taboo phone sex with carmen

taboo phone sex

Ohhhh did you come and catch me in your bedroom again? *giggles* I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t help myself. I just really wanted to be close to you. Especially since “she” is gone and we have the place all to ourselves now. And I know you have been waiting for this moment for a while as well. We have a secret in common don’t we? We both love taboo phone sex. You know how naughty and slutty of a girl I am for you. And when you caught me sneaking all those boys in my bedroom over the weekend you looked and me and said “Carmen you are such a fucking slut! Is there any guy you haven’t given yourself too?” I smile as I lay in your bed and say “You! Do you know that when I’m with them that I actually wish it was you instead?” You get this surprised look on your face unsure of what to say. But deep down inside you know how bad I want you. My sweet creamy pussy gets so wet for older men like you. And by my body language and how we act when “she” is not around we both know that we have been waiting on the perfect moment to give ourselves to each other. You are kinky, dirty and very naughty. And I am just as much as you are. And the taboo phone sex things that I love “she” would never do them with you. You smile down a me walking closer. You start stroking yourself through your shorts and open up my teddy. Then make your way down to me. My body trembles as my soft kissable lips meet yours. Kissing deeply as our tongues dance round and round. You take my hand and place it under your shorts as I start stroking on your erect dick. I tease it and make it feel better than anyone ever has and say “Is now the time for me to give myself to you? Please take this sweet tight pussy.” You spread my creamy legs open and take your big fat dick out stroking it. And all you can think about is pushing it in my tight dripping wet fuck hole. “Please push it in and feel how good it is. Feel it grip and squeeze your throbbing cock.” I will take it deep in my fuck walls and show you just how much I cant get enough of being your taboo phone sex slut. And when you are ready to shoot your cum I’ll get on my knees and tell you just how thirsty I am for it….

I am yours however you want. Kisses & Licks. Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Carmen.

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foot fetish phone sex with samantha

foot fetish phone sex

It’s summertime and you know what that means! It’s pediure season and that’s perfect for all you foot fetish phone sex lovers out there! You can call me and let me tell you about my perfectly pedicured feet and what I would do to you with them. And that really depends on you!

Are you the kind of guy who wants me to wrap my pretty feet around your dick and stroke up and down? Do you want to rub the head of your cock all over my pretty pink toenails and then shoot your load all over them?

Or maybe you’re the kind of guy who knows you’re a pathtetic loser and you’ll be not only worshiping my feet, but you’ll also be the one who pays for my pedicures. Why in the world should I have to do it? That’s right, I shouldn’t have to. And once I have had a pedicure, you will get down on your knees and worhsip my feet. If I feel that you’ve done a good enough job, I will allow you to cum on my toes MAYBE… but fair warning – you are going to be cleaning all the cum off my toes with your tongue.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha for foot fetish phone sex

tease and denial phone sex with samantha

tease and denial phone sex

I am kind of in the mood for tease and denial phone sex right now. I mean, I’m always in the mood for that, but it’s really on my mind right now. There’s nothing better to me than teasing a man to the point of orgasm and then telling him no. It’s the ultimate power trip. And I really do love being the one in control. I guess you could call me a bit of a brat and I’m okay with that.

The guys I love to tease and deny the most are the ones who think they are God’s gift to women and could have anyone they want. That attitude alone makes me want to put on a pair of stilettos and stomp on your balls, but I won’t. What’s even more fun than that is making you think a man like that think he has a chance with me and then denying him what he wants more than anything in the world. Being confident without being a dick is pretty sexy to me, but if a man thinks he can have any woman, well… that’s a very dicky attitude to have. And it pretty much decides for me whether or not a man has a chance with me.

How will the tease and denial go down? Who knows?! It depends on what kind of mood I’m in when you call me. But I can guarantee one thing to you. There’s no way in the world that you’ll be having an orgasm if you call me and tell me that you’ve called me for tease and denial phone sex.

Dial 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha

small penis humiliation phone sex with May

phone sex

I was talking to this man that my girlfriend and I met and after we’d decided to go back to his place for some more privacy. He talked a real good game about having a big dick for us to share. She and I are both pretty greedy when it comes to cock, but we do make one hell of a team. He sat back on the couch while we undressed each other and teased him a bit. I kept expecting to see a rise in his pants, but assumed it was just not visible with the type of underwear he had on. Being the more aggressive of the group I went in and started rubbing his dick through his pants, but more than rubbing it, I was looking for it. My pussy was wet and my girlfriend was running her fingertips over my ass I was ready to get down to it. I unbuckled his pants and took his underwear down and saw his little boner, talk about a fucking let down.

