no taboos phone sex with alice

no taboos phone sex

Hiiiii my name is Alice.  Are you looking for a  no taboos  phone sex princess have some fun with?  then I am totally your girl I love getting nasty and I am not sorry for it.  Just because I am a 18teen  princess, doesn’t mean I do not like to get down and dirty.  The best kind of phone sex is  the type that has no restrictions. right? I have never been the type of girl that likes rules. I don’t mind being told what to do but I like to do whatever I want.  we can totally do whatever we want  and that’s my type of party.

I do have a secret that I want to share. I can only share it with a no taboos phone sex lover. come a little closer let me whisper sweet things into your ear. That makes your cock rock hard doesn’t it?. hehehehe  good I like it when older men get rock hard for me,  it makes me feel like the princess that I already know that I am. hahahaha.  come on I’m so bored and lonely I have been watching porn all night long. My small fingers are so sticky and wet. I have been playing in my vagina for so long I’m starting to get those little lines on my fingertips. hahahaha.  It’s not my fault I can’t keep my fingers out of my smooth bald pussy.  You can listen to me play with it while you tell me all of your no taboos secrets. Mommy isn’t home and my daddy isn’t home I can get as nasty as I like. Do you know a cucumber is shaped just like a cock and it’s just as hard AND I don’t have to sneak them out of my bedroom window when my mom gets home.  I just eat them.  Call me for no taboos phone sex okie? 1-888-70-HOT4U.

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Gail

guided masturbation phone sex

Cum, jerk your cock for GILF Gail, while I give you jerk off instructions on our guided masturbation phone sex call. Otherwise known as JOI phone sex. If you have never heard of JOI, it is the same thing as guided masturbation. I tell you how to to stroke your cock and you use your hands as if they were mine, following my every instruction. It’s not just how to stroke your cock either, it will be me playing and teasing with those balls of yours, stroking and touch those erogenous zones you usually overlook when you are masturbating and getting off alone. The sensitive spots in the crook of your elbow, your inner thigh, under your balls and your nipples are all places I like to instruct those hands to touch. I will do everything I can to make your cock harder than it’s ever been! I want you to be aching for me.

Be sure to have some lube handy, it’s always to better to add that slippery sensation to your cock. If you have a cock ring, or a shoelace, hairband, to bind and tie your cock and balls, it will only intensify the sensations and your aching for more. Don’t be shy, trust me, I know what I’m doing ~ wink ~

I hope you like a little ass play too, I didn’t say ass fucking/raping, just a little touching and teasing and awakening all those sexual feelings everywhere. If you like or want to try adding anal play toys to our jerk off session, bring them along! The more intense sensations, the more you stroke at my guidance the better it’s going to be. Do not think I am just going to let you jerk-off and cum right away either. My guided masturbation instructions always include direction on when and how to cum.

When you want to jerk-off but want some extra fun, call Granny Gail at 1-888-704-6848 for guided masturbation phone sex!

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