Strap on phone sex

Strap on phone sex

It’s no big surprise that I’m a phone girl who likes strap on phone sex huh? I don’t think it is. It seems a lot of us sure enjoy it. Today I’ve been thinking of different types of roleplay to do involving strap on phone sex though. Mistress and slave is always good. How about cop or prison guard and criminal? Nun and priest could be devilishly sexy too I think ( or 2 nuns if you’re into feminization). I could be your housekeeper and seduce you only to surprise you with my big strap on dick when the time is right. Who have you imagined having take you with a strap on? Wouldn’t it be so hot to have some kind of roleplay with strap on phone sex where someone who is ordinarily out of control steps up and pegs your ass? Maybe you’ve imagined it being one of your employees?

There are some taboo ones that come to mind but I can’t talk about them here. I would gladly share those over the phone though. If you’re a filthy minded pervert like me then I think you’d like them. I’m just really into the thought of someone who normally has power and authority over me getting fucked by me with my big strap on cock. Of course you can always tell me your strap on phone sex fantasies.

We could also include another hot phone girl and either have both of us tag team you with strap on phone sex or we could fuck each other’s slippery wet pussies and then bend you over and enjoy pegging you. I don’t know though are you the sort of man who could handle two kinky bitches to have strap on phone sex with? One on one or two on one it’s guaranteed to make us cum.




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extreme phone sex

extreme phone sex

Here I am all alone thinking about how much I want to have some extreme phone sex. It’s a cold foggy January night and I think it’s perfect for talking about the nasty fetishes that are on our minds. Some of my favorites are forced bi, domination, sissies, foot fetish, cuckolding and orgasm denial. I’m into many though. Even though I like cuckolding I also really like being with men who need extra attention since their girlfriends or wives aren’t up for it. Either their partners are too vanilla to handle the kinky things or just plain frigid when it comes to sex. Whatever the reason is I like to be the one helping these men out. Most guys get so fucking hard knowing I’m into such extreme phone sex. I’m into the things you think about but can’t tell just anybody. You don’t have to worry because I’m not just anybody. I’m an astonishingly taboo fuck slut who loves it extreme and hardcore.

I might not be able to tell you here about the extent of my taboo perversions but I can assure you that I have plenty. You know that when you like things so nasty and extreme that it’s sexual magick when you find someone who can follow along with your desires or one that shares them. I want to be that witchy Goddess for you. I want our extreme phone sex to go places we never imagined. Isn’t it nice to be able to express those taboo thoughts and fantasies and not hold back? You never ever have to do that with this extreme phone sex slut. So let’s see just how hardcore we can go and have ourselves the most orgasmic phone fuck ever. I’ll be ready for your outrageous fantasies with my toys and dirty fucking mind.


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