forced bi phone sex with samantha

forced bi phone sex

Are you a little bit curious about what it’s like to suck a dick? Do you want to know what it feels like to get fucked, but you’re still really nervous about actually going through with it? That’s what forced bi phone sex is for! If you need that extra push, I would be more than happy to give it to you. I mean, I will literally push your head down onto that big fat cock and either you do what you’re supposed to do and suck it, or you’ll just gag, I guess. I’m good with either.

And when it comes time to get your virgin asshole fucked… you’re probably going to need me for that, too. I’ll help tie you up so that you can’t get away. I mean, you know you want it… you’re just nervous. So if you’re tied up, you can’t get away when he starts pushing that giant dick inside you. And if you start screaming, I’ll just sit on your face to shut you up. It would turn me on to know that you’re in a little bit of pain.

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small penis humiliation phone sex with samantha

small penis humiliation phone sex

Do you have a teeny tiny little weenie? Usually I think miniature things are cute, but yeah… not your “dick”. I don’t even want to have to look at that thing. The only thing you are good for is small penis humiliation phone sex. I bet every woman who has ever seen your pathetic excuse for a dick has gotten a pretty good a pretty good laugh out of it, huh? And somewhere along the way, it started to turn you on. And now you probably can’t cum unless you have a hottie like me laughing at your little nub, can you?

Well don’t worry, loser! I’m here for you. And by here for you, I mean that I’m ready and willing to laugh at you, degrade you and make sure that you know that you’re the biggest loser in the world. Honestly, there is no part of me that wants anything to do with your tiny little dick except to laugh at it. I would never even give you the time of day without you paying me for it. Fair warning… you might end up crying. I won’t have mercy on you.

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