Blasphemous Phone Sex with Raine

A friend joked the other day this hot weather was making his change her ways cause she was obviously not suited for a life in hell. Now I am not one that enjoys hot weather but lets just say I am not about to become the good girl next door. Well I toss on a cute floral summer dress and lure you into to some wicked blasphemous phone sex temptation.

blasphemous phone sex

Cant you just see it me acting like a sweet girl that blushes any time something dirty is mentioned. Daring not to show flesh around my parents. The one singing away in the church choir on Sunday. But you know the truth this hot college girl has some very dirty secrets. I only attend church to make my parents happy.

For the moment they turn their backs I am flirting with you. Sitting next to you and letting my dress ride up to expose the flesh of my thigh. Which makes it very hard for you to focus on the sermon of the day. When all you can think of is what it would be like to fuck a dirty college coed like myself.

What my pussy would feel like wrapped around you dick.

Course this is a blasphemous phone sex fantasy and well being a taboo loving coed means that I am up for anything to happen during our time together. Be it fucking in that church all the way to summoning up the devil himself.

Naughty? YES!

But that is what you enjoy about a free spirit girl like myself that I dont care about maintaining the rules. Why not pick up the phone and find out just how dirty I can be. How sexy it is to hear “Fuck Jesus!” being chanted in your ear during a blasphemous phone sex fantasy.

Just ask for Raine 1-888-704-6848

Fetish Phone Sex With Raine

Damn! Have the Monday blahs hit you too? Cause swear I rolled out of my bed and boom was rather disappointed the weekend was over. Well more disappointed it was no longer Sunday cause it was such a sinfully delicious day for me. So rather hard to welcome the week when your craving some more sin. Mind you my blahs got turned around right quick the moment I logged my ass in for some fetish phone sex calls.

fetish phone sex

Knowing there are a few others out there that are not gonna care what day of the week or hour of the day it is. They will be indulging in some dirty fun on the phone to satisfy their kinky cravings. Those of you with a dark soul that realize blasphemy needs to happen on more than just Sunds. Though it feel exceptionally arousing to take the holy name on Sunday while every other God fearing person is praising him.

Hmmm perhaps I should drag my ass out of bed during church attending hours?

Sorry I cant cause I am usually off fucking the night before and chanting God’s name during my orgasm. That counts as blasphemy right? Sure God loves knowing how many times my unmarried pussy is climaxing on some strangers cock.

Course I am up for any freaky fetish phone sex fantasy today. Its Monday maybe we work our way through the M in the fetish dictionary. Oh now I have to do a quick little google search to see what pops up. Maid Training, Macrophilia, Micropenis, and well there is more but pretty sure the kinky list is a wee bit too taboo for me to share here. *wink*

Love to work through some on the phone with you.

1-888-704-6848 is the number to reach me, Raine for some freaky fetish phone sex fun!

Cuckold Fantasy with Raine

My last few evenings haven been spent engaging in one very hot cuckold fantasy with a certain individual. Should really say our time together is less really about enacting certain fantasies but more the discussion of what stimulates our mind and bodies during the act of cuckolding.

Yes deep I know but its been most interesting. I love exploring someone’s mind and see where they go with thing. One simple question of do you prefer to be humiliated during your cuckold fantasy or do you like a more sensual side of things? Leads you into an amazing rabbit hole of delicious scenarios.

cuckold fantasy

Sure I could break them down for you right here but you know what I rather not. For I dont want to sway you one way or the other on your answers. I know the last few evenings our cuckold phone sex calls have gone in a varied direction and he may of asked the same question the night before but literally in 24 hours my answer has changed. All cause I have thought more about what he has asked. Hell even the events of the day have influenced me to respond differently.

So in no way would I want to respond here and have you think that is my absolute opinion on things for I know I am an ever evolving individual that will answer rather differently moment to moment and well even after writing this blog my mind is swirling with thoughts. As I am sure my writing is reflecting that.

Time to get my feet back on the ground and focus its been a delightful last few days exploring his and well my view on cuckold fantasy hell lifestyle. Like to expand things and see where your mind is on the subject. So if you wish to discuss cuckolding or have a certain cuckold phone sex fantasy in mind you wish to chat about then give me a call.

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine.

Freaky Fetish Phone Sex with Raine

Its Friday! And for what ever reason be it the cycle of the moon or my body just craving something kinky and freaky but I am in the mood for some freaky fetish phone sex fantasies.

