guided masturbation phone sex

guided masturbation phone sexI really like to give a guy jerk off instructions and tell him exactly how to stroke his cock, so that I can make him have a mind-blowing orgasm. Think about it guys.  How many times have you masturbated in your life so far?  Thousands, I’m sure.  And what makes you have the best orgasm when you’re masturbating? Phone Sex! And guided masturbation phone sex will make you cum harder than even straight up phone sex.  Why?  Because you won’t stroke the same way you’ve stroked  for years.  The new sensations and stimulations of JOI will make your orgasm much more intense.  Anything new is sexually exciting and you will  want to experience this new way to masturbate now.

If you don’t want specific instructions while you jerk off and you just want to go with the flow, maybe you’d like a little jerk off encouragement.  Sometimes a sexy voice can drive you wild.  JOE is very hot right now and I know you want to try it with me.  I have callers who are married or have live-in girlfriends and they can only listen while they stroke quietly, so that their wives or gfs have no clue what they are doing in that other room.  Guided masturbation phone sex is perfect if you are married, have a girlfriend, roommates or if you can only call for phone sex from work.  Find out the pleasure you’ve been missing!  Call me for jerk off instruction or jerk off encouragement.

This is my number: 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for me, Brooke!!

AIM and Yahoo: babegirlbrooke

sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

Hello all of you panty loving sissy boys. I’m talking about the kind of guys who like to rub their sissy clitties up against a smooth silky pair of panties. It feels so good to feel your clitty swell as you jerk it against your panties doesn’t it? I promise you that it will feel even better if you rub yourself inside of your panties while having sissy phone sex with a kinky girl like me. I know first hand how it feels to feminize and sissify a guy, and make him become addicted to wearing panties for his Goddess. Wouldn’t you like to have someone to share all of your secrets with? It would be nice to have a Goddess who understands those sissy desires, and wants to push them until you’re helplessly addicted to panties.

It won’t stop with panties though sissy, no, I want to have you aching to become a full sissy boy for me. You’ll be shopping for stockings, high heels, bras, corsets, dresses, skirts, slips, makeup, and jewelry. Your focus will soon be on becoming the sexiest sissy that I’ve ever had sissy phone sex with before. You’ll need to be my very best sissy phone sex slut. Where will we go from there? I have no limits, so there is no telling how far into feminization you will go.




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