financial domination phone sex with rhea

financial domination phone sex

It’s the holiday season again guys! There’s a lot of shopping to be done and I honestly don’t feel like spending any of my own money, I mean, who does that?! I’m a very sexy, attractive woman and I know how to use the power of my charm, body and persuasion to get a man to open his wallet and become my personal ATM. You don’t believe me? Well, financial domination phone sex with me will definitely prove this to be true. You see, most women would have some reservations about doing something like this. They have that thing……what’s is called again?….Oh ya, a conscience! Well I seem to have misplaced mine and feel that men were put here to give over control of their lives, bank accounts and credit cards over to a powerful and domineering woman who knows how to please them in return for financial gain.

Believe me boys, you won’t walk away completely empty handed, though I wouldn’t care if you did lol but I will leave you screaming “Oh holy night” and someone will definitely be cumming, but it won’t be Santa Claus this time 😉 You will fall on your knees and please me while I have a look at that wallet to see which cards I will be using first and for what. I have a whole list of things I need to buy and will do so using your accounts. First, I will use financial domination phone sex to put you under my spell and by the time you realize that you have just been worked over, most of you money will be spent. Of course, I’ll leave you a few dollars to buy yourself a clue lol. Now, let’s get this rendezvous going because there are a lot of items just waiting for me to come by and purchase. Fortunately, I will control you to make all of that possible.

So don’t delay boys, if you’re ready to be controlled, used and financially/sensually abused.. Call 1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Rhea for financial domination phone sex and I will take it from there 😉 Time is of the essence and the mall closes soon.

AIM: craving4rhea
Yahoo: craving4rhea

cream pie phone sex with amanda

cream pie phone sex

I lusted after him for a long time. At first I was distracted, I was already in a relationship. It wasn’t like cream pie phone sex, but it was “serious.” You know, the kind where you’re no longer using condoms, but he pulls out before he ejaculates instead. The Sticky Belly Method. I thought I was in love, but really I was in routine, right? You know what I’m talking about… But this new fellow returns home after a failed live-in relationship across the country. He wasn’t new to these parts but he was new to me. I heard talk through the grape vine that he had a big dick. He was handsome, a little broody, tall and maybe a little broken. Who doesn’t love a good fixer-upper? At the time, I thought he sounded like the perfect distraction. At this point in time, I had no clue I’d want him thrusting deep inside me bareback. I remember the exact moment – even though I was drunk, I still remember the exact moment I pulled the condom off his cock. That moment was so clear, so raw and so very fucking sexy. I told him I wanted to feel all of him inside me.

We had this electric sexual chemistry from the moment we first laid eyes on each other. This is why the thought of cream pie phone sex gets me so wet. You notice how easy it is to get carried away in the heat of the moment? I craved feeling closer to him. I told him I wanted his cum inside me. I made him pull his condom covered cock out of my pussy just so I could reach down between us and tug that soggy condom right off his cock. And there it was. So beautiful, his condom-less cock. I stroked it in my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. He leaned in and kissed me as I used my hand to guide his thick cock back inside my eager pussy. It felt so incredible!

I rocked my hips and ground up against him, matching his rhythm until I seemed to melt right into him. I had multiple orgasms and my already tight pussy contracted even tighter around his bare cock. Ever fiber in my body wanted cream pie phone sex. I wanted to know what it was like to feel not only every inch of his rock hard cock, but to feel his cum squirt deep inside me.

Call Amanda for cream pie phone sex at 1-888-70-HOT4U

AIM and Yahoo: SexKittenAmanda

Mature Phone Sex with Gail

mature phone sex

If you’re a fan of mature phone sex fantasies, then you need to pick up your phone and call me. I have a dirty mind and I’m a willing participant in all of your fantasy calls. I know that with mature phone sex, it can be pretty dirty, and I’m all about that taboo fun. But it doesn’t stop there.

Are you an adult baby or diaper lover? Do you wear diapers to bed and sleep in a cute little onesie? Do you need someone to baby talk to you while you are running around in your diaper? Or maybe you need that diaper changed. I will change you and clean you up and sprinkle that baby powder on you. You’ll be super fresh and good as new.

If you have MILF or GILF phone sex fantasies, I could totally make them come to life for you. I have been called a slutty MILF and a GILF on more than occasion; and while the woman who called me that was trying to insult me, she really was just giving me a compliment. I enjoy seducing all of the younger men and showing them that they don’t have to fuck girls their own age to have a really fucking awesome time.

And speaking of younger men – I just adore teaching them the ways of sex and how to please a woman. I like to start them out as soon as I can so that they don’t get steered in the wrong direction by a woman who doesn’t know what she’s doing. It’s much easier to break them in before they get set in their ways and form bad habits.

I know that after reading all of that, you want to call me for mature phone sex. I look forward to hearing what turns you on and gets your dick hard. I’ll even share my fantasies too!

For mature phone sex call Gail at 1-888-704-6848. Just ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with me!

