Roleplay Phone Sex with Essence

I was lying in bed masturbating the other night when I had the most amazing roleplay phone sex idea. I used to work in an office and I was always fantasizing about how much fun it would be to bend my asshole boss over and fuck him in the ass with a strap on. He always looked at everyone who had a lower position than him as less of a person and I was just dying to put him in his place.

Roleplay phone sexMy boss was always groping me and I decided one day that I was going to give him a taste of his own medicine. Before I went into his office, I pressed record on my phone and put it in my pocket. Of course, he told me to come over next to him and he started grabbing my tits and talking about how much he loved touching them while I went over a report with him. I just let him do his thing and left his office. But the next day, I came to work prepared. I had put my strap on in my bag before I left home. I had a meeting with him first thing so I just carried my bag right into his office. I shut the door and I told him that from now on, things were going to be different in our meetings. I told him that I was going to be the one doing the touching. He laughed and said I could touch him anytime I wanted to. That’s when I took out my phone and played the recording for him. All of the color drained from his face and he asked what I was going to do about it. I took my strap on out of my bag and told him he needed to stand up and bend over for me.

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Essence

If you’re looking for the perfect roleplay phone sex slut, baby you do not have to look any further! If there is one thing I love, it’s definitely bringing to life all kinds of kinky and sexy roleplays. I’ve done all kinds of fun ones that I could tell you about, but right now, I want to hear about what kind of roleplay fantasy turns YOU on. Are you brave enough to tell me those nasty things that you have always been a little afraid to tell someone? I’m not gonna judge you, baby! I am going to be just as turned on as you are when you tell me what gets your dick hard.

roleplay phone sex

But don’t you worry…if your roleplay isn’t super nasty, that’s okay. I love all of the “basics”, too. I could be your babysitter, student, patient, co-worker, or anything else you are in the mood for. Maybe you want me to be a hooker. Or a stripper that things get a little bit too out of control with. Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to fuck the guys who come in to watch me strip, but I can’t help it. You were just too hot for me to be able to resist.

If you don’t know exactly what kind of roleplay phone sex you’re in the mood for, don’t worry about that, either! I will try really hard to come up with something that will please you beyond belief. I know what kinds of naughty things make dicks hard. I’ve been doing it for a while and I know I can make you feel really good.

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Interracial Phone Sex with Essence

Interracial phone sex is where  you want a little secret chocolate drop to fulfill all of your fantasies ? That white cock has been begging to slip into something dark and creamy, hasn’t it? Don’t worry; I don’t want no one to know I am fucking a white boy either. We can both keep that secret and I promise your fetish of chocolate girls is safe with me. You don’t want mama knowing you made that cock dirty with a naughty girl like myself, right? You do know your daddy stopped by last night and gave me a little preview of what you must offer. Don’t worry baby; I know why your mama cheats now. He’s hung like a house mouse.

interracial phone sex

Look down when you fuck me… Like what you see? Ebony and ivory and ohhhh so creamy; watch as the dick pushes into my dark folds, stretching my tiny black cave open. You never had a real woman till you pushed up into a sexy chocolate girl. My long, dark legs wrapped around your body, I want to collect all that cum from your white cock. Interracial phone sex fucking can lead to pumping a little cream-colored baby into me if you keep doing me like this. Mmm…I love a good creampie.  With me we can break all the rules. You can say the things you want to say to me and I’ll never judge. I love it nasty and the nastier the better for me.

Now you can’t wait for some chocolate cream pie. Baby, I am the nastiest little bitch on the block when a white man fucks me. The black guys usually control me and take the lead but  I know with you I can get a little nastier than usual.  There are no limits to the ebony phone sex loving hot girl! I deliver 100%.  Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for Essence.

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Essence

Everyone is different when it comes to domination. Some enjoy the screaming and yelling with harsh tasks and punishment while others enjoy the softer side of things. I love sensual domination phone sex because it allows me to tap into my seductive side while still feeding my need for ultimate control.

sensual domination phone sex

It’s funny really because most men don’t even know they are really being controlled until I let it be known.  By flaunting my breasts and firm ass they think I’m just being a tease, but I’m really training their minds for something much more seductive. For me, it’s easy to bring you to that point where you’re unsure of how to proceed. You’ve always thought you had ultimate control over your life but then you met a sensual domination phone sex mistress and all of your limits went out the window. Now you’re just strokes away from being my slave.

You never would have guessed it would be like this. My curvy physique and sensuous voice have captivated you and made you a slave in your own mind. Everything you once knew is no longer true. Your soul, body, and mind all belong to me. There is no need for you to figure out your life plans because from here on out I control it all. My sensual domination phone sex has many levels and you’re almost to the highest point. Nothing anyone can say will bring you back to where you once used to be. In fact your life really didn’t begin until you met me. You had no direction and your cock was just there for anyone to use. Now I put your inches to get use by having you please your mistress on a nightly basis while my golden center makes you even more addicted.  

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