phone sex fantasy


     Your cock is so hard and in need of a nasty, wicked, slutty woman to give you phone sex fantasy isn’t it? So it’s late at night, your wife has been in bed for a few hours and you have an itch that you must scratch. She wouldn’t understand the kinds of filth that run through your dirty twisted mind when you need to get off. You might even think about those wild taboo things while your balls deep inside of her. Those are the kinds of urges that you can share with me. I won’t blush or judge you, I’ll just tell you how sexy they are. See, I understand that just plain old sex isn’t enough when you’re thinking about forbidden fucks and taboo phone sex fantasy.

     It might be a simple roleplay and it might be a beautifully dark phone sex fantasy that’s complex and nearly if not impossible to mention to your partners in real life. You can let them think that the sex is fantastic and that you’re completely satisfied and pleased. Then once you’ve put the vanilla woman to bed you can let your inner freak out and come play with me. I’ll keep your most perverted secrets for you.