Impregnation Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my sin filled paradise! I am Heaven; a fiery red-head from Texas. You know what they say right? Everything’s bigger in Texas. Since I can remember I was taught that bigger is better, and small just isn’t good enough. I have a ravenous appetite for all things BIG. Bigger personality, bigger cocks to fuck, and of course the biggest of all are the secrets I keep from my husband. What secrets you ask? The ravenous craving for impregnation phone sex with any man that will leave his baby batter inside my belly.

impregnation phone sex

I have often fantasized about the neighbor down the street knocking me up. I think it would be really hot to carry another man’s baby, while making my husband think the baby was ours. Funny how a woman can time it just right, don’t you think so? One minute you are fucking just for fun, and the next she is suddenly knocked up. Well, baby guess what… I am ovulating right now, do you know what that means? That makes it the perfect timing for impregnation phone sex.

I guarantee with the seductive song I sing no cock in close vicinity will be able to resist me. In fact, oh is that a knock at my door? Mmmmm…. And the fun begins! Wow! Look at them, lined up outside my door. I am going to be one busy saint….*evil laughter* emptying all those balls. Of course, I am only going to fuck the biggest cocks. Those tic-tacs just won’t work for this impregnation phone sex slut. And to be honest… the idea of having so many possible fathers is hotter to me than anything else! I love the idea of not knowing who the father is. I know not knowing makes you just as hot as it does me. So, don’t wait a moment longer, call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U to fulfill your lust filled desires with me… Heaven during impregnation phone sex.

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CFNM Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my paradise of sin filled adventures. I am Heaven sent from above to help with your sinful, lust filled desires. Are you wondering what this feisty, red haired Texan has in store for you? Darlin’ I can say you don’t have a clue what I am capable of! I do everything bigger and better! I am capable of humiliating and ruining you! Are you wondering how I am going to do that? Well, you are going to strip before me. That is right you are going to strip naked before me! You don’t get to argue with me! Why, Because you are nothing but the dirt of the earth. Now, Get on your knees! I am your mistress and you will worship me, but you are going to do it naked and caged during CFNM phone sex.

CFNM phone sex

I told you I was feisty and they say red heads are fiery hot in bed too. You will be lucky if you make it that far with me. I have watched you lust after me now for days, weeks, even months. It has gone one long enough! It is time you learn your place in front of a superior woman! That woman just so happens to be ME! See, I am your superior and you only get to look at me when I tell you too. Otherwise you are my servant, and I control you. I control if you are clothed, what you eat, what time you go to the bathroom and whom you talk to. I also control when you are allowed to touch yourself and if you have behaved well enough to cum. While you are my servant you will please me, you will submit to my every whim and you will continue to stay nude during our CFNM phone sex sessions.

You will wear your dog collar and leash, and your cock will stay caged. I know the thought of my controlling everything about you makes you hard. Funny, you think you can cover that up. Too bad, your disobedience has your hands cuffed behind your back. No amount of begging will you get you out of this mess! I love control, it is making this slutty housewife hot as fire. So, don’t keep your Mistress waiting any longer. Call 1 888 70 HOT4U for CFNM phone sex with your fiery hot siren Heaven!

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Phone Sex Brat Samantha

I love being a phone sex brat. I think it’s easy for me because I’m a brat in real life. I mean, I’ve been teasing men and getting what I want from them for as long as I can remember. I was always this pretty and trust me, men have always noticed. If I see a man and I want him, I can have him. If I want something from a man, I get it…even if he gets nothing from me.

phone sex brat

It’s a blessing AND a curse to be this pretty. I mean, everyone wants me. Having to put up with being hit on basically 24 hours a day is exhausting. But I guess the pros far outweigh the cons. I get fucked by the hottest men on the planet and I get money and presents from all the losers who would never have a chance with me.

Sometimes I like bringing losers by the sorority house and making them do funny things. One of my favorites is making them dress up as a maid and make them serve drinks at parties. And if I feel like it, I make them get down on their knees and pleasure any man who wants his cock sucked. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun.