AIM TabooGail.Granny
Yahoo – TabooGrannyGail

taboo roleplay phone sex with amanda

taboo roleplay phone sex

I’m in the mood for some fantasy fun. Tell me about your taboo roleplay phone sex ideas. I’m ready to be really naughty. You won’t scare me away. I bet my pussy will start dripping before you finish telling me your first roleplay idea. Maybe I’m your girlfriend’s hot sister and she’s out shopping for her wedding dress. It’s just you, me and my hot tits. I can’t help but flirt with you a little. I heard you two fucking last night from my bedroom. Wow, you sure can make her scream! I wonder what it would be like with you and I better get this taboo roleplay phone sex going before you to are off and married and I’ll never get to experiment with you. I could be the babysitter, teacher’s slutty pet, or something even more taboo if we let our minds wander together. Forbidden fruit fantasies are so hot, don’t you think?

I have no limits. We can really explore together and spice it up as much as you think you can handle. *giggle* I already know you want to bite my round ass and motor boat my natural titties. Will you hold back my hair while I slowly suck your cock and look up at you. Let’s see if we can make your big cock wet and messy. Yum! Let’s explore all my holes and see where this cock can fit and where it can’t. I can’t wait to feel your hands all over my body while I wiggle in grab for the pillows in pleasure. Don’t let me get away or slip through your fingers! Call me now so we can have some truly taboo roleplay phone sex fantasies together. Anything goes and there aren’t any limits. Tell me exactly how you want to cum together and we will.

Amanda’s available for taboo roleplay phone sex and much more. 1-888-7o-HOT4U!

AIM and Yahoo: SexKittenAmanda

mutual masturbation phone sex with amber

mutual masturbation phone sex

I bet you call phone sex lines pretty often and you and the girl you are talking to spin a fantasy or dive into a roleplay that is pretty freaking awesome. And that’s great. I love that, too. But sometimes it’s just nice to lay back and indulge in a mutual masturbation phone sex call. You don’t have to think too hard about what to do in the roleplay or fantasy… you just talk back and forth about what you’d like to do to each other. You listen to each other’s breathing and moaning. It’s just so damn sexy.

I love it when I get to describe my perfect sexual experience in a mutual masturbation phone sex call. And I guess you could say that my perfect sexual experience probably changes day to day based on what I’m in the mood for. Maybe one day I’ll want to tell you about how I’d love for us to go down on each other and that’s it. Maybe one day I’ll want you to fuck my pussy so hard I can’t walk when you’re done. And maybe one day you’ll get lucky and I’ll tell you all about how I want you to fuck my ass while I’m actually fucking it with a dildo.

See, mutual masturbation phone sex can be hot! I know that a lot of people might think that it’s boring, but it doesn’t have to be. If someone thinks it’s boring, then they have just been doing it with the wrong person.

Call me for mutual masturbation phone sex at 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask to talk to Amber


Domination Phone Sex with GILF Gail

domination phone sex

I am not your typical Dominant or Mistress that you encounter on phone sex sites like this. I am older, wiser and more experienced and I much prefer men who willingly submit themselves for my pleasure. I am a nurturing and caring Dominant woman who genuinely cares about the men and women who serve me. One of the most important things to me is negotiating what you like and what you don’t and comparing it with what I desire and require from a submissive. When you call me for Domination phone sex, you will need to be able to articulate your desires and your fantasies for me. It’s the only way to make our power exchange  relationship work. We both need to derive pleasure and mine comes from knowing you trust me enough to let yourself go and be vulnerable.

You come to me out of your yearning to please. Control is a process and comes one phone sex domination session at a time. I will control your cock from the beginning; your jerk off habits as well as your orgasm. I will discipline you when you are disobedient and naughty; I’m a believe in spankings, written punishments, humiliating tasks, orgasm denial and more. I have a fondness for my submissives to be in panties, whether you consider yourself a sissy or not. I find it sexy, erotic and I promise you will love the way they feel and it only reinforces your servitude to me. When you submit to me and we agree on your limits, anything beyond that only requires a Yes, Ma’am. There is nothing more to think about, you gave up control.

See that’s the thing with me, once you give up your control, once you submit to me, that’s the only decision you need to make. I will take care of the rest. No blackmail, no forcing you to do anything – either you do as I say or I’ll no longer see you.

For nurturing lifestyle Domination phone sex, call GILF Gail at 1-888-704-6848

AIM TabooGail.Granny
Yahoo – TabooGrannyGail

GFE phone sex with amanda

GFE phone sex

You come home from a long day at work. GFE phone sex was the last thing you were expecting when you got home. You walk into your bedroom or find me almost naked on your bed, wearing a pair of white fishnet stockings and touching myself. I smile when you come in but don’t get up from my position. I press my forefinger up to my lips letting you know to Shhh and not to talk. Right away you start undressing. I smile at the sight of you and it incites me to start roaming my hands all over my tits and stomach. I spread my legs apart and you can see my already glistening pussy almost to irresistible. I eye your rock hard cock. You have no idea how much I can’t wait to feel every inch of you without a condom, bareback and thrusting every throbbing inch deep inside of me. My pink nipples perk up nice and firm and I roll my left one in between my fingers while motioning you to come over and take this gfe phone sex. It’s being offered on a silver platter. You’re so anxious to get to my pussy beneath that you walk towards the bed and start ripping the fishnet stockings off me other. Freeing up some space for your hand to graze over my sensitive clit. My body jumps slightly with desire. I reach out and start stroking your throbbing cock while you lean down to kiss me. I want to savor this moment. Your lips on mine. Tongues dancing together. I want you inside me. I can barely stand it. I finally whisper, “I need you inside me.” You look my body up and down and I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking about fucking my tits, licking my pussy, oral and maybe some anal. I tell you “No, we’ll do ALL of that during round 2.” You know I want your cock and cum inside me so much for gfe phone sex and you smile as you remember how skilled I am at getting you hard again even after a short breather.