Talking all out wild and taboo sort of things. Wish I could really pin point what sort of freaky fetish role plays were crossing my mind other than I just looked at a list of things and my pussy was twitching over the possibilities.

freaky fetish phone sex

Could be something as simple as a strap on fantasy such as you getting fucked by your oh so sexy girlfriend. Mind you I do have a few ways to kink that scenario up. No I am going to be a right tease and not tell you here.

Then there is the idea of making you a bukkake slut. Yes a bisexual fantasy that has you on your knees in the center of a massive circle jerk off. Nothing but looking up at a sea of thick throbbing cocks ready to blow their load over you body. Yes I may of coerced you into that bisexual situation. Couldnt help it think cum facials are beyond hot!

What else could we do on this freaky fetish phone sex loving Friday night? Well there is the idea of edging your cock all night long and giving you some blue balls. Sure that doesnt really compare to the bukkake shower as mentioned above but what can I say the idea of making you beg over an over again for an orgasm due to your balls hurting does excite me.

Sure you have your own ideas of what will make this Friday extra naughty. Some wild and kinky fantasy that has been getting you all hot and bothered since the middle of the week. Come share it with me tonight. Just ask for Raine your kinky raindrop 1-888-704-6848.


Blasphemy Phone Sex with Raine

I shall be honest I didnt grow up attending any form of traditional church. Never believed saying Jesus names in vain would have lightening strike me down. So religious blasphemy phone sex fantasies dont bother me. Well I will say bother me in the sense that I think I will get struck down by lightening or that I will end up in eternal damnation for being a freaky girl. 

religious blasphemy phone sex

That being said I do find saying “ Fuck Jesus” extremely sexy. I mean in the heat of the moment when I am nearing orgasm I do say that anyways. Do wonder what Jesus thinks when he gets called upon during a sexual climax?

So back to the blasphemy phone sex fantasies. Even though I never attended church I cant say that I dont find the idea of having sex in a church unappealing. For the fact that its rather taboo location only intensifies the craving to do it. Who wouldnt right? 

Never mind look who I am talking too. Most who call for religious blasphemy phone sex did go to church and come up with the most intense role plays around. Be it just taking the name of the lord in vain while fucking in a confessional type thing. To using those crucifixes in rather interesting ways. Oh and cant forget summoning the devil during the most intimate of loving making. 

Am loving the near god experience, so please keep the unique religious experiences coming. For I love being a nasty slut in the house of God. 

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine

GFE Phone Sex with Raine

GFE Phone Sex girl

Ok this is one of those crazy confessions that will probably make most cringe going she seriously didnt just say that?? Well brace yourself cause I am about to say it! When I first signed up doing phone sex the whole girlfriend experience was rather lost on me. I mean I got talking about fetishes and well I got the fantasy part but I really didnt see the GFE phone sex side of things.

Now wait a second!

Before you click away going oh shit this girl is a wild freaky fetish girl that isnt interested in making a connection with a guy.

Hold up!

That is where I was horribly mistaken. I never paired that connection with gfe phone sex. See I soon realized that the girlfriend experience wasnt about the lovey dovey cuddly wuddly things. Which is where my brain went so shoot me.  Its about creating that connection with someone be it not having to explain your fantasy again and again. Its being able to just decompress through some crazy banter cause the other person just gets YOU.

For me, GFE phone sex is having the tone of my voice changes once I realize its YOU on the phone.  I completely hear it now. There is that familiarity. I know that I can toss out a sarcastic joke and you will get it or some one liner from our last call that will have you hopefully breaking out into a smile. Its about finding out what your thoughts on the latest movie we both wanted to see. If you managed to find time to share it and well teasing you with the highlights to said movie you missed.

GFE phone sex is all the little things that lead up to a great fetish/fantasy call. So this wild kinky girl has had her mind expanded and opened up. I would love to explore our own version of a girlfriend experience with you. No expectations. Completely open minded. Ready for anything.

My name is Raine and cant wait to get to know you. 1-888-704-6848.

Wild Phone Sex Fantasies with Raine

Normally the weekend has me out enjoying the trails around my house but this weekend is full on autumn. The west coast storms have arrived and I gotta admit this wild phone sex girl wants nothing more than to stay home tucked away in my warm bed.

wild phone sex

Now dont think just cause I desire to be in bed that I wanna be all innocent and lay around watching movies. Ok so that is part of it but mostly I wanna lay in bed and watch some porn flicks while playing with my vibrator.

My pussy has been horribly neglected lately. Its been a solid week since a cock has pounded it raw. So that is where I need you to come help me out.



Some wild phone sex fantasies.

Truly an anything goes type of girl.

