Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Gail

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You read through all these phone sex blogs about fantasies and fetishes that you have never even heard of – some make you laugh and others gross you out – and that’s okay, to each their own kink and whatever gets you off is cool with me. But what it all comes down to is the sexual pleasure we get from whatever we play. And when it comes to sexual pleasure, count me in! I’m a horny old broad who loves to cum. I love to fuck and suck and tease and please. My favorite phone sex calls are the ones where you and I are both masturbating, and cumming, together.

Life is short and no time to fake it, so when you call me for mutual masturbation phone sex, believe me when I tell you that I’m all fucking turned on and horny too. Rubbing my tits, teasing my pussy, and stroking all those sensitive spots that will make me cum. Stroke your cock for me, tell me how hard you are getting and don’t be afraid to moan and make those sexy sounds we make when we’re so turned on we can’t stand it. I am pretty vocal, and I love dirty talk when we are jerking off together. Most often I use my favorite vibes and a dildo for maximum pleasure. A dildo in my ass, a vibe in my pussy and my fingers on my clit and I’ll cum over and over and over again.

Listen to me tell you much I love your cock and I love to watch you jerk it off for me. I’ll slobber all over your dick if you like or tell you in detail how I’m going to suck and stroke and tease your cock to your ultimate cum. And let’s not waste that cum either, I want to lick up every single drop. What do you think has kept me looking so young?!

Call 1-888-704-6848, ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with Gail and let’s get it on!

AIM TabooGail.Granny
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Humiliation Phone Sex Femdom Ice Queen

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You dont think, for a hot minute, I would bed you? I am literally dying here! You live in never never land, my dear. This humiliation phone sex femdom is pretty picky on who gets in her panties. See, I can be picky because I am so hot, tight, and a total ice queen. And it isnt just about looks, you have to have the bitchy, entitled, attitude that goes with that type of personality. Now, that we have cleared that up, what to do with you. You reek of nerd. You reek of your mama’s basement. You might even be a virgin! Aw, you are blushing. See, I told you that you would be an utter fail at trim hunting. Its ok, there are sex toys for you. You know, those flesh lights or blow up dolls lmao!

Dont knock it until you try it! Imagine hearing me laugh at you, teasing you for fucking your sex toy? I can see a ruined orgasm coming your way. Sometimes, I just get into this verbal humiliation mode and I an unstoppable. Well, I feel that all men were put here for MY amusement. Even the fuckable ones are still my play-toys and they do as I say. If you are looking for a trophy girlfriend to spend all your money and give away her honey…to another man, then lets play. I can cuckold you, tease you, humiliate you, until you cant think straight. Humiliation phone sex with a bitchy, ice queen is exactly what your perverted cock needs and you know it. I wonder how long you will be able to resist before you call and beg me to pay attention to you. Well, you know I wouldnt give you the time of day unless you were paying for it, right? I am a bratty princess, after all.

Call 1 888 704 6848 and ask for your Princess Eden

yahoo: badgurleden