Interracial Phone Sex with Essence

Interracial phone sex is where  you want a little secret chocolate drop to fulfill all of your fantasies ? That white cock has been begging to slip into something dark and creamy, hasn’t it? Don’t worry; I don’t want no one to know I am fucking a white boy either. We can both keep that secret and I promise your fetish of chocolate girls is safe with me. You don’t want mama knowing you made that cock dirty with a naughty girl like myself, right? You do know your daddy stopped by last night and gave me a little preview of what you must offer. Don’t worry baby; I know why your mama cheats now. He’s hung like a house mouse.

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Look down when you fuck me… Like what you see? Ebony and ivory and ohhhh so creamy; watch as the dick pushes into my dark folds, stretching my tiny black cave open. You never had a real woman till you pushed up into a sexy chocolate girl. My long, dark legs wrapped around your body, I want to collect all that cum from your white cock. Interracial phone sex fucking can lead to pumping a little cream-colored baby into me if you keep doing me like this. Mmm…I love a good creampie.  With me we can break all the rules. You can say the things you want to say to me and I’ll never judge. I love it nasty and the nastier the better for me.

Now you can’t wait for some chocolate cream pie. Baby, I am the nastiest little bitch on the block when a white man fucks me. The black guys usually control me and take the lead but  I know with you I can get a little nastier than usual.  There are no limits to the ebony phone sex loving hot girl! I deliver 100%.  Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for Essence.

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Phone Sex Roleplay with Carmen

Can I share a secret with you? I just know how much you love confessionals. Especially the kind that are taboo, kinky and dirty as well. You are all that I can think of. You have told me that I am all that you can think of too. Especially when it comes to being the best girl who can give you any type of phone sex roleplay that your heart desires. You know how versatile a female like me can be. You have asked me so many times “Carmen how can you just change like a light switch?” I smile and say “All I have to do is hear your fantasy and what gets you excited and cock hard and the way that you speak to me. I know right at that moment if wanting a fantasy of me being submissive or a cock teasing mistress” And when I chat with you on messenger I can tell if the person is aggressive or more passive. ”

phone sex roleplay

I then went on to say “That is just like you. There are times that you want to bend me over and pull my panties to the side and fuck my warm tight pussy and inviting ass too. And there are other times where you fantasize about seeing me on my knees sucking either your cock that throbs for me or sucking on another mans cock. And to add a even more unexpected kinky twist to things, there are times that you even want to have your willing mouth planted around a stiff big dick.” And to me I can be your sexy intern, your naughty college girl who loves being with you alone, your wife’s slutty sister who does all that she wont do, your babysitter who seduces you and makes you cum so hard you can’t get enough, the girl next door who always comes by when you are all alone, your mistress that catches you stroking off with my pretty panties and so much more. I just get so turned on for a man that is limit free. One who would do anything to make a sinful red head like me happy. One who would bend over and feel my fingers probing in a mans slut hole just teasing and hitting the spot that drives them to the point of no return. I tease and seduce you with my cock teasing flirty gestures and ways. I expose my petite body with tiny fitting skirts and mesh like tops with fishnets and cum fuck me pumps for the perfect finishing touch. Your dick drips pre cum when you stroke and think of me being your incredible phone sex roleplay fantasy sweetheart. All those men who love a unpredictable girl with flare and a unforgettable box of delicious surprises should look no more. It doesn’t matter if you want me sweet and submissive, a flirty horny slut, or a seductive mistress that always gets what I want, I can be that switch and do anything that makes your dick throb like never before. You can be single, have a girl friend or married. I will be the female that slips into your mind when you least expect it. And I will stay there as you think about my sweet and very seductive voice and all the fantasies and roleplays that you want to do with me. Do you like a girl who does more than moan and rub her pink pussy for you? Do you long for a dirty talker who knows the right things to make you stroke even faster? Someone who does every single thing and gives every single detail back that you dish out to me? Are you excited knowing that my pussy that is always covered by panties gets so wet and turned on that I have to start pumping my cunnie when I think about you?

I want you to share all of your secrets with me. And then we can have the perfect phone sex roleplay each and every fantasy you have together. You can be straight, curious, bi, a dick stroking fag, aggressive, or submissive. I love it all. And I have not one single limit and will do any and everything that makes you drip for me. I will be the one on my knees submitting to you or you will be the one on your knees begging to serve me. You can give it to me in all three of my holes or I will bend you over like a bitch boi in heat and take both of your holes. You may find yourself if you are versatile like myself that we flip the role when least expected. I will be the one making you cum harder than she ever will. And it wont be long until you are ready to cum.

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Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Alice

Hi guys, it’s me Alice. I am totally in the mood for bratty domme phone sex. I am a cute princess that needs all your time, energy, attention, cum and your money. will you give me what I want or will I have to take it? I may be an adorable tiny princess but I possess lots of power and I make men that are twice my age and older do whatever I want, batting my long blonde eyelashes and licking my pink lips makes guys go crazy and I just love making guys go crazy. My cute adorable voice will have you weak at the knees and reaching for my long blonde pigtails, sink into my adorably bratty command while allowing yourself two explore your deepest darkest fantasies with this perfect bratty domme princess. I may be small and I may look like a doll but I’m smarter than I look and I know exactly how to control your mind and your cock at the same time.

bratty domme phone sex

Bratty domme phone sex with an adorable cock tease will have you crawling on your knees begging for more. I will give you exactly what you want and just the way you want it. If you are looking for a cutie pie boss you around and make you do whatever I want, then look no further. I am a real bratty domme phone sex cock tease and I want to tease your cock all night long. are you willing to bow down to the most sweetest most adorable and precious brat you ever laid your eyes on? Then pull out your phone and pull out your cock right now. I was always played the teacher when it was play school time, I am so good at being the boss, did I mention I’m the sweetest boss you ever met.

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Phone Sex Tease Samantha

I admit it – I am a phone sex tease. I mean, it’s just so much fun to tease a guy to the point of orgasm and then tell him no, he can’t cum. You have to admit that it’s a super hot thing to do. If you’re nodding your head yes, then you need to pick up the phone and call me.

phone sex tease

I know you have probably talked to a lot of girls who called themselves a phone sex tease, but I am the real deal. I’m not going to feel sorry for you and let you cum at the end of our call. I won’t. Not on the first call. Let’s just say that it’s gonna take several long calls of teasing and torment before I have any mercy on you and let you have an orgasm. You’re going to be so horny by the time I finally say yes that you’re gonna shoot your load before the words “Okay, you can cum now” are even out of my mouth.

But before that, you are definitely going to be in for a lot of teasing. I will tell you how to stroke your cock, bring you to the edge of orgasm and then make you stop. I really love edging a lot and you better love it too before you call this phone sex tease. Or if you don’t already love it, maybe you will learn to. If not, oh well. I guess you’ll just be miserable for a while before I let you blow your load. Besides, it doesn’t matter if YOU are happy. What really matters is me and how I feel.

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