Also, being a phone sex brat is good for getting all the cash and presents I want. I haven’t had to pay my own bills in a really long time. And I don’t see me paying them anytime soon, either. I mean, look at me. I am the kind of girl that men just want to take care of and spoil. Financial domination is something that’s just always come so freaking easy to me. I don’t even have to try and it just happens.

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GFE Phone Sex with Samantha

GFE phone sex

Have you ever had a GFE phone sex experience? No? Well, let me tell you all about it. A phone sex girlfriend is someone who is there only for your pleasure. I will talk to you about whatever you want to talk about. I will worship your body. I will let you worship mine. I will even let you spoil me if that’s something you’d like to do. Hehe.
I know you might be wondering why in the world you might need a GFE phone sex girl to talk to. Maybe your wife or girlfriend just isn’t taking care of your physical or emotional needs. But I will put my needs above my own. All you have to do is tell me what you need and I will be sure to make it happen for you. I will make you so special that you’re probably going to beg me to be with you and tell me that you’ll leave your wife or girlfriend for me. I can’t blame you. Most girls wouldn’t put your pleasure ahead of their own, but my only wish is to make you feel good in every way.
Our GFE phone sex relationship doesn’t have to be all sexual. I am smart and perfectly capable of talking about a lot of topics. So if there’s a day when you feel like all you want to do is talk, I’ll totally be there for you. It’s really up to you what you want to talk about. Or maybe you’ll decide you don’t want to talk at all and you just want us to masturbate together.

I’m the perfect phone sex girlfriend and I want to show you that. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call me and we will have a really fantastic time. Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha. I’ll be waiting to make you happy, baby!

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Samantha

Hahaha!! You didn’t really think I would pay any attention to you if you weren’t calling me for financial domination phone sex, did you? Oh man, how pathetic and delusional you are! You’re a real piece of work. What in the world could you offer me that would make me pay attention to you other than money? That’s right. Nothing! You are a pathetic excuse for a man and that’s exactly why you are about to call me and give me all your money. A real man wouldn’t do that. Would they buy me nice things? Sure, absolutely. But they would do that because they want to. Not because they must pay me to get my attention. But you do, and you always will. There is no way around it, loser. I don’t know why you aren’t on the phone yet. You should have the phone and your credit card in hand right now…and you should be ready to make my day with all the money you’re going to give me.

financial domination phone sex

You know what else I find funny? Your pathetic dick…if you can even call it that. I have never seen anything like it in my life, and that’s not a good thing at all. That’s the main reason you can’t get a woman without paying her. In addition to financial domination phone sex, you will be getting a huge (not that you even know what that word means) dose of humiliation. Getting your money and getting to laugh at your teeny weenie? Well, that sounds like a really freaking good time to me!

What are you waiting for, loser? Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Samantha for financial domination phone sex. Do not keep me waiting. It’s going to cost you even more if you do.

Phone Sex Brat Samantha

Hi to all the losers out there! I’m Samantha and I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a phone sex brat. Well, I’m not just a brat on the phone. I am a brat in general and I am not sorry for it. It’s not my fault that I’m so hot men just want to give me everything they have and will do anything I tell them to. And that doesn’t even guarantee them sex or even getting to see me naked. No, that takes a lot. But men will do anything even just for a small chance of getting to see me naked. So yeah, can you blame me for being the way I am? I didn’t choose to be a brat. It’s just the way I was born.

phone sex brat

But when I started doing phone sex, that’s when I really learned how much men worshiped me. You fucking losers pay good money to talk to me over the phone knowing good and well you will NEVER get to lay a finger on me. I mean, you’re pretty pathetic. I hope you know that. And no, I will never feel bad for pointing out to you what a loser you are. Someone is eventually going to tell you, so it might as well be me who gets to have fun and laugh at you.

