domination phone sex with rhea

domination phone sex

TEN HUT!!!! You are now under the command of Sergeant Major Rhea, in charge of the Domination Phone Sex division!!! I am pulling rank Privates and you will do exactly as instructed. So fall in line and stand at attention! 😉 I know you maggots seem to think that a woman in charge means you don’t have to listen, but I can assure you, you are very wrong! You will do as I say, when I say it and if you don’t you will be met with severe….SEVERE consequences! I don’t know how you are used to doing things, but this is my division and things will be done the way that I see fit. So either put up or shut up! Now…I want all of you to undress, completely! Those of you who are embarrassed of your tiny dicks, well…you will surely get over it because I do not have time for you little bitches to be shy!! I want you all to stand there, while I inspect you. Making sure that you are fit enough to handle the challenges of being in my division. I run a tight……ship…and you need to be able to…fill…all of my requirements. You sad excuses for men will work harder than you have ever before as I am very hard to please. Now, ABOUT FACE!!! Bend over and grab your ankles. I am going to inspect every last inch of you and that means a full cavity search is in store for all of you pathetic limp dick pricks.

Here in the Domination Phone Sex division, you will work hard as I try to make men out of all of you! I realize that where you come from you may be something, but here..and to me….YOU ARE NOTHING!!!  You will notice that I have a bigger pair of balls than all of you dumb twats and maybe, just maybe you will have what it take to survive in my division! Futher more, now that inspection is almost complete you will all remain undressed…

Your first order, it to call 1-888-70-HOT4U at 20:00 Hrs ( 8pm for you dumb fucks) and ask for Sergeant Major Rhea and wait for further instruction. If I am unavailable at that time, you will continue to call every hour until you reach me. Those of you who can’t follow instructions, you will be thrown out of my division! That is all for now Privates!! AS YOU WERE!

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guided masturbation phone sex with amber

guided masturbation phone sex

So how do you feel about a guided masturbation phone sex session today? I think it sounds like a marvelous idea. A lot of guys think that it means a woman is bossy when she suggests guided masturbation, but I don’t think that’s the way it is at all. I’m not mean and bratty during our calls. I think it’s a really great opportunity to just lay back and let someone else have control for once. I know that you have so much responsibility at work and home that sometimes you just want to not have to do anything or think about anything.

Are you ready now? I want you to grab you lube, a dildo if you use one and get in your bed and get comfortable. You have to be ready to surrender all control to me. I will be deciding when you stroke your cock, how hard and fast you stroke your cock and the ultimate control? That would be me telling you when you’re finally allowed to have an orgasm. On the surface, that might not sound like the best idea, but trust me. Having me instruct you on how to stroke is going to be one of the most pleasurable experiences of your entire life.

Oh, and just to mix things up a bit, I want you to masturbate with the hand you don’t usually do it with. It’ll feel a little bit different and as we all know, different usually equals exciting. It’ll be like you’re cheating on yourself and I know how men love sleeping with a new woman.

I think it’s just about time that you pick up that phone and submit to me for a guided masturbation phone sex session. Give me a call at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Amber.

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anything goes phone sex with carmen

anything goes phone sex

Hi guys my name is Carmen, thank you for taking the time to read my blog today. it’s been quite some time since I’ve been here. Five or so years to be exact. I’ve had to put my love for anything goes phone sex on the back burner as college courses had to take priority. I would love to share a little bit about myself with you. I’m a petite strawberry blond that weighs 113 pounds with creamy smooth and very touchable skin. My breasts are 34 c, I have a tight firm ass, sexy shapely legs and a smooth pink and very tight pussy.  I love being the female that turns all the mens heads. I’m a bit of a flirt and love being a cock tease. All the females whisper calling me names whenever they see me.  I want to be the one that you cant stop stroking too. The female that every man is proud to have. And I love being the one to share your favorite role plays with. Like your home wrecking cock tease, your wifes slutty sister who does it better than she ever could. The new hire or the slutty secretary who always goes that extra mile to make you so happy you cant help but want more of me. I love being the campus whore who likes it naughty, kinky and dirty as well. My silky panties also get wet when I think about being your cock stroking mistress who knows how to dominate and control your cock like no one else. I also love telling a man how to stroke and pump his dick for me. Especially when it comes to guided or mutual masturbation. But what makes me cum every single time is hearing about your most hidden fantasies that make your dick throb and pulsate to the point of dripping pre cum.

