Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Essence

Everyone is different when it comes to domination. Some enjoy the screaming and yelling with harsh tasks and punishment while others enjoy the softer side of things. I love sensual domination phone sex because it allows me to tap into my seductive side while still feeding my need for ultimate control.

sensual domination phone sex

It’s funny really because most men don’t even know they are really being controlled until I let it be known.  By flaunting my breasts and firm ass they think I’m just being a tease, but I’m really training their minds for something much more seductive. For me, it’s easy to bring you to that point where you’re unsure of how to proceed. You’ve always thought you had ultimate control over your life but then you met a sensual domination phone sex mistress and all of your limits went out the window. Now you’re just strokes away from being my slave.

You never would have guessed it would be like this. My curvy physique and sensuous voice have captivated you and made you a slave in your own mind. Everything you once knew is no longer true. Your soul, body, and mind all belong to me. There is no need for you to figure out your life plans because from here on out I control it all. My sensual domination phone sex has many levels and you’re almost to the highest point. Nothing anyone can say will bring you back to where you once used to be. In fact your life really didn’t begin until you met me. You had no direction and your cock was just there for anyone to use. Now I put your inches to get use by having you please your mistress on a nightly basis while my golden center makes you even more addicted.  

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Fetish Phone Sex with Gail

Let me tell about one of my fetish phone sex fantasies. I have a love of stockings and pantyhose, anything silky like that on my legs. Even before foreplay, if you want to get me in the mood, the best way to start is with a good long foot rub. You will know that you’re doing it right when my legs slightly spread and I let out that appreciative moan.

fetish phone sex

We’re having a nice dinner at a trendy restaurant. I’m wearing a short skirt, stockings and sexy 5″ heels. You have no idea that I’m planning to play footsie with your cock under the table. I slide off one of my heels and begin to rub up your leg to your cock with my stockinged foot. The startled look on your face is priceless. I relish that you can hardly keep your composure, squirming in your seat. Do you know I have made men cum on dates like this?

What if I have take your cock between my bare feet when we are driving back from the beach and I stroked them off using suntan oil on the soles of my sexy tanned feet and high arches for extra glide. I have a foot fetish as much as you do. I love to get men off using my feet. If you are looking for the fetish phone sex woman of your dreams, here I am!

Whether I do it barefoot or in stockings, you can tell me what gets you off the best. I know sometimes that you crave to kiss and lick and worship my pretty feet and toes. Or you want to hear about my latest pedicure. And even if my feet are a little smelly from working out or wearing my boots, you will just clean them up with your tongue like a good little foot boy. won’t you? Whether it’s sensual foot play or Femdom foot worship, I will make sure your fetish phone sex desires are satisfied.

Call Gail 1-888-704-6848

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Hot Phone Sex with Samantha

Boy, it sure does get super hot down here in Georgia in the summer. The heat and humidity are terrible, but you know what would make it better? A super hot phone sex session with YOU.

hot phone sex

I know that hot is a word that is open to interpretation. So what does it mean to you? Is it enough for you to talk about what it would be like to fuck each other? You know, vanilla with no extra fetish or roleplay components thrown in? Well, that can be amazing sometimes. I mean, if you have a super sexy voice and a great imagination, it can really do it for me.

But what I really love the most during hot phone sex calls is when you tell me all about your deepest and darkest fantasies. You know, the ones you really didn’t think you would ever be telling someone. Do you have a fantasy about fucking a girl in your life that you shouldn’t? It can be anything from your secretary who wears skirts that are a little to short and you’re going to give her a good stern “talking to” to the girl who is so taboo that I can’t even talk about it here. Come on, don’t you want to know what I’m talking about? Just call me and I’ll tell you!

No matter what you want to talk about when you call me for hot phone sex, I am open, willing, and able to make your fantasies come true. So don’t keep me waiting. Don’t you want to talk to a sexy girl who is open minded enough to handle your hot fantasies? I’m right here and I am waiting to talk to you!

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