And when I’m done laughing at you (or hell, maybe while I laugh) you’re going to buy me anything I want. I deserve all of your money. You’re a loser. You don’t even deserve to buy things for yourself. You can have enough of your money to survive with the bare minimum of everything you need. The rest of it will go to me!

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Forced Intox Phone Sex with Brooke

Gentlemen, you’re in for a very good time if you come to Brooke’s Bar.  Look up at the blinking sign above the bar before you take a seat, it says –  never drink alone.  No man should drink alone, and especially not when I’m here to be your smoking hot phone sex bartender.  Grab a stool, grab your alcohol and call me now for forced intox phone sex fun.  Whatever you have to drink, I’ll tell you how much to pour and how fast to drink it.  I will make you so weak for me, as your beautiful platinum blonde barmaid, seducing you with you my sweet forced intox demands.  I’m not shy, so I will be telling you exactly what to do with that bottle you have in front of you.  And not only will I be giving you intox instructions, I will also be giving you jerk off instructions.  You will sip your booze and stroke your cock for me.  Just the way I like it.  Your cock should be twitching by now!  That is, unless you get whiskey dick, darling, I can’t help it if that happens.  But you will love falling under my intoxicating spell here at my sexy bar, while I make you pour another shot or fill a rocks glass or even drink straight out of the bottle.

forced intox phone sex

We can play some naughty but fun forced intox phone sex  drinking games too.  The possibilities with me here at the bar are limitless. Forced intox is exciting for me, I love making men do what I say.  And you will do whatever I say, because drinking makes you hornier and more eager to please me!  Also, as per the other sign above the cigarette machine, Brooke’s Bar is a no taboos establishment.  We can talk about whatever your kinky heart desires while you are getting intoxed for me.

Cheer’s, Brooke!

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no taboos phone sex with alice

no taboos phone sex

Hiiiii my name is Alice.  Are you looking for a  no taboos  phone sex princess have some fun with?  then I am totally your girl I love getting nasty and I am not sorry for it.  Just because I am a 18teen  princess, doesn’t mean I do not like to get down and dirty.  The best kind of phone sex is  the type that has no restrictions. right? I have never been the type of girl that likes rules. I don’t mind being told what to do but I like to do whatever I want.  we can totally do whatever we want  and that’s my type of party.

I do have a secret that I want to share. I can only share it with a no taboos phone sex lover. come a little closer let me whisper sweet things into your ear. That makes your cock rock hard doesn’t it?. hehehehe  good I like it when older men get rock hard for me,  it makes me feel like the princess that I already know that I am. hahahaha.  come on I’m so bored and lonely I have been watching porn all night long. My small fingers are so sticky and wet. I have been playing in my vagina for so long I’m starting to get those little lines on my fingertips. hahahaha.  It’s not my fault I can’t keep my fingers out of my smooth bald pussy.  You can listen to me play with it while you tell me all of your no taboos secrets. Mommy isn’t home and my daddy isn’t home I can get as nasty as I like. Do you know a cucumber is shaped just like a cock and it’s just as hard AND I don’t have to sneak them out of my bedroom window when my mom gets home.  I just eat them.  Call me for no taboos phone sex okie? 1-888-70-HOT4U.

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phone sex slut carmen

phone sex slut

Your wife just pulled off as you came to my front door and said “Carmen you have been driving me crazy for long enough now! I have come over here to tell you to stop.” I smiled up at you as you went on to say “You know I think you are a great girl but I don’t know why you must insist on pushing my buttons! I am a married man and I just think it’s time that you stop thinking of excuses to come by my house!” I could see how turned on he was but afraid to admit that he loved a phone sex slut like myself. And if that wasn’t proof enough that he really didn’t mean what he said the bulge in his pants spoke volumes. I looked up and said “I hear everything you are saying but I’m not so sure I believe it.” Then I reached out and started sliding my soft hand down his pants to feel every last inch of that thick rock hard cock. I let a sugary sweet giggle out and said “You like it when I come over to visit you. I know this because every time we are alone you get this hungry look in your eyes like you want to have me all for yourself.” Then I told him to stop thinking about his wife and to quit denying how turned on he gets. If that wasn’t driving him to the limit I decided to turn things up a bit and say “I know how much your dick gets hard when I’m in your personal space. You want my soft hands all over you don’t you?” I stood there stroking him as he stood in my door way. He looked down and said “Carmen! Stop that now we are outside and someone may see!” As I brushed my soft lips against his and grinding my body against him I pulled away and said “Let them see! I’m not the one who has a boy friend or a significant other in my life. Besides you are the one who came to me!” I stroked him even faster as I could feel pre cum dripping from his cock and by now he couldn’t help but confess how he truly felt and before we knew it he was in my house with his hands all over me.

