sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

Hello all of you panty loving sissy boys. I’m talking about the kind of guys who like to rub their sissy clitties up against a smooth silky pair of panties. It feels so good to feel your clitty swell as you jerk it against your panties doesn’t it? I promise you that it will feel even better if you rub yourself inside of your panties while having sissy phone sex with a kinky girl like me. I know first hand how it feels to feminize and sissify a guy, and make him become addicted to wearing panties for his Goddess. Wouldn’t you like to have someone to share all of your secrets with? It would be nice to have a Goddess who understands those sissy desires, and wants to push them until you’re helplessly addicted to panties.

It won’t stop with panties though sissy, no, I want to have you aching to become a full sissy boy for me. You’ll be shopping for stockings, high heels, bras, corsets, dresses, skirts, slips, makeup, and jewelry. Your focus will soon be on becoming the sexiest sissy that I’ve ever had sissy phone sex with before. You’ll need to be my very best sissy phone sex slut. Where will we go from there? I have no limits, so there is no telling how far into feminization you will go.




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feminization phone sex

Hiyaaaaaa Alice here, I totally think guys that call me for feminization phone sex, are totally awesome. I absolutely love turning a sissy boy into a full on, b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l girl. We can even go out the mall and pick up hot guys, I know you wanna show off your HOT new look. You might even wanna take a trip to the bar and find a drunk guy to suck off. Then, we can start on your cock sucking skills.

Its all good if you don’t want to dress up with me and learn my top secret, b-e-a-u-t-y secrets. Whatever man! But, I do have a little solution for this! With forced feminization phone sex, fortunately, you do not make the rules! This feminization phone sex princess, on the other hand does. You will eventually give in and I will have my way.

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sissy phone sex

There are totally different types of sissy boys in the sissy phone sex world. Like bunches, I love playing with sissy boys and faggy boys too. I cannot say I have a favorite type of sissy to play with, but a salon sissy is sooooo much fun. We talk about everything, from jewelry to shoes, make-up tips and the latest fashions. How much freaking fun is that, its like talking to one of my friends.

Of course, my other favorites are PAN-TY BOYS!! woot! lol. I love a little pantie boy that wants to confess his deepest, darkest secrets to me. He steals ladies panties and loves prancing around, feeling sexy and feminine. Most panty boys love jerking off in their panties for me and they take instruction well. Well, I guess the point is I freaking loveee feminizing sissy phone sex boys. I am Princess Alice the perfect little girl you need, in your life, to put you in your place.

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