Religious blasphemy phone sex fantasy

Religious blasphemy phone sex

Since I live too far away to attend services at my caller Michael’s church, he thought of a way that he can still get me off while I listen to his sermon. During one of our previous religious blasphemy phone sex calls I was telling him about my club vibe. I told him how I wanted to use it to let the sound from the church choir rock my wireless sound activated vibrator. He really loved that idea, but was pretty disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to use it in one of his services. Michael is a thoughtful pervert though, and he recorded one of his church services and sent me the Mp3. The sound of his voice itself is pretty sexy, but hearing him preach to his congregation while I know what kind of a blasphemous pervert he really is makes it an even larger turn on.

I put the mic/remote close to my laptop speakers and let the sound of his voice make my vibe hum away at my clit. Just as I do during our religious blasphemy sessions where he mock preaches to me, I inserted blasphemous retorts to his scripture reading and grinding against my vibe hard as I imagined him telling everyone in that congregation what we really thought about their god, what we had to say about their lord and savior. Then he took a break from his sermon to allow his choir to sing As I Kneel Before You. The sensation of my vibe rolling and buzzing against my clit as the group’s voices filled my ears felt amazing, and had my pussy quivering with each word.

The rest of the recording was of a private sermon that he had recorded for me. Like I said, he is a thoughtful pervert. That got me off so hard, hearing him jacking off while “preaching” to me about the sinful devious things that we love to explore. What do you like to explore and talk about when you think about religious blasphemy phone sex?
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guided masturbation phone sex fantasies

guided masturbation phone sex

Do you like being told what to do? Good! I am a little bossy and that’s why I am perfect for guided masturbation phone sex! I’ll tell you exactly how to jerk off – from picking out something to use as lube, how to grip your dick and of course the speed and intensity. I will take you so close to the edge of a mind blowing orgasm and just make you stop. You like edging closer and closer to that orgasm, right? I hope so, because we’re going to be doing a lot of it.

Never had guided masturbation phone sex before? That’s okay. If you don’t want it to be super intense, we can ease you into it. Just basic jerk off instruction with no edging will work, I suppose. But be warned – if you keep calling me for guided masturbation, it’s going to keep getting more and more intense. One time I kept a guy on the edge for two hours. Do you think you have what it takes to hold out for that long? Let’s find out! Don’t wait any longer. You know you can’t wait to hear my sweet voice tell you what to do.

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