He moaned out and said “Fuck baby you make my dick so hard every time I think about you! All I want to do is just show you what happens to phone sex slut girls like you who go around wearing those revealing clothes and being super flirty.” He pushed me down on my knees with his raging hard cock exposed. He ran it across my lips and then started to face fuck me like there was no tomorrow.  My eyes fill up with water as I feel that dick head hit the back of my throat. Giving the best sloppy wet blow job like a slutty girl like myself can. By then his dick was so hard he didn’t know if he wanted to push it in my wet creamy pussy or kinky ass. I looked up and said “I’m your naughty whore baby. I know when you are with your wife you wish that it’s my tight body that was fucking you instead.” Right at that moment is when he put me up on my knees and spread my ass cheeks apart. I knew he was the kind of kinky dirty man who wanted to feel the insides of my rose bud. I wiggled it back and fourth egging him on as I could feel that big mushroom head push in my tiny hole. I looked back begging him to give it to me deep and hard. The more I begged the deeper he pumped. Calling me names as he felt my dripping wet twat juices fall on his shaft. I moaned out his name as he said “Carmen I just love your raunchy dirty talking mouth. It’s so sweet and makes my dick stand at attention. Now beg for my cum you phone sex slut!”

Do you think I was a obedient girl and did as he asked? I would love for you to come find out for yourself so you can see just how I’ll do anything for you to blow your creamy load just for me…

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taboo phone sex with carmen

taboo phone sex

Ohhhh did you come and catch me in your bedroom again? *giggles* I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t help myself. I just really wanted to be close to you. Especially since “she” is gone and we have the place all to ourselves now. And I know you have been waiting for this moment for a while as well. We have a secret in common don’t we? We both love taboo phone sex. You know how naughty and slutty of a girl I am for you. And when you caught me sneaking all those boys in my bedroom over the weekend you looked and me and said “Carmen you are such a fucking slut! Is there any guy you haven’t given yourself too?” I smile as I lay in your bed and say “You! Do you know that when I’m with them that I actually wish it was you instead?” You get this surprised look on your face unsure of what to say. But deep down inside you know how bad I want you. My sweet creamy pussy gets so wet for older men like you. And by my body language and how we act when “she” is not around we both know that we have been waiting on the perfect moment to give ourselves to each other. You are kinky, dirty and very naughty. And I am just as much as you are. And the taboo phone sex things that I love “she” would never do them with you. You smile down a me walking closer. You start stroking yourself through your shorts and open up my teddy. Then make your way down to me. My body trembles as my soft kissable lips meet yours. Kissing deeply as our tongues dance round and round. You take my hand and place it under your shorts as I start stroking on your erect dick. I tease it and make it feel better than anyone ever has and say “Is now the time for me to give myself to you? Please take this sweet tight pussy.” You spread my creamy legs open and take your big fat dick out stroking it. And all you can think about is pushing it in my tight dripping wet fuck hole. “Please push it in and feel how good it is. Feel it grip and squeeze your throbbing cock.” I will take it deep in my fuck walls and show you just how much I cant get enough of being your taboo phone sex slut. And when you are ready to shoot your cum I’ll get on my knees and tell you just how thirsty I am for it….

I am yours however you want. Kisses & Licks. Call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Carmen.

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