Forced Intox Phone Sex with Brooke

Gentlemen, you’re in for a very good time if you come to Brooke’s Bar.  Look up at the blinking sign above the bar before you take a seat, it says –  never drink alone.  No man should drink alone, and especially not when I’m here to be your smoking hot phone sex bartender.  Grab a stool, grab your alcohol and call me now for forced intox phone sex fun.  Whatever you have to drink, I’ll tell you how much to pour and how fast to drink it.  I will make you so weak for me, as your beautiful platinum blonde barmaid, seducing you with you my sweet forced intox demands.  I’m not shy, so I will be telling you exactly what to do with that bottle you have in front of you.  And not only will I be giving you intox instructions, I will also be giving you jerk off instructions.  You will sip your booze and stroke your cock for me.  Just the way I like it.  Your cock should be twitching by now!  That is, unless you get whiskey dick, darling, I can’t help it if that happens.  But you will love falling under my intoxicating spell here at my sexy bar, while I make you pour another shot or fill a rocks glass or even drink straight out of the bottle.

forced intox phone sex

We can play some naughty but fun forced intox phone sex  drinking games too.  The possibilities with me here at the bar are limitless. Forced intox is exciting for me, I love making men do what I say.  And you will do whatever I say, because drinking makes you hornier and more eager to please me!  Also, as per the other sign above the cigarette machine, Brooke’s Bar is a no taboos establishment.  We can talk about whatever your kinky heart desires while you are getting intoxed for me.

Cheer’s, Brooke!

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and aks for Brooke for forced intox phone sex

AIM and Yahoo:  babegirlbrooke

MILF Phone Sex Seduction

mlf phone sex seduction

This is one of my favorite MILF phone sex seduction fantasies: You just happen to be my son’s best friend. I have known you since you were a boy and I have watched you grow up to the young man you are today. And all those years when you would be over playing or just hiding out from your own family here, I always noticed the way you would look at me. I would see your eyes drawn to my rather large and full breasts and my sexy round ass. As you got older I would even sneak a peak and see you squirm in your seat and I knew your cock was getting hard just looking. I am sure I was the fantasy to many of your  jerk off sessions.

But now, you are here, a man now, and no one is home. This is not just a MILF phone sex seduction, it is how we have both imagined this moment. I invite you in, you seem a little nervous. We both know why you are here even though the words have never been spoken. We sit on the sofa as I rest my hand on your thigh and give it a gentle squeeze. No worries, honey, no one is coming home tonight. I brush my hand across your face gently turning you to face me. We kiss as I pull you down so you can kiss and admire my tits close up. You feel my hand slide up your leg until my hand is now gently stroking you thru your pants. So hard for me aren’t you?

I take your hand and we go upstairs. I sit on the edge of the bed and pull you closer to me, standing between my thighs as I open your pants and push them to the floor. Ahhhhh your young cock is throbbing already as I lean forward to slip my tongue over the head. I feel your body shudder and give in to my tongue. After I push you to your knees and a lesson on how to lick this MILF’s pussy until I cum, I lay on the bed spread open and ready for your cock inside me.

I would love to play this MILF seduction phone sex fantasy with you anytime. Call 1-888-704-6848 and ask for Gail.

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