“Two women? You couldn’t please either of us one on one with that eraser dick!” I snapped at him. “go get your fucking dildo” I barked at him.

He slowly got up and headed back to what I guess was his bedroom. My girlfriend was giggling and asking well how did I know he had a dildo. I said well with a shrimp dick like that I would be more surprised if he did not have one. He returned with what looked like a 7 inch rubber cock. I instructed him to put it in his mouth and lube it up while we played a game of looking for all of the things around his apartment that were bigger than his pathetic dick. I started off with my lipstick tube from my purse, my girlfriend laughed as she held up an opened tampon that was larger than his little wee wee.

Needless to say there was not a big dick for the two of us to share. What we had was a little dicked man who ended up sucking his dildo for us and then having us holding it and having us take turns fucking his face with it. The next time we see him he’s getting my strap on and she and I will get a real cock to share.

Do you have a tiny little penis that would get you into a situation like this? Call & ask for May for small penis humiliation phone sex.

fetishfreakmay aim & yahoo

barely legal phone sex with alice

barely legal phone sex

Hi my name is Alice and I want to have barely legal phone sex with you. You know I have such a sweet and small voice that.. Yeah, I have guys ask me all the time are you legal? Duh I am legal.  But barely.  I’m just old enough to do all the fun and nasty things that you want to with a younger girl. Plus I’m young enough for you to really really enjoy it.  We can do whatever you want.   I love doing all kinds of naughty role plays.  I can be whoever you want. I really really like it when I’m your special girl.  Nobody can take the place of your special girl can they?  I really love it when you teach me how to make your big cock cum.  It’s always so sticky and gooey when I go home I just have to wash your jizz off my body.

I like it when older guys have me dress up for them in really sexy skimpy outfits.  Then we go out on the town and you show me off.  Show me off because I am you’re barely legal trophy.   I like it when the other guys stare at my perfect petite body.  They are all walking with their fat wives wishing they were with this barely legal phone sex girl.

My sweet voice and eager to learn personality will have you craving the naughty things we do together.  I will take your direction very well and do as I am told but I can also be a bratty bitchy 18 teen barely legal hottie too.  If you love hot girls tights bodies and even tighter pussies dial this barely legal phone sex girl for a cutie-pie with an adorable voice.  Alice is ready to rock your cock and get you off.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Gail

cougar phone sex

I can’t even tell you how much I love going out to a club and finding a college boy to seduce. It’s what most of my cougar phone sex calls are about. You guys call me and want to hear all about how I seduce those younger guys. The truth is that it’s really easy. Younger guys love older women and when you are as hot as me, it’s like taking candy from a baby. But if you really want to know how I seduce the college boys, I’d be more than happy to tell you when you call me. I’ll give you a little preview here, though.

See, my favorite part of the evening (other than the hard fucking) is getting ready to go out. I always make sure my body is hairless from the neck down. I love being smooth for the boys. While I’m rubbing lotion all over me, I love thinking about how much the boys are going to love touching my soft skin. And then picking out the outfit I’m going to entice them with… that’s so much fun. I always love wearing a really short skirt, low cut top and fuck me pumps.

Once I get to the club, it doesn’t take long for the boys to start sending drinks over to me. Of course, I am selective with who I invite over to talk to me. And sometimes it takes me talking to and flirting with 5 or 6 boys before I decide on the one I want to fuck me. Once my decision is made, it doesn’t take me long to get him out of there so he can fuck me all night long.

Think you have what it takes to fuck me all night long, young man? Call 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Gail for cougar phone sex and we’ll have a night like you’ve never had before.

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sissy phone sex with samantha

sissy phone sex

Are you a wannabe sissy boi in need of some instruction and training? Grab your phone and call me for sissy phone sex and I’ll show you exacly how to live your life as a woman. I know you already feel it inside, but we need to make you look girlie and feminine on the outside. You have no doubt already started to wear panties. But transforming into a sissy is so much more than that. You have to learn how to do your makeup. You have to start growing out your hair, but you’ll need a nice wig until it’s long enough. You need to shave your entire body. You need to learn to put a nice outfit together. Oh, and let’s not forget that you need to learn to walk in stilettos. That’ll be tough but I have faith in you!

One of the most important things that you’re going to need to learn as a sissy is how to suck cock and get fucked. Your pussy is craving cock, isn’t it? But you’re nervous because you’ve never been fucked before and you need it really badly, don’t you? You can pick out an nice dildo to practice with on our calls. And before you know it, your pussy will be primed and ready to be fucked like the dirty whore you know you’ll become.

Ready to get started with your sissy transformation? Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha for sissy phone sex