Hell we could start out with something very innocent and then slowly crank up the nasty level until we are both whispering normally I am not that nasty!

Have to admit those are the calls I love to do. Where we just throw caution to the wind and let our horny minds dictate the direction of the call. Drop all our limits and explore the wild nature of our sexual desires.

Who is with me for some wild phone sex fantasies?

Completely uninhibited.

Raw. Nasty. Taboo.

Yes lets go there tonight.

All you have to do is call 1-888-704-6848 tell the dispatcher you wish to get extra kinky with Raine. Taboo Fantasies are most welcomed with me!

Kinky Phone Sex Girl Raine

This kinky phone sex girl is home on a Friday night while all my friends are getting buck wild in the wilderness. Rather envious knowing they are off skinny dipping under the full moon and I am back in civilization for a family birthday party. Not that I am unhappy about attending the birthday but I really wanted to be dancing and fucking under the full moon.

kinky phone sex girl

What is a girl to do?

Well if your a kinky phone sex girl with no limits you simply spend your night at home taking calls and hopefully finding some nasty guys eager to make my pussy wet. Your out there right?

Course you are that full moon has got to be having an effect on your cock just like it makes my pussy tingle for some attention. Now saying that I really am in an anything goes sort of mind set. From being a cum craving whore in a gang bang situation to fucking your ass with my strap on. Hell we could even go some super natural deal and become fairies that frolic in the forest. Ok maybe that is a bit over the top but it is summer and nature is still calling me.

Actually I do have an idea but nah I dont think anyone would grab on to the idea of some shape shifting sex. Your right that might be too outside the box. Or is it?

You can truly let your mind run wild with that idea cause I know mine is and most of it is well too taboo to say here. Like I say this kinky phone sex girl is up for anything!

No limits.

No taboos.

Just nasty sex.

Who is with me tonight?

1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine.

Ok so I looked and its not quite the full moon tonight but that doesnt mean we cant pretend its not a full moon. Bring on the wild sex fantasies!

Panty Sniffing Phone Sex with Raine

Are you a panty boy feeling rather neglected with all the hot girls around opting to wear no panties? Well good news there panty boy, this hot  phone girl is still wearing her panties so you can have some fun stealing my panties from the hamper. I know your weekend got that much hotter knowing you can indulge in some panty sniffing phone sex fun with me.

panty sniffing phone sex

Sure I could opt to go commando under my skirts and give boys a show but I am a bit of a tease which means I much rather flash guys my panties than my pussy. Yes some of you are pouting over that fact while the panty boys are drooling over it. Rather fun wondering what little view your gonna be getting when I bend over. Will I be in a bikini style, thong or g-string. Really the possibilities are endless.

Usually depends on what I am wearing as to the style of panty you will sneak a peak of. No I am not about to tell you what I wear with what much rather save that for our panty sniffing phone sex call. That way I can tell you what I was wearing that day in the way of teasing outfit and work my way up to the panties you will bury your nose in.

Have to ask panty boy do you have a favorite style of panty you like to sniff? Or maybe your the sort who prefers to just wear them. Hell I dont mind what we do with my dirty panties. All I know is I am up for having some fun with these sweet *checking to see the color I have on today* nude panties.

Should I change them to something more colorful? I am in white shorts today so the nude did seem appropriate.

Anyways you can reach me by calling 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Raine

After a few small penis humiliation phone sex calls I have to say my  outlook on the size of mens cocks have changed. Well perhaps its more how I view myself has changed. See I use to thing I was all its not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean type philosophy. Wishing to connect on a deeper level that cock size.

Ya that was all a lie.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Sure a man’s soul matters but when we are between the sheets I am a straight up size queen. Most the men I have had the best sexual experiences with have been over the 7 inch mark. When I think about it even 7 inches is on the small side. So those guys who call up to be humiliated about their 3-5 inch cock well I really do have no desire to fuck you. In the beginning of taking sph calls I was sort of holding back my laughter cause I didnt want to hurt your feelings but I am sort of over that. I have reach a new level of understanding about my own sexual needs and I dont think its fair to lie any more. To you and mostly to myself.

So there will be no more holding back of my disgust or laughter during small penis humiliation phone sex calls. I will be straight up honest about what size actually satisfies me and what I really need to get off in bed. Which yes wont be some 3-5 inch cock.

Wow I feel so much better getting that off my chest. I cant wait to let the laughter roll on my next sph call. Wonder who it will be. Some panty boy or a cuck or just some guy who learned early on that he didnt have what it took to satisfy a woman?

Anyways you can reach me at 1-888-704-6848 just ask for Raine!

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