Impregnation Phone Sex with Heaven

Hey ya’ll! Welcome to my sin filled paradise! I am Heaven; a fiery red-head from Texas. You know what they say right? Everything’s bigger in Texas. Since I can remember I was taught that bigger is better, and small just isn’t good enough. I have a ravenous appetite for all things BIG. Bigger personality, bigger cocks to fuck, and of course the biggest of all are the secrets I keep from my husband. What secrets you ask? The ravenous craving for impregnation phone sex with any man that will leave his baby batter inside my belly.

impregnation phone sex

I have often fantasized about the neighbor down the street knocking me up. I think it would be really hot to carry another man’s baby, while making my husband think the baby was ours. Funny how a woman can time it just right, don’t you think so? One minute you are fucking just for fun, and the next she is suddenly knocked up. Well, baby guess what… I am ovulating right now, do you know what that means? That makes it the perfect timing for impregnation phone sex.

I guarantee with the seductive song I sing no cock in close vicinity will be able to resist me. In fact, oh is that a knock at my door? Mmmmm…. And the fun begins! Wow! Look at them, lined up outside my door. I am going to be one busy saint….*evil laughter* emptying all those balls. Of course, I am only going to fuck the biggest cocks. Those tic-tacs just won’t work for this impregnation phone sex slut. And to be honest… the idea of having so many possible fathers is hotter to me than anything else! I love the idea of not knowing who the father is. I know not knowing makes you just as hot as it does me. So, don’t wait a moment longer, call me at 1 888 70 HOT4U to fulfill your lust filled desires with me… Heaven during impregnation phone sex.

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