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ass worship phone sex

ass worship phone sex

Is your woman uptight and self conscious when it comes to things like ass worship phone sex? What a pity. She’ll never know how drenched your pussy can get when you hear a man begging to lick,kiss,suck and worship your ass. I found out a long time ago that ass worship phone sex was most definitely for me. Some really repressed people consider it taboo. I wonder what they would consider most of the fantasies out there then? Don’t worry about that though baby because I want you between my smooth legs with your soft lips planted on my cheeks. The way a wet warm tongue feels pressed against my waiting asshole makes me shiver in a very good way. I’ll let you have ass worship phone sex with me whether my ass is squeaky clean or sweaty and dirty. I want to hear you moaning while you’re worshiping my ass so slowly.

If your fetish is for stinky and sweaty ass worship you’re in luck. I’ll work hard to make it very fragrant and tasty and then have you sniffing my dirty panties as you jerk your cock and beg to have ass worship phone sex with me. How badly do you want to be smothered beneath my perfect sweaty ass? That could be just the beginning with me being the dirty girl that I am. There’s no telling what other treats I might surprise you with.

May – 1-888-704-6848

AIM/Yahoo FetishfreakMay




forced intox phone sex

forced intox phone sex

Never drink alone!  You should be drinking with me, Brooke, your Goddess of Bacchanalia.  In the mood to play with your favorite booze and get buzzed with Brooke? Tequila, Bourbon, Scotch, Jagermeister, Schnapps, Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Wine, Beer…  Get out your favorite bottle, a glass, a shot glass, ice – if you like it on the rocks, a mixer like Coca Cola or Club Soda if you want to slow down the effects and not feel the booze catch up with you right away.  Or I might just make you drink it straight from the bottle!   It’s time to party on forced intox phone sex.  I will tell you when to have another sip, do another shot, pour another drink.  Maybe we will play a drinking game I will devise.  Don’t start drinking without me.  I want to take you from sober to intox’d for the maximum effect!

When you are on a drinking spree for me, I will take advantage of you, I will make you confess your sexual secrets. I will have complete control of you like a forced intox phone sex puppet.  You will be powerless, you will feel so weak, you will lose all inhibitions.  If I tell you to do something, you will do it, like take self shot photos of yourself after you write whatever I tell you to write on your naked body with a sharpie marker, like Brooke’s Bitch, Loser, Idiot.

Call me now at 1-888-70-Hot4U for forced intox phone sex and ask for me, Brooke.

AIM: Brookebabegirl
Yahoo: BabyGirlBrooke