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no limits phone sex with heaven

no limits phone sex

Hey ya’ll! I am Heaven, I am a fiery, red head sent with many naughty secrets from the heart of Texas. Would you like to hear some of them? I am willing to guess that your prick is getting quite thick right now. I am sweet, yet seductive, with a twist of sultry. I would say I have the most no limits phone sex fun out of all of my girlfriends.

Who says blondes or brunettes have more fun? I would say that is incorrect. I have the hottest no limits phone sex. Especially if it includes depraved, dark desires; I am talking about those fantasies, roleplays, and fetishes that I cannot speak of here. After all, I am home alone while my husband is serving our country. I might as well serve the lonely, sexually deprived men and women in the world. That is right, I have some bi tendencies. I love to lick my fingers clean after a woman has creamed all over them. *wink* I bet you would love to be part of that finger licking fun, now wouldn’t you? What is better than one hot, seductive, slut? That is an easy question to answer… the more the merrier is what I believe.  There can never be too many playmates during no limits phone sex with me a frisky girl from the dirty south. I do not go away very easily. You see, my husband try to divorce me once, but he learned very quickly that when you piss me off or do the opposite of what I say, well you get a severe back lash. Mmmm…. I love to punish naughty boys, especially the pain sluts that think they can handle whatever pins and needles are handed to them. This fiery red siren won’t let you off easy during no limits phone sex. Ask for Heaven for some sinful pleasure when you call 1 888 70 HOT4U.

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anything goes phone sex with heaven

anything goes phone sex

Hey ya’ll I’m Heaven, a red headed, green eyed, sensual tease from the heart of Texas. I have the firm belief that red heads are fire hot in bed. I certainly fit that description. Have you see the curves on my body? They are quite enticing, now aren’t they? While my husband is away on leave, I am left all by my lonesome for months at a time. Of course I knew the sacrifice I was making when he joined the military straight out of high school. When he came home we tied the knot, and we have been married ever since. Now, with him gone all the time I get so bored, so I find men to do. *Laughter* Fuck! The more the merrier are welcome in my creamy pussy. I know you want to be part of it too by the package that is rising in your pants. Who could possibly refuse me? It is simple really; I am horny all the time! No amount of cock satisfies my always burning appetite for anything goes phone sex. I am always craving a big thick, juicy cock to fuck me with. Imagine the tightness of my pussy when you push it in. You will know you are balls deep in the heart of Texas when you cum inside of me during anything goes phone sex. Leave your seed and procreate with me! Maybe you are one of those losers I try to stay away from….. *evil laughter* you know the ones I am talking about. They try and act big and tough because they know deep down in their pants they don’t have near enough to please any woman. They are only good for a few things that include being cuckolded while they watch their wives or girlfriends get fucked and pleased by real men. The task is easy, you are horny and so am I! Let’s get this fire burning! Ask for Heaven your sinful saint sent from above when you dial 1 (888) 704-6848 for hot anything goes phone sex.

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