I am the kind of female that knows how to drive you crazy. With my sweet sexy and sugary voice and dirty talk that will have you finding yourself at my front door ready to have me all to yourself. You stand there saying “Carmen it’s true what they say about you!” I smile sheepishly because I know you have been spying on me. You walk closer clearing your throat telling me “It looks very well like you live up to your reputation of being the anything goes phone sex campus slut!” I giggle sweetly and say “That may very well be true baby but I was just with them to occupy my thoughts that I have of you.” I can tell by the look on your face that I caught you by surprise but it’s true. Then I walk closer and say “You are the one that I want. Can I have you now please?” And I can tell by your body language that you want to do kinky, dirty, and very naughty things with me. Maybe even things that are too taboo to mention here *wink* You push me into the wall as our lips meet and tongues touch. We share a deep kiss as our tongues roll around together. I look into your eyes as that big fat bulge in your pants is ready to make it’s way out. I look down taking my soft smooth hands and pull it out. By now i’m just in my fishnet top with only my bra and thigh hi’s on. Your dick is so hard I just know it’s ready to make it’s way into my tender young pussy. I stroke you, tease you, toy with you, rub your dick head against my smooth tight box knowing you are being driven insane. I whisper “You want to sink it in don’t you baby? You want to feel the tightness choke your shaft. Once it start squeezing it wont be long until you are ready for us to cum together.

I’m here to give myself to you. Or maybe you want to give yourself to me. Either way I’ll make you feel so good you will cum harder than you ever have before. And I wont stop until I drain every last drop of cum that you have for me.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Gail

cuckold phone sex

I had a cuckold phone sex call the other day that reminded me of a cuckold relationship I had many years ago. We started out as friends, he was funny and kind and I have to admit he was sexy as hell. I had heard rumours from friends of friends that he had a small dick but I had such a hard time believing that was true from someone with such confidence. I knew I would have find out for myself and after a few drinks and a lot of flirting, I invited him back to my place. We started to kiss and I wasted no time in rubbing against his cock … only I couldn’t feel anything at all! I knew he was excited, he was telling me how much I turned him on and I could hear the breathiness in his voice. I slid my hand in his pants to reach for his cock and all those rumours were true!

I had to tell my friend that I just didn’t think this was going to work out the way he thought, I don’t fuck little dick guys. I really thought that would be it, we’d go back to being friends. All of a sudden he became like so many other guys just begging to be with me no matter what it would take. I was very upfront and told him he could for sure be my boyfriend, but I wouldn’t be letting him fuck and I would be taking lovers and BBC lovers too. I couldn’t believe it when I heard him say yes yes yes to all of this. And when he told me this has been his fantasy for as long as he could remember I knew we would be a perfect couple.

In public we were the perfect normal couple, but behind closed doors my friend became my cuckold, my cream pie eater, my fluffer and even a bigger BBC slut than me! I trained him to take my strap-on, lick my butt as I go to sleep and he knows when I have a lover over he sleeps on the floor or on the couch. I was sad when he had to move cross country for work, we had the best cuckold relationship I’ve ever had.

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cheating wife phone sex with heaven

cheating wife phone sex

Hi ya’ll! Have you missed your favorite tease sent from up above? I mean how could you not miss a heavenly tease like me! I sure have missed some of my playmates. You know what they say, everything is bigger in Texas. * giggles * there is not exception with this cheating housewife phone sex slut. The bigger, the thicker, and wilder the cock the more creamy this pussy gets. MMMHHMMM I am so fucking wet right now!

There is just something on fire inside of me. My husband has been neglecting me for weeks. He was home for Christmas and New years, but yet again he failed to launch any big surprises. I mean, he could have bought me something pretty and sparkly, nope… you would have thought he would have wanted to be a man and fuck my creamy pussy, instead he was off working. I mean money is great and all that, but c’mon! I have needs, so, I am going to get them met in whatever way I can. My biological clock is tick, tick, tick, ticking if you know what I mean. We both know that I love to have fun, we also know what I crave… cheating wife phone sex impregnation! What could be better than knocking up another man’s wife. So fucking hot don’t you think?

Do you have a thick, meaty flag pole I can mount and have a good time with? I want to ride you like a bucking bronco…. They say red heads are the best in bed, and I know I might be biased, but I could say I have a lot more fun that some of my brunette and even my blonde haired friends. They are welcome to cum a long for the fun of course. Two girls to suck, lick and fuck are always better than one ya’ll! I know you want to cum and have fun and sin while you’re doing it.

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