Roleplay phone sex with seductress May

Roleplay phone sex

The word around the office is that if you know what’s good for you you will stay clear of May. When you see me around the office though I look so harmless. Sure you could see how a weak man might try to get something going with me and end up losing his job over company policy when it turns bad. That sort of things happens to other men though, not you. You have been at the company for years. Your marriage is rock solid and you’re the soccer coach and troop leader that everyone praises. One night you’re working late and I stumble back in after hours clearly intoxicated. You get me downstairs and try to order me a ride home.

“I’m not going home alone, you’re coming with me!” I say with drunken confidence.

The car pulls up and you notice me stroke my finger over the dark green crystal hanging between my breasts as I lock eyes with you and tell you to climb in” You know it’s reckless, you know there is no way you should do it, but you’re body is acting outside of what your brain is screaming at you as you climb into the back seat with me. I’m all over you, kissing your neck, licking your ear lobe, groping your cock and whispering to you how I want to feel every inch of your big dick inside of my pussy.” You squirm and start to tell the driver to let you off, but then I gently redirect your eyes to my crystal and you tell them never mind. Inside of your mind is your conscious screaming at you to run and get out while you can, but your rock hard cock has other ideas. The motion of the car stops and you help me to the door of my apartment.

You take one last try at doing “the right thing” and tell me that you have to get home to your family. I grab you and my hot breath hisses into your ear, oh don’t you know? You’ve already lost them, now get inside and give me what I want.” I tilt your eyes down to my crystal as I laugh and unlock the door.

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strap on phone sex with May

 phone sex

I guess I’m just used to being a lot more open and more into experimentation than a lot of people I meet. It’s always difficult for me to read how much I can talk about sexual stuff with people without offending them. People get offended a lot, but I guess that’s their problem, they shouldn’t be so damn uptight. Or maybe I’m wrong and I am a dirty bitch and I talk about kinky stuff more than I should with every day conversation. Well I have a good time and I stay satisfied so I guess that is what matters at the end of the day, no one is hurt, they’re just shocked at some of the topics I talk about. Like strap on phone sex, is it really that taboo to talk about fucking men and or women with a big strap on cock? Maybe it is, I don’t know. I’ve been playing with sex toys and strap on’s for awhile and I love hearing about other people’s experiences when they fucked a man with one for the first time or when they first used it on their girlfriends.

There is this one caller that I have, he is so adorable. His wife gives him a night of strap on action once a year for his birthday. It’s their yearly strap on freak fest and he loves it so much. I asked him if he ever thought about asking for a more frequent pegging and he said na, it wouldn’t be as special if it came more often. So the rest of the year he calls me and other nasty girls for strap on phone sex and we roleplay all of the ways we want to peg his ass good. How often would you like to have a woman bend you over and take the wheel with you?


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Roleplay phone sex with May

Roleplay phone sex

One of the best things about having roleplay phone sex is that there are no rules and an endless number of possibilities. If you have a big crush on your neighbor and think about her coming onto you one night and revealing what a complete slut she is I can make her be very dirty and taboo. That friend of your ex girlfriend’s that used to drive you crazy? How would you feel about catching her stripping one night when you were out looking for trouble? What kind of a day would you have if you found yourself trapped in an elevator with that shy sexy girl from your office? There is nothing wrong with engaging in some no limits roleplay phone sex. I’m sure that you have a few kinky scenarios that you jerk your cock to that could use a voice for the other role. You can tell me how you want me to do my part or you can let me take it as I feed off of you.

Do you have a fantasy about someone that you know better than to approach for real? Most of us have a taboo fantasy or two that we come back to over and over. I’m here to listen to what you desire and play with you so that we can share those taboo fantasies with each other during roleplay phone sex. I’ve had men that call me regularly only open up about their deepest fantasies once we had played around with more mainstream types of roleplay phone sex. That’s fine too, whatever pace that you want to take with it is good with me. I just want to do everything possible to blow your mind and blow your load. I’ll hold nothing back with you, no limits no rules.

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