahaha, that’s funny! You think you will actually get a chance to put your hands where you want on me? Nope! Get that idea out of your silly head right now. I am too perfect for you. My luscious curves warrant a real man- one who can completely satisfy me. You will have to worship from afar, and hope you don’t get kicked out of the room before you see what we all know you are dying to see. Duh, the round mound beneath my jeans during ass worship phone sex.

We both know that you crave to have your nose stuffed up my sweet rosebud. Even I love my tight, round ass-so why shouldn’t you? Too bad you are not worthy! Before you can explore those ideas you have to prove you can be an obedient slave to my needs and wants. Prove yourself to me, and I might be willing to make it worth your time and effort. Start by picking up the phone, and call 1-888-70-HOT4U, and tell me how badly you lust after Heaven for ass worship phone sex.

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