Amanda’s available for GFE phone sex and much more. Call me soon at 1 888 70 HOT4U!

AIM and Yahoo: SexKittenAmanda

forced intoxication phone sex with rhea

forced intoxication phone sex

Ho Ho Ho guys Rhea here you’re sexy siren!  Ready to get this season started off right with a little forced intoxication phone sex.  I know you’re out there babe.  That dirty little thought of finding the perfect woman who can make you loose control.  A woman who knows just how to coax you from beginning to end when you have your favorite vice in front of you.  Only a certain kind of woman can have you giving up that control you normally hold tight to.  A woman who knows how much you need forced intoxication phone sex to let it all go.  I my craving little slut happen to be just that woman.  That woman who knows how to keep you going, keep you tipping that bottle or whatever.;)  A hot, sexy, kinky fireball who always gets what she wants..

What I want right now is you picking up that phone ready to imbibe as much, and as often as I want you to.  Oh babe I know just how to keep you interested, and wanting more.  More of my time, attention, and rewards. Oh yes I did say rewards since I’m always generous when i’m pleased.  Just how you please me on a forced intoxication phone sex call all depends on what i’m feeling that day.  Maybe I need an obedient pussy pig ready to lick, suck, and worship me while I squirt your mouth full. Could be one of those days I feel like being pampered with gifts, and spoiled to my hearts content.  Mmm could even be one of those days when I just want to know all your secrets..   Whatever it is you can be sure i’ll get what I want, but remember I always reward  you with what you need, what you crave.  There will never be anyone unsatisfied after a forced intoxication phone sex call with me.  So pick up that phone, pick your poison, and call me for some forced intoxication phone sex, and lets find out just how far I can take you..

1-888-70-HOT4U and ask for Rhea


strap on phone sex with honey

strap on phone sex

I love to have strap on phone sex with kinky submissive sluts. Do you want to come and be my good whore? I am already ready for a new victim to make my slut. I have a huge 10 inch cock that you would love to feel inside of your asshole. Let me tell you a secret, it even squirts. Even though it isn’t an actual cock when I have it strapped around my beautiful thick waist it feels oh so real. You will never be fucked like the way I will fuck you. I will have you screaming and begging for more of my enormous cock.

I want to look you right in the face and grab the back of your head while I get this cock drenched in your mouth. I want it shoved all the way in balls deep. Then I will turn you around and spread those cheeks and spit right inside of that fuck hole. You better take both of your hands and hold that ass open because this thick cock is about 2 inches wide. That shouldn’t bother you though. You want a nice big strap on cock to pound that man pussy don’t you? I will give it to you hard and make you moan while you stroke. I like to try all kinds of positions too. My favorite is with your legs over my head while I dig as deep inside of you as I can. I know I can make you squirt from your cock by just fucking you. Give me a call at 1-888-704-6848 and let me give you some good strap on phone sex. I promise you will come back for more. Come and feel this creamy warm cum load I have waiting for you!

AIM and Yahoo: HoneySins

fantasy phone sex with amber

fantasy phone sex

One of the things I love most about getting calls from all you horny guys is hearing the kind of stuff you want to talk about when you call me for fantasy phone sex. It can get a little boring if all someone wants to do is “normal” stuff, so hearing about the fantasies is pretty damn cool. Some of the stuff that you guys come up with is crazy and I really love it! One thing you don’t have to worry about with me is that you’re going to upset me or offend me with your taboo fantasies. The more dirty you get with them, the more I love them. There is something so fucking hot about talking about something that we really shouldn’t be talking about. Don’t you think? I’ve never been one to follow the rules and I hope you are the same way.

So, now that we have established that we are both dirty perverts, what do you want to talk about? Do you have a taboo fantasy about that older woman in your life that you just can’t stop thinking about? I’m not OLD, but I definitely have had fantasies about some younger guys in my life, if you know what I mean. And I really want to see where we can take those fantasies. I mean, the holidays are coming up and we could talk about what happens when everyone comes over and we sneak off to the spare bedroom to do dirty things to each other!

If that isn’t your cup of tea, then why don’t you tell me what kind of fantasies would get your motor running. I love hearing all of the nasty things that get your dick hard. So call me and let me take care of you. You know I’ll do an amazing job.

Call 1 888 70 HOT4U and ask for Amber for fantasy phone sex

AIM: AlluringAmber4U
Yahoo: AlluringAmber4U