cougar phone sex with GILF gail

cougar phone sex

When I was in my 40’s they called me a cougar, now that I’m just over 60 I think I should be called a lioness. If the lion is king of the jungle, surely the lioness must be the queen. No matter what you call me, it doesn’t change the fact that I prey on younger men; you should see the college frat boys that come to my town and party on the weekends.I put on my tightest red dress that shows off my curves, black thigh hi stockings and of course those bright red strappy 5″ heeled fuck me shoes. There is no mistaking what I’m looking for when I walk thru the doors of the bar down the block. Those boys have no idea what’s coming, in more ways than one!

For an old broad my sexual appetite seems to only have grown over the years. I am truly insatiable when it cums to sex. So when I see you with 2 of your buddies, it’s not just you I want to bring home with me, but all of you! If one cock is good, 2 are better than three is a party, and I’m in the mood to party big time. A cock in my mouth, my pussy and my ass all at the same time will send me to orgasm after orgasm. Think about how tight and wet I am as you and your buddy pound both my holes at the same time; when I start to cum I’m so fucking tight you both explode up inside me. When your friend shoots his cum in my mouth watch me swallow up every last drop.

I am a no limits cougar and I get off on taboo cougar GILF phone sex too. When you need to be seduced by a much older woman, call Gail for cougar phone sex at 1-888-704-6848

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body worship phone sex with rhea

body worship phone sex

Hey Guys, It’s Rhea, your sexy Aphrodite. A sexy siren, using my song to lure, all you kinky men to me for some hot Body Worship Phone Sex. So come to me boys, come play. I want you to be my nasty servant for a night. Answering to my will and doing the things you know will please me. As I sit on my thrown, you feed me grapes, caressing my lips with your fingertips. Loving how soft they are, your cock growing with lust. When I’ve had enough, you will carry my over to the bath and gently set me down in the perfect hot water. You grab the washing cloth and dip in into the water. Starting at my perfect neck, you begin to run the cloth in small circular motions, down my neck and to my very supple amazing breasts. I want you to please them, caress them and lick them. I know you love my perfect body. Working your way down inch be inch. Feeling every orifice of smooth skin, so smooth it makes your whole body quiver. Ugh, just talking about it makes me extremely horny.

But it isn’t just limited to one fantasy boys. A steamy session of Body Worship Phone Sex with me, can be anything you want it to be. I know how perfect I am from head to toe, and I will give you free reign as to how you’d like to worship me.  I understand your desire to please me and you just can’t help yourself. You are overwhelmed with the need for me. Your obsession is beautiful and mystical. So give in to me boys! I want to feed your desire. Lick, rub and suck as much as you want. Feel how soft my skin is, how close to perfection my pussy is. It’s all for you boys, take your time and worship a true queen. My panties are wet with the thought of Body Worship phone Sex and knowing you will cum aggressively hard as you indulge in your need that is me.

Precious minutes are passing boys, Call 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Rhea. The sexy siren of ecstasy island 😉 I’m waiting for you to come to me…

forced bi phone sex with rhea

forced bi phone sex

So…I had this dream the other night, it really got me thinking how hot forced bi phone sex would be. It was so steaming hot, that I want to share it with all of you kinky naughty boys….

It started with me and my best gay friend, Liam. You see, Liam is a hot, sexy, beefy, big dicked 6’4 Italian man. You wouldn’t know he was gay to look at him, but sadly he is. Still he is my favorite shopping partner. Well, in my dream, we were shopping at the mall and having a good time. While helping Liam find the perfect pair, I spotted this sexy man over by the shirts. I watched him for a minute and knew I just had to have him. I turned to Liam and said “we should make him our new project!” Liam looked at the man and then back at me, smirked and said, “I definitely agree!” So we walked over to him and made a little conversation…And here’s the part that made me think of forced bi phone sex. When Tim, the man we were talking to, went into the dressing room, I followed him in there and told Liam to wait 10 minutes and then come in. Tim was surprised when he say me walk in behind him, yet he flashed a smile so I knew he was intrigued. I shut the door behind me and locked it. I pushed Tim against the wall and said I would undress him myself. I started unbuttoning his shirt and kissed my way down his chest. When I got those his basketball shorts, I looked up at him and smiled as I slide them down. I could see his cock was getting hard through his underwear. I took it out and began lick. Tim put his head back and closed his eyes. At that moment I reached over and unlocked the door and Liam walked in quietly and locked it back up. I kept licking until Liam could get on his knees and switch with me without Tim knowing. After a few minutes of Tim moaning in pleasure, I slapped him across the face and hurriedly stuffed his underwear in his mouth. He opened his eyes to find Liam still licking his engorged member. Ugh this is getting me so hot, just taking about it! I want to tell you the rest soooo bad. Give me a call, boys, for some hot Forced Bi Phone Sex and I can pick up where I left off 😉

Call 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Rhea for forced bi phone sex 😉 Lets get off together!

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impregnation phone sex with May

impregnation phone sex
Everything about riding or getting nailed by a big hard cock is sexy, from the moment your cock swells with desire to the moment that you’re sliding out of my wet satisfied pussy. So, I don’t want all of our efforts wasted by you wrapping the package up before slipping it inside of me. Why waste cum? I love that pleasurable feeling of my pussy milking it out of your body and taking it. I don’t want to take the damn pill either, it makes me feel, well, it just doesn’t need to be taken. Does it excite you or terrify you that I want you to fill me up with your creamy load after plowing into me bareback? We both know very well what can and probably will happen, but isn’t impregnation fetish phone fantasy so goddamn hot? It’s another one of those things that have been drilled into our heads forever, be safe, practice safe sex. All of that constant preaching about it is exactly what makes me hot for impregnation fantasies and cream pies in my hot cunt.

I’ve never liked being told what to do, and am always looking for new ways to get aroused and push my fantasies and kinks. Do you have some wild and shameful impregnation fantasies? If you are too ashamed to admit them, well that is when you know you have to tell May about them. I live for hearing your confessions, real and fantasy confessions. Cum on and tell me impregnation dreams that will make my twisted pussy drip for your raw bare cock just from hearing you tell me. Get your naughty cock aching hard and tell me the deep dark fantasies that you can only tell to your fetish freak.I can’t wait to hear what turns you on the most about the idea of stuffing a hot girl’s pussy with your warm baby batter.


feminization phone sex with gail

hot phone sex

Feminization phone sex with me is a lot more than just wearing panties. Being feminized is more about your mind than what you wear. The clothes are the outward manifestation of what is going on inside your brain. You have to admit that before you actually dressed like a woman you thought about it and fantasized about it and came over and over again at the thought. I hope you will tell me about the first time you put on panties and stockings and a bra. If you are like a lot of boys who call me, it was probably at home and sneaking in their drawers or even the dirty clothes pile. Did you feel pretty and sexy or slutty? I bet you left wet spots on those panties too.

If we are going to do this right, we need to start from the bottom, and that means shaving all that nasty man hair and making your skin as smooth and soft as a baby’s butt. There will be an inspection so you better get them all, I can be very controlling and strict when I have to pull that one stray here with a tweezer. After we use flowery scented lotions, you have to smell the part too, we’ll make sure your nails and toes are painted red or pink. It’s all about the details to really enhance your feminization experiences.

Now it’s time to dress you. I will help and teach you to pull on those silky stockings and attach your garters. I think for the right effect a lace up corset will give you that curvy hourglass figure. Panties on over the garters, a bra and some breast enhancement, underneath a full tight slip. The slip will give you the best swish of that red dress I decided you should wear tonight. Next comes your make-up. And jewelry. Take a look in the mirror, honey, don’t you look like a pretty girl/woman?

Now that you’re all dressed up what shall we do? We’ll go shopping, have lunch and a glass of wine. I’ll have a party and introduce to you my friends. And if you’re open to it, we’ll hit up a club and pick up a few guys to bring home for us both!

Call and ask for Gail for feminization phone sex at 1-888-704-6848

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex Princess

Small Penis Humiliation

Stop right there! Red light, bucko and keep your hands to yourself! Its your blonde Princess Eden and this ice queen wont let you go any further until I can see the goods. Oh, shush, you know what I am talking about. Take those pants down and lets see what you have to offer me. I knew it! That penis sure is small and now we know what kind of humiliation phone sex I shall use on you, dont we? You didnt think this size queen was dumb enough to let you put that icky thing in me without inspecting it first, did you? I wont ever fake an orgasm to stroke some dudes ego. Listen, if you were looking for a nice sweet girl to tell you its the perfect size, aka lie to you, you are barking up the wrong hottie. That thing, while amusing, is really not very attractive lmao! When you call a mean verbal tease, like myself, you should expect that SPH will be the main theme of our domination session. SO stop your whining and put these ruffled, pink, panties on.

Aw, such a tiny tent you are pitching in them. Your little boner is standing right up. I think he likes the small penis humiliation just as much as you do.  I do believe I see a sticky spot in the crotch of your panties! Did your little cock dribble in your girly bloomers? Yuck, I should make you take them off and lick them clean. No one else here is going to eat your cum, ick! You will be cleaning up your own messes, aka eating your own cum. Now there is an amusing fetish for you. If you burp that worm, before I say you can, I will make you lick up your own goo. Better then it ending up on my furniture or anywhere else near me. You make a mess on my couch and trust me, your mouth will go face first in it. I guess it really doesnt matter because it’s not this Humiliatrix’s goal to let you cum, anyways.

I see you caught on to what I just said, pimple dick LOL. I do believe I said I was not nice. So, why should I let you have your orgasm? I like tease and denial combined with humiliation. It makes me happy so dont pout. If I do let you cum it wont be pretty, in that, I will likely ruin that orgasm! Listen, when you call for SPH phone sex you can bet your booty, that I will be verbally teasing you right till the very end. If I must witness that yucky, little, thing dribbling in your panties then you will hear exactly what I think about it. Why should a hot princess, like me, have to witness you popping that pimple? Seriously, you